How Air Ambulances (Don't) Work 

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Writing by Sam Denby
Research by Sam Denby and Tristan Purdy
Editing by Alexander Williard
Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster

Select footage courtesy the AP Archive and Amazon

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Peter Byykkonen
Peter Byykkonen 11 soat oldin
It's almost as if privatizing the healthcare system is a bad idea.
Slant Alpha Adventures
Makes video skewering the US Air Ambulance network Vast majority of video footage is of non-US Air Ambulances
Slant Alpha Adventures
University of Maryland Medical Center is nowhere near the "sprawling" campus in College Park, FYI -- it's in downtown Baltimore, about 30 miles up the road
st05002125 Kun oldin
A bit unfair putting images of British air ambulances on here, all are charity funded. And in the case of the Wales Air Ambulance, the decision to allocate is a clinical one based on those requiring critical care on scene, made by a critical care practitioner who also considers if allocation provides a time benefit over road transport to the nearest ED, WAA also provides an elevated level of care with physician level care provided on scene. All this free at the point of access to whoever needs it!!
George Triadafillou
14:58 Wow that’s fucked up :(
DAP 2 kun oldin
Where I’m from an air ambulance costs usually $60,000
IOUaUsername 3 kun oldin
If this happens to you and your life is effectively destroyed, you CAN avoid homelessness and starvation by instead going to jail for sneaking onto a hospital roof and pushing a helicopter off the side of the helipad. They weigh less than a hatchback and are very easy to push once you take the brakes off. Plus the doors usually don't lock. If enough people do this, there will be no profit incentive in destroying lives and the problem will be remedied.
Ryan Scott (madlyawww)
Where's the call to action?
Lucas Retallack
Lucas Retallack 4 kun oldin
Why tf are air ambulances operated by private businesses in america anyway? If the government just operated them, then it doesn't mean they have to make it free, but then they can just charge the bare minimum without having to make a profit.
Matt Crosby
Matt Crosby 4 kun oldin
Wow, after this 22 minute video, I have become more informed, changed my outlook on life, and deeply desire the government to become more involved in healthcare. Not only that, but I plan on viciously attacking anyone that disagrees or even questions my new found beliefs while simultaneously stubbornly refusing to give any consideration to any other source of material that isn't a droning voice over of stock footage. Fuck capitalism! Satire aside, how were those "academic" studies able to assess divergent outcomes? Where were they getting example cases that exceeded the time limit (the 60 minute window)? If the study is like "we examined cases wherein patient group A took 10 minutes to get to trauma care, B took 30 minutes, and the control took 20 minutes," I'm not surprised they got inconclusive data. Also, Wendover, are you going to release an updated version of your How To Stop A Riot video with all the collected data from the spicy sit-ins from 2020?
Ed Stockman
Ed Stockman 4 kun oldin
Army Medic here, and it's really interesting to see the 'outside looking in' perspectives. I've worked clinical, transport, logistics, and of course the on-site injuries, so it's always intriguing to see what outsiders think of how we operate. Second note, the logistics noted here are really about the US emergency medical system. Not just the money trail/costs, but the actual transport reasons/setup. The emergency protocols aren't the same everywhere. During my time working in Europe, I learned that they often prefer to treat on site of injury/accident rather than transport ASAP. Trauma doctors are often on call with ambulances, and will come straight out to work the situation on the ground.
Thorsten Deal
Thorsten Deal 5 kun oldin
I live in the UK and I genuinely cannot fathom the American health care system people’s lives should not have a price tag and people certainly shouldn’t be pushed into poverty for the privilege of not dying
Garrett Jones
Garrett Jones 5 kun oldin
I’m getting “don’t airlift me” tattooed on my neck
Craig Butler
Craig Butler 5 kun oldin
Having loose finance regulation for a human right such as health care is just plain greed. Personally I don't have a problem paying higher taxes towards free health care, I couldn't imagine the mental well-being of a recovered patient slapped with a massive medical bill they could never afford. At least with most bills you can stop paying and stop receiving the service, but you can't jump out of an ambulance
Jack RoyalTea
Jack RoyalTea 5 kun oldin
Greed is truly our ugliest sin. I’m an atheist and I think it’s sickening and yet you have these Christian Capitalists putting a dollar amount on people’s lives. I hope god is real. I hope he’ll is real. Cause heaven for me would be being down there for being a good person and an nonbeliever watching these greedy fuckers burn with me. It’d be worth it.
