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Wendover Productions is all about explaining how our world works. From travel, to economics, to geography, to marketing and more, every video will leave you with a little better understanding of our world. New videos go out every other Tuesday.
How Live TV Works
Oy oldin
Phillip 21 soat oldin
This is a fantastic video. Really interesting & well produced. Thank you.
Marc Ryals
Marc Ryals 21 soat oldin
This video........what an elegant explanation of the truth. Bravo.
chief 1 redwolf
chief 1 redwolf 21 soat oldin
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Steve Lam
Steve Lam 21 soat oldin
No they don't..
rickie5150 21 soat oldin
There are no shortages.... only sanctions placed on people around the world for fighting against the pricipalities that are trying to destroy all !!!!
Paul Caple
Paul Caple 21 soat oldin
Public transport is stigmatized in the States. the DC metro being extended to Dullas Airport was being opposed by people in the ExUrbs, as they thought it would introduce undesirable elements. In London UK a new line or station pushes up house prices.
Phillip Gerba
Phillip Gerba 22 soat oldin
In the 19th century NYC had a taxi company that used exclusively electric cars. They didn't worry about charge time at all, they just had a huge stockpile of charged batteries and switched them out as needed. That could still work today, but as the batteries are the expensive parts there would have to be complex leasing agreements of some kind. I don't see why you couldn't design smaller batteries that were lighter and more efficient for commuters who only go 20k a day. Of course there are other problems, but if we could do it over 100 years ago I'm sure we could do it today.
valentine petric
valentine petric 22 soat oldin
One thing governments could do is tax flying but not an absurd rate where flying for the consumers would be too ridiculous, use the funds from the tax to actively combat carbon by planting more trees and making our planet a little more tolerant to carbon
Colin Few
Colin Few 22 soat oldin
Dude's cadence is getting more pronounced and worse with every video. They are no longer even watchable.
Richard Yu
Richard Yu 22 soat oldin
Government subsidies will probably just drop so the net profit per user is $1 again
NeedToKnow23 22 soat oldin
The Toyota education, I subbed. History is VERY interesting. "It can fill books, but many only read the cover". EPIC EPIC EPIC. This is the quality missing from TV. Thank you.
Waldan Farr
Waldan Farr 22 soat oldin
billy burr
billy burr 22 soat oldin
Right now everyone is saying "I don't see electric planes in the future". In 10 years, everyone will be saying "I won't fly on anything other than an electric airplane!" 10 years ago everyone thought that electric cars was crazy, now everyone wants a TESLA!
Bob Hopeldorf
Bob Hopeldorf 22 soat oldin
that bit about nonprofits absolutely cracked me up
Filiberto Giron
Filiberto Giron 22 soat oldin
You are missing the most factual point, that is the elected officials imposed lockdowns. It's important to recognize and be aware that the lockdowns and like many other global restrictions, are made by current leaders and aspiring leaders cooperating for a faith based agenda. These leaders find an opportunity to impose restrictions on our liberties without remorse because they whole heartedly believe a few sacrifices on our end will eventually advance humanity to utopia. These agendas are faith based because they are based on failed or untested theories. They are faith based agendas because the people promoting them have zero experience in it. They are faith based agendas because they are based on emotions over science. I encourage you to make some time to begin your own search with the World Economic Forum.
Mac Monahan
Mac Monahan 22 soat oldin
4:00 “Mum can we have Great Wall of China?” Mum: “no we have Great Wall of China at home” Great Wall of China at home: The Long Fence Of Australia
Bro. Tolliver
Bro. Tolliver 22 soat oldin
Why don't airplanes have transmissions.
Men Guarding Their Own Wallets
Actually, large jet engines do have transmissions in them. They have a massive reduction gear between the turbine section and the huge fan section, in order to improve engine efficiency. This works as a one-speed transmission. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geared_turbofan
Sebastian Fibes
Sebastian Fibes 22 soat oldin
Electric planes? Not in this lifetime.
Roger Tombleson
Roger Tombleson 22 soat oldin
There should be no charging problem or battery problem just buy a good extension cord .
King of AMV
King of AMV 22 soat oldin
Your numbers are off
highway2 heaven91
highway2 heaven91 22 soat oldin
You know this video was coming after his video on electric cars 🙂
Ye Vaz
Ye Vaz 22 soat oldin
when he started talking about chargers i thought he was leading on the effects of harmonic distortion! harmonics will be the next major hurdle for EV's, one that car & motor design and wide spread adoption can't overcome. the consequences of not sorting that problem before wide spread adoption will have great effects on national grids, never mind capacity and power station output at peak charging times, even 7kw chargers will cause big problems if even a quarter of households start charging overnight
Roger Tombleson
Roger Tombleson 22 soat oldin
I need to buy stocks in an extension cord company.
Max Izrin
Max Izrin 23 soat oldin
"Airlines have no argument against such regulations" ... Market demand. *People want these services to exist, they pay for them to exist.* So on the one hand, you acknowledge people care about green policies, and that's why airlines do what they do. But let's just ignore what people want when they vote with their wallet to keep short range flights.