Jellohouse 5 kun oldin
His last few sentences roasted the shit out of Americas HC system
MINROK S (MINROK) 5 kun oldin
Sounds like an American probelm.
John C
John C 6 kun oldin
Well done, thank you for bringing attention to this important topic
Joao Ricardo Santos
Failing to fix flawed regulation from decades or centuries ago that no longer fill their original purpose... name something more American than that
SquirtlePWN 6 kun oldin
And people think the government could run the whole industry. Congress is a circus.
nico heidenreich
nico heidenreich 6 kun oldin
I’ve been the patient in the air ambulance. In my case it was directly from the scene to a near by hospital. It was a SAR case. I am Canadian and still I was sent a bill from 2000$. But I’m not complaining it was money well spent. Unfortunately I have no memories of the event.
Trysten Mawn
Trysten Mawn 6 kun oldin
For everyone saying that the American healthcare system is fucked, I would say simply "there is no such thing as a free lunch". Speaking as an EMT, EMTs, paramedics, and especially helicopter pilots and flight nurses do not want to and most likely will not work for free. So the money that pays them has to come from somewhere. Free healthcare isn't free, you'll see a rise in taxes, or if you have free healthcare, you already have that rise in taxes. While I agree that free healthcare would be great, it wouldn't really be free, and I would rather have the money taken from my paycheck be kept for myself. Also, air ambulances are expensive, which you would expect from flying in a helicopter. It sucks, but there's not a lot we can do about it. I know there are people who will say "tax the rich", and while I agree, that's more difficult than it sounds without overthrowing the government.
Samuel Hartman
Samuel Hartman 6 kun oldin
18:33 highway accidents into highway robbery! Disgraceful
Lawyer 3176
Lawyer 3176 6 kun oldin
Isn’t this price gouging
Thriving Anarchy
Thriving Anarchy 6 kun oldin
Wow this comment section is terrible lol. It's just a circlejerk with no one actually talking about the video lol
Gordon More (gmore70)
Truma Units closed cause they are profitable... lol... America
Michelle Mooney
Michelle Mooney 7 kun oldin
In UK i saw a motorbike crash within portchester, air ambulance came within 3 minutes and stabilized them rapidly, they do work (and for free)
Appalachian Enthusiast
If I were to own an Air Ambulance service, I would only charge 15-20% more than the operating cost of each flight, and a vast majority of the profit would go toward better equipment.
BackBarrel6 8 kun oldin
19:52 that is an image of a romanian helicopter, where we don't pay 50k for a weewoo ride
Felix Tsang
Felix Tsang 8 kun oldin
Air ambulance should be free or very cheap. Exploring other while they’re vulnerable is a dishonorable act of greed.
Hysteresis 9 kun oldin
As a physician, I just want to correct a misstatement made by Wendover - most decisions made to transfer a patient to higher or lower trauma center are made by the nursing supervisor. The decision is occasionally made by surgeons or specialists when equipment or specialties or not available, but typically the decision is made by hospital administration that controls the staffing levels. This is almost always a RN who has many years of experience. And while RNs don't have the Hippocratic oath, they share the same ethos as entire medical team (from physician all the way down to LVN, medical assistant and radiology techs). So whoever is in that supervisor role has to pit the hospital's needs against the patient's needs at times - typically those orders come down from a CEO who has an MBA - you know which way that goes - market forces and all.
adrean tejed
adrean tejed 10 kun oldin
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Colton 10 kun oldin
maybe it's time for a new form of government.
adam Ka
adam Ka 10 kun oldin
Europeans feeling rlly smug right now 😏😏
Karin Foster
Karin Foster 10 kun oldin
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Morphyne_Cowboy 11 kun oldin
I'm a flight medic. Have been going on nearly 8 years. This video made good arguments. This video made bad arguments. I have nothing to do with billing. What I do know is when we get the word we are wheels up to the unknown. What I do know is that our equipment is expensive and always needing to be upgraded in order to properly care for the critical. We risk a lot every time we are wheels up. We do perform a majority of inter facility transfers. This is to ensure the patient is receiving the best care. This could also be for a patient that is walkie talkie and only needs a lift. I definitely don't have the answers. What I do know is that healthcare cost money. Innovative healthcare, breakthrough treatment protocols and advancing technology cost money. We also need to remember that profit is not a bad word and that private companies in healthcare doesn't mean it's bad for the patient or the system.
Indirect Gaming
Indirect Gaming 11 kun oldin
If there’s no profit to be made there’s no incentive to do a good job, quality drops significantly when you have the government socialize it. Why do you think all of the best doctors, best surgeons, best medical schools, and the worst injuries are almost always transferred here. If the medical institutions had no competition, America wouldn’t have made most of the worlds major medical breakthroughs. Everyone’s only worried about the price tag. I do think there should be a base level of insurance available for everyone because I know people struggle to pay for medical insurance, which also makes no sense since if you have a full time job the employer is legally required to offer you a health insurance plan. My point: I’m not supposed to a free or reasonable insurance available for everyone, but I am supposed to *socialized* healthcare. There’s a reason America is on top. In terms of results, not cost.
Indirect Gaming
Indirect Gaming 11 kun oldin
I mean, it ain’t free. So why should it be?
Gabriel Gonzalez
Gabriel Gonzalez 11 kun oldin
I’m a flight nurse in Texas and I hate how the industry operates and wish it was government run. No one should go broke because of medical bills in my opinion. I would like to add some things you left out. Air ambulance crew are usually the most advanced providers on the scene of an accident and have capabilities that can help improve outcomes. For example, we have blood, a ventilator, and medicine pumps. Not all ground crews have these capabilities. Also I’d like to point out that some low level trauma hospitals do not have ICUs, they require immediate transport for their trauma patients. The hospital next to my base is a level 4 and does not have an ICU and the doctors will call us to help with the resuscitation. On a positive note, while it is not always the case, the county I work in covers the cost of the flights for their residence. Lastly, Air ambulances do more than trauma, I fly stroke and heart attack patients to comprehensive facilities all the time. These are mixed to, some are scene flights and some are Interfacility. This video is well made but leaves out a big part of what air ambulances do and that is non trauma medical flights. A lot of rural hospitals do not have cath labs or neurosurgical capabilities for clot retrieval on a stroke patient, these are extremely time dependent medical issues.
Ahmed Abduljalil
Ahmed Abduljalil 11 kun oldin
there are essentially three type of trauma patients with relatively different outcomes. type 1:patients who sustain immediately life incompatable traumatic injuries such as decapitation or large open skull fractures with gross damage to brain structures. These patient unfortunately can not be saved and might only be transported to a hospital to be pronounced dead on arrival. Type 2: patient with significant traumatic injuries that are life threatening with a window period where immediate action needs and must be taken to preserve life such as penetrating chest injuries, penetrating abdominal injuries, axial skeleton fractures or limb fractures with risk of major blood loss. These are the time sensitive patients that needs to be transferred to the nearest emergency center with emergency medicine physicians where immediate corrective action can be taken to preserve life. Type3: patient who sustained significant trauma but no immediately life threatening condition exists. However many of which are likely to die within the few coming days as a result of trauma related infections or multi organ failure. Such patient need to be relocated to higher trauma centers with continuous care to provide the best supportive care possible in order to preserve life.
Pat T.
Pat T. 12 kun oldin
Air ambulances save lives. It is an hour drive to the closest trauma center in parts of the county I work in. Without our air ambulances these patients dont stand a chance
Default Cube
Default Cube 12 kun oldin
America is horrid. To save your life, someone else decides you need a transfer by air. Here is a 40k bill, glad you lived pay us now. Disgusting.