Max Izrin
Max Izrin 23 soat oldin
And another thing, you don't get to decide what is or isn't negligible for a passengers on their travel. Another 20 minutes may be worth someone's money, and currently does.
Ethan O. McBride
Ethan O. McBride 23 soat oldin
@16:02 What accent is that?
wolfsden3 23 soat oldin
EV runs on the tears of child slave labor mining Cobol 🖕🤦
repeteproductions 23 soat oldin
January is misspelled on your calendar graphic ;) 13:20
vlharris1 23 soat oldin
Dude! 5.11 !!! The cartoon satellite would be running parallel to the equator along lines of latitude, not along the lines of longitude if it was tracking the same time of day!! That’s how day time happens!!!
AMMHAX 23 soat oldin
"Plants don't feel pain" "This girl is on cocaine" "She's mentally insane" "She messes up my brain" "She causes hurricanes" "She makes me wanna complain" "I can't get entertained" "I can't stay maintained" "She needs to be restrained" "This girl pops my vains" "She thinks this is a game" "Karen is her name"
John Foley
John Foley 23 soat oldin
Is the future of electric short range air travel fixed wing or helicopter based?
SaltyWaffles 23 soat oldin
Biofuels really DON'T help. Any biofuel we can currently make creates far more carbon than it can "save" by replacing existing fuels.
mms0011 23 soat oldin
"YOU SEEEEEEEEEE..." ... "YOU SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE..." ... "YOU SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE..." jfc this is getting so annoying. unsubbed.
antsolja 23 soat oldin
where are the electric ultralights at?
JP CARETTAS 23 soat oldin
Demography is the only prkblem the cause of all problems !
Andrew Farrell
Andrew Farrell 23 soat oldin
Could this also make it profitable to run a 1am electric flight from Heathrow to Cardiff? Its prohibited for jets to take off after 1am.
Pooky Kun oldin
awesome 👏 video. good job 👍🏿
Genius Gamer (Jake Balmer)
The recycling crisis and constant deluge of plastic problems is cool and all but what happened at 16:53?
Nick Bush
Nick Bush Kun oldin
First minutes of video - just a bunch of boring platitudes.
Markg330 Kun oldin
Next idea.... shoot it into space
Mort Kebab
Mort Kebab Kun oldin
Your calculations are assuming that ticket price and government subsidies will remain constant.
Chuck Potter
Chuck Potter Kun oldin
Let's help the poor people of the world switch from kerosene to solar charged led lights first . Far less expensive than electric airplanes . It would also improve their health tremendously .
Wøjtek Kun oldin
this video is like a bag of chips with more than 50% being pauses in speech lol
Andrew Welsh
Andrew Welsh Kun oldin
Did we forget the massive ~2x federal subsidy in that "profit" per customer calculation? The 40% reduction in operation cost @14:40 is $2.0M.. but the passenger revenue is still only $1.1M (@12:07). Either that subsidy would be reduced, or the taxpayers will end up lining the pockets of the small airlines.
Mort Kebab
Mort Kebab Kun oldin
Carbon emission is bullshit.
Boris Kochevski
Boris Kochevski Kun oldin
And again you support worst less comfort more expensive way of travel over better one to do what ?
Overlord Kun oldin
They are not. Maybe gliders with backpup electric motor, maybe smaller GA, but definitely no civil airliners for hundreds of people is going to use electric engines. Can you imagine the battery size and the consumption? Lol!
Justin Delacerda
Is Eviation can find a way to get a government contract (for the Airforce, Army, NASA, etc) and build aircraft for them, it MIGHT be a good way to acquire enough capital and experience to bring their aircraft to the civilian market. Additionally, they can market their aircraft by showing they already have aircraft flying in the Air Force, NASA, etc. If it is a cost + contract, even better for them. At the cost of the taxpayer dime, of course. This does seem pretty promising, and with solid state battery technology still in development, who knows what might appear in the future. Solid state batteries could be a huge game changer for electric aircraft.
Junk Silver
Junk Silver Kun oldin
The reason for the shortages is because the world is being taken over by their central banks, who are grooming the world for socialism. It's ALL planned out years inn advance.
Mark Fernandes
Mark Fernandes Kun oldin
Why do you state things and pull numbers out of the sky with such certainty? All you do is google stuff. That doesn't make you an expert but to listen to this video, one gets the impression your hacked together "entertainment" channel speaks with legitimate authority. When in fact, you make so many errors and assumptions based on nothing but your own confirmation bias and popular zeitgeist memes (sustainability, electric motors, environment, batteries, blah blah) There is real dishonesty about being so certain that if you were genuine in your wish to inform or educate, you would present your content in a far more responsible way. Your channel is political, not scientific though. Now to be fair, there is value in sometimes promoting "dreams" in place of reality because it makes people want to work towards those fantasies and make them real. For this reason, I have to admit, your approach perhaps has some merit. However, the danger with this is that you best make sure that a) the goal you are promoting is a good one and b) you're not talking total bs. I think you've been very careless with this video but I'm sure it makes you feel virtuous and is popular with your core audience. Maybe that's ok in this case but in general, it's not a good idea due to you potentially getting either point "a" or point"b" as mentioned above, wrong. In this case, you've crossed the line several times on major points into BS territory.
menno duk
menno duk Kun oldin
$83 ticket, twice as much subsidy... Wonder how much the trains get. These routes wouldn't even be allowed in France or the Netherlands.