Zack Jenkins
Zack Jenkins 12 kun oldin
I work in emergency services and while a lot of air transport could have been skipped I think this is overall a bad take on it. I know from first hand experience that it saves lives especially when it's staged ahead of time during a dynamic situation involving gun violence. Love the channel, just wanted to toss my $0.02 in.
ALWIL 13 kun oldin
I feel bad for u Americans having to pay for healthcare i love the NHS
La brillante Luz
La brillante Luz 14 kun oldin
Please subtitles in other languages
Tom Dixon
Tom Dixon 14 kun oldin
I think air ambulances are a scam due to the price AND that they fail to meet the golden hour. Ground ambulances are not far behind with cavalier attitudes sabotaging rapid stabilization and movement.
Markus P
Markus P 14 kun oldin
As a european I'm always shocked when I watch or read things about the American health care system. It's absolutely insane HOW fu**ed up the system is. Our's is by no means perfect, don't get me wrong. But when you need to go to a hospital or a doctor, you usually not even have think about how much it will cost, because usually it wont. Amaricans, force your politicians to fix that s**t!
Dennis Mayfield
Dennis Mayfield 15 kun oldin
Congratulations, on presenting, a finely 'turned-out', thought-provoking, visual program! Bravo! Nota Bene: As pertains to your very inticing offer, regarding Curiosity-Stream & Nebula, the 'deal' proffered on your airwave, is NOT truly available upon close-inspection of the information said site-source provides, and, in all honesty, merits expaining thereof by yourself, our 'guide' as it were, to this 'opportunity'. Please elaborate in IMMEDIATE future!! Many Thanks!
Ben Anderson
Ben Anderson 15 kun oldin
Imagine having to comparison shop when you break your arms.
Suddhojit Gon
Suddhojit Gon 16 kun oldin
Great video.
Synchros Entity
Synchros Entity 16 kun oldin
I only just realized that Wendover productions and Half as interesting are run by the same person smh 🤣
Dennis 2
Dennis 2 16 kun oldin
What a scam. :)
Jenna Reel
Jenna Reel 16 kun oldin
This makes me so mad. Just leave me to die lol
Ben Seiken
Ben Seiken 17 kun oldin
I know it’s not the focus of this video, but why did you give doctors a pass on this? We know that doctors receive kickbacks and other incentives from the pharma and medical device industries. Is there a possibility that the private equity firms you mention could be giving similar incentives to either doctors directly or the hospitals they work at to increase the number of unnecessary flights?
Thing Epic man
Thing Epic man 17 kun oldin
At least you get a free flight and might enjoy the view if you don’t get knocked out or if they don’t let you
Giulio Siepi
Giulio Siepi 18 kun oldin
sammybee 19 kun oldin
Australian ambulances including ambulances ambulances can only charge maximum $6157 but most of the time it’s free
pillsburied 20 kun oldin
Bizarre. Air ambulances are airlines. Where I am, air ambulances are a part of the ambulance service.
Ananth S
Ananth S 20 kun oldin
nanna scheel
nanna scheel 21 kun oldin
This makes me so fucking sad, my dudes
kyle fleming
kyle fleming 21 kun oldin
That’s it I’m buying an air ambulance
RellyOhBoy 22 kun oldin
Only in the United Corporation of America would a hospital close for being "unprofitable."
Pascal Rombout
Pascal Rombout 25 kun oldin
It's good to live in a civilized country like the Netherlands.
Wicket the Ewok
Wicket the Ewok 29 kun oldin
Yay free healthcare
Steven Jennings
For those who complain about the American system don't see the millions of non Americans who come to the US for healthcare. There's no wait time for procedures here as opposed to many systems around the world. Unfortunately,💰this is the key factor. But, how much is your life worth???
SOVIET Oy oldin
I live in rural Missouri and I for my level two hospital we have a Air ambulance but the its name is Life flight or MedEvac and to point out that the names are different than what you thing Life Flight is a normal person get air lifted form the call and trans ported to a level 3-4 hospital now if they need a level 5 they then will be ground transported once they are stable enough but on the other hand MedEvac is a survival flight meaning that the patient is close to death and they need a hospital asap and then that's when your quickly assessed and put in the helicopter and for my home town hospital it cost 60.550$ once left the helipad including the landing on the call and the trans port to hospital so its more like $85.550-$95.550 now for the ground ambulance its about $23.000 or more as we don't have but one ALS but we have more BLS ambulances and we have a hospital that does not do good with trauma or cardiac related problems such as hart attack and that's when the helicopter steps in and I studied how many times a day it flew out and its average flights a day is 65 times in one day now at night its only 45 flights so yea. -that's my huge ramble
mark smith
mark smith Oy oldin
My dream is to have enough money to go live in my familys west Texas county maybe a bull ranch with enough money to afford and maintain a bell helicopter to run rescue/ambulance service for free. And by that time my cousin being in law enforcement in a big city long enough to come back to his hometown and be elected Sheriff to help on that end.
Drima Chakraborty
America: so you don't deserve the basic facets of life unless you can pay
Ken Sullivan
Ken Sullivan Oy oldin
Very misguided video. It's like saying most people who wear a seatbelt don't use them (no crash) so they aren't really needed. It's a number game, playing the odds. If you are hurt, the sooner you can get a better assessment, and then treatment, the odds favor a more positive outcome. Period.
joshua kotei
joshua kotei Oy oldin
Laughs in Europe
M N Oy oldin
In Poland all air ambulanes (as far as I know) are state-owned. So they have no interest in rising prices.
Will Scanlon
Will Scanlon Oy oldin
USA healthcare system is unacceptable. We’re the laughing stock of the world.
hiding Oy oldin
alterative title: Episode #56 on why the US is a failing country
hiding Oy oldin
20:11, debt doesn't transfer downwards like that, if its their spouse thats one thing (and there is legal ways to get out of that debt) but if your parent dies, you are in no way responsible for their debt, if anyone tells you differently they are wrong/ trying to scam you
hiding Oy oldin
SO basically if you were "saved" by an air ambulance, you need to fake your own death and start a new life since that would actually be cheaper alterative you can just not pay it (they cant arrest you for debt that's healthcare-related) but that's always a risk either way, don't pay it, if few people pay it they will eventually look to governments help to stay aloft and then they can be regulated
Mango Oy oldin
akselj2 Oy oldin
Wendover, this is USA-specific. The Rega (Swiss Air Ambulance) is definitely among the best. There was a case where they flew a taiwanese woman from London back to Taiwan with no costs. Seriously, you should've mentioned this is seriously USA.
Flint 25
Flint 25 Oy oldin
2:58 damn that T-Mobile coverage map is impressive.
2prize Oy oldin
*laughs in free healthcare*
Isolation Oy oldin
Here in Australia Air ambulance's are free in most states. States, where it's not free, will charge you no more than $1200 AUD, ground ambulances are $600-$1,000 ish AUD and 99% of medical treatment at hospitals including major, moderate and basic surgeries, visits to the ER, and going to the doctors is free.
AJdeMan Oy oldin
Thanks for the investment tip
MineWit Oy oldin
Even if the golden hour principle is false, Blood loss still can be affected by time, more liters of blood could be lost. Almost everywhere in medicine, it screams "faster = better", because it is. Diagnosis, treatment, hell, even vaccinations account for this. They won't need an air ambulance, but others do.
Tazhie Nunurbusinezz
I live in a town of 2,700 in a county of 10,000. There is a hospital here & it has a community funded chopper (free to patients) to get people to larger, more specialized hospitals & trauma centers. We can also purchase a roundtrip $100 ticket on the private jet owned by one of the large private owned companies in the county to get to the nearest metro if it isn't an emergency situation. We can purchase these tickets for any reason really but if someone with a medical appointment wants the same seat, you can get bumped to a different day. It's why the tickets are super cheap for executive level travel. We also have community grants for hospital bills. I've had mine completely forgiven twice.
green1 Oy oldin
Where I live, Air ambulance cost to patient: $0. In fact it's actually cheaper here to use an air ambulance than a ground one. The ground one will charge $385. The helicopter will charge nothing. For this, the government pays $7.2 million per year to cover 3 full time helicopters from 3 different bases hundreds of km apart. Last year that covered 1325 flights. Total cost to the patients: 0, cost to the government: $5434/flight (to be fair, operating the air ambulances does cost more than that, but the non-profit organization running the service also fundraises through donations and running a lottery. Their total budget for the year was about 4 times the government contribution) The dollars quoted here are also worth less than the US dollar.