Boris Kochevski
Boris Kochevski Kun oldin
You support regulations that interrupt the free market and favor one way of travel over another to reduce co2 (not carbon as you alarmists call it) emissions to reverse climate change. Well co2 is not causing the climate change. Climate is very complex and dependent on many, many more things then just co2 if at all. Most of this things are not even on the earth, so we humans can't affect them. My point is your efforts are futile and if you interrupt free market you are ruin economy for nothing.
Max Mckee
Max Mckee 21 soat oldin
A 100% free market doesn't work. Period.
wsx2000lol Kun oldin
in the future all airplanes will sound like electric rc airplanes
Tom Rigodanzo
Tom Rigodanzo Kun oldin
personally think that carbon capture + synthetic fuels is a more likely way to solve the airliner problem
Christopher Kemsley
When his camera goes through the X-Ray in the ad at the end, you can see the X-Ray-induced noise in the footage. Really neat :) (or at least that’s what it looks like)
t d
t d Kun oldin
Cape Air has an entire field of solar panels at their airport
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb Kun oldin
Everyone gangsta until the plane is on 5% mid air
dropatrain Kun oldin
Governments will not ban flying full stop? Did you just wake up from a year long nap?
Todd Bello
Todd Bello Kun oldin
:( perfect time missed for an Office Space reference about TPS reports
Oh My Oh my
Oh My Oh my Kun oldin
80% of aircraft maintenance is Inspections. The FAA won’t be allowing less inspections because you have a new unproven technology.
Pop P
Pop P Kun oldin
Not gonna lie in my point of view Russia’s geography is really easy to understand than my own country’s geography
Mike Kun oldin
Truth is it's deep state and private western central bank. Their goal is a 3rd world world.
Oh My Oh my
Oh My Oh my Kun oldin
Creating a hostile regulatory environment is not the same thing as making a good business case. Surviving on subsidies is also not a good business case.
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb Kun oldin
Thanks for sharing! ??????
Shadowkiller 420
Didn’t see that coming
Aisha Zuo
Aisha Zuo Kun oldin
thank you for the subtitles
Regis H
Regis H Kun oldin
CoUld you say "you see..." even more times in a single video ?
Strictly Liverpool
The British media are the worst in journalism they attack their very own if they get the chance…. They are the disgusting ones
tom vera
tom vera Kun oldin
It is pronounced ' Bom / Bah / deer ' .
Lorenzo Kun oldin
Money talks
TANKMAN 9999 Kun oldin
You are wrong.
Max Mckee
Max Mckee 21 soat oldin
tommy Mc Weedface
Wow! I'm surprised I didn't find a bunch of idiots blaming it on Biden or the democrats! Thanks!
Jacob Lawrence
Jacob Lawrence Kun oldin
Maybe someday electric airplanes maybe used on shorter flights but for longer ones probably not anytime soon
Marija Mikulić
Marija Mikulić Kun oldin
arguably, the "train makes more sense than plane" limit is about 4h more often than not, when you take into consideration door-to-door time
Giulio Siepi
Giulio Siepi Kun oldin
Johnny Wesley
Johnny Wesley Kun oldin
Why the fuk is increasing the number of women pilots a solution exactly? The issue is pay. What does training more women have to do with it?
Nate B
Nate B Kun oldin
Pyrolysis plants can turn mixed plastics into fuel, giving them a positive value (removing energy to produce from the equation, for now). Hopefully at some point, waste plastic will be sold instead of paid to take. Not there yet but getting closer
kranwa15 Kun oldin
Blame EDD and stimulus check, made people lazy, don't want to work, they stayed home.
PiaNoONE Kun oldin
"For-profit businesses are designed for profit" I thought this was a Half as Interesting video for a second there
Bitchute is better than Youtube
Airlines arent people and dont care about things, but people care about things and airlines are made up of people. However psychopaths largely dont care about anything, theyre people, and statistics mean there are psychopaths working for airlines (and in all fields of work). In short dont assume profits are the only motivating factor. Theres many people in the oil industry that talk about going green for example, that oil would be better used for fertiliser and food, and that investing billions into alternative sources of energy is worth it. And they get listened to the same way anyone gets listened to in a giant behemoth of an industry. Only if theyre high up does some one pay attention, and to be small and listened to you need to be articulate and loud
waw cant stop watching your videos
Jim Shock
Jim Shock Kun oldin
Too much piano noise !