I watched this video on Nebula. I was so shocked by what i heard, that i had to come here and comment on how shocking this is. The American system really is truly broken. I mean, dont geht me wrong, Germany is not a total paradise, but wow, this puts things into perspective.
Melissa Johnson
My advice as someone who has worked in billing for a air medical company....if you are conscious, don't agree to air transport. Which is easy because most of the time you are not given a option. Don't sign anything and don't pay the bill when it comes. After a while they will either A) settle for a far cheaper amount or B) they will take you to court to have your wages garnished. That sounds scary BUT go to the court date. Argue that you never agreed to or was given the chance to deny the air transport service. You were never told of pricing or you were never of sound mound during the time to make that decision (like given narcotic pain medication or sedation). The majority of the time, IF YOU FIGHT IT, the company is forced to settle the debt for pennies on the dollar or forced to write the debt off and be unable to collect.
Ek Flex
Ek Flex Oy oldin
Daeus Millan
Daeus Millan Oy oldin
overtriage happened to me 2 years ago and im still paying the helicopter bill
Andy Neal
Andy Neal Oy oldin
That's you're problems. COST. IF IT'S LIKE UK where hospitals are paid by taxes & the helicopters are funded by donations. That equals to saving life over money.
Jonathon Greenhow
You need to caveat that *some of this is very focused on US healthcare and a normal patient in most other countries would not worry about the cost of said air ambulance trips
Tim S
Tim S Oy oldin
We have that in Switzerland 🇨🇭it‘s called REGA
RoboFarmer Oy oldin
I’d love to see a similar video but focused on the UK or any European country... I’m not sure if this is true but I think it’s only London’s air ambulance service that isn’t completely funded by charity. As in London’s is maybe helped by the government.
Andreas la Roi
Here in Switzerland most Air Ambulances are run by a non-profit foundation of which 40% of the population are patrons (~44 USD a year). The Rega does alpine rescues as well. Patrons don't have to pay rescue flights when they're not covered by insurance. The Rega was established in 1952.
Vaughn Ferrara
Did he push 2 different videos together? The first and second half are talking about two different things. You could have just said helicopters are overcharging and here is why.
J S Oy oldin
Rural hospitals DONT have trauma centers. So saying closing rural hospitals is a problem isn't true
Jyot Hathi
Jyot Hathi Oy oldin
Wait, I was browsing UZblock. How did I stumbled upon Netflix?
Patrik Oy oldin
"Unprofitable rural hospitals" As a Swede, I am unfamiliar with this concept. Please enlighten me.
Steven Mitchell
I am alive because of an air ambulances fast response. Thanks to God, and that CareFlite crew.
shepherd Oy oldin
I'm a firefighter in rural canada, to our nearest trauma center is 50 minutes.by road (lights and siren's) add time to package them up or cut them out of their car plus the time up to 20 minutes to get on scene. In canada air ambulances are more of a mobile ER as they are staffed with a doctor pilot and copilot so they can get doctors to the accident to start administering care before they even leave the scene. I think the issue is the USA and how it is managed sorry...
Ben Mannette
Ben Mannette 2 oy oldin
13:25 it's almost as if. . . The free market shouldn't be involved here.
Thunder Spirits
Thunder Spirits 2 oy oldin
I don't get it. If I am unconscious then I cannot give my consent to be air-lifted which also mean no one can force me to pay their massive bill, right? I mean, do I even have the right to refuse to be transported via air ambulance? or at least choose the transportation method/provider?
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