How Live TV Works 

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Writing by Sam Denby
Research by Sam Denby and Tristan Purdy
Editing by Alexander Williard
Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster

Select footage courtesy the AP Archive

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[2] www.wired.co.uk/article/formu...
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20-Apr, 2021



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psammiad 5 kun oldin
Of course, a bunch of men driving around inside a circle isn't a sport...
Benjamin Grayson
Benjamin Grayson 5 kun oldin
You have eurovision to thank for this system
Edgar Santiago _
Edgar Santiago _ 5 kun oldin
I'm so glad you talked about F1. Crazy how you actually happen to see it on TV, especially with how global it is🏎 beautiful video
that mark guy
that mark guy 6 kun oldin
I was under the impression F1 had ditched tata for AWS
Kieran West
Kieran West 7 kun oldin
🇩🇰 🙏 ⚽
Btec Milan
Btec Milan 7 kun oldin
watched this just after the eriksen incident. makes it so much worse
Melanie 9 kun oldin
if anyone wants to see live tv production in real time, i recommend watching the camera room during beyoncé's super bowl. all that work really paid off!
Yufeng yan
Yufeng yan 10 kun oldin
SCARLET★STAR 11 kun oldin
People still watch TV?
Kay Inoue
Kay Inoue 11 kun oldin
There's no small amount of irony that this whole impressive video contains no actual Formula One.
Sheryl Zheng
Sheryl Zheng 11 kun oldin
These videos make appreciate everything around me much more
Adam Mokdad
Adam Mokdad 12 kun oldin
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Greg Rawlins
Greg Rawlins 13 kun oldin
Other than an F1 driver, it's hard to imagine a more exciting than an F1 cameraman (maybe working with models could compare but still not as exciting.) Can't wait for the sport to become better-known in the US: I'm not really a "sports guy" but I'm on the edge of my seat every second for every race except many Americans don't even know that F1 is a sport. Allegedly, we don't have world-class drivers capable of handling an F1 car and winning races. I refuse to believe that there isn't enough talent in the USA for F1 with 250 million licensed drivers lol. Driving to work in Dallas, Houston, L.A., etc is basically an F1 race every single morning and, somehow, we do it 100mph and make it on time to both of our lovely jobs at McDonald's and Walmart without dying so we can do it again tomorrow and for the rest of our lives.
James P (MrSealio)
James P (MrSealio) 13 kun oldin
5:28 Okay but.. Dragon is not a television satellite Ik r/woooosh but bruh
Andrius Mindaugas Bloznelis
If the second channel is called half as interesting, this one should be called “not interesting at all”
Tim H
Tim H 13 kun oldin
Does anyone actually consider hockey a sport, though?
Omar Mercado
Omar Mercado 16 kun oldin
TaTa you ruined the 2021 Monaco Grand Prix 😒
TheFourthWinchester 16 kun oldin
CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera... He really nailed the 3 most propaganda driven channels of the world.
trung nguyen
trung nguyen 17 kun oldin
The typical giant selectively suspend because slime annually cause unlike a striped toast. weary, pointless position
Fahren 17 kun oldin
No matter how much Live TV is perfected, you will never see Gasly vs Vettel. Never. You WILL get Lance Strolled no matter what.
Tuna 17 kun oldin
5:30 that television satellite looks funny
Dan Barrera
Dan Barrera 17 kun oldin
Thank you! I have been an F1 fan for years and always wondered how the TV feed is produced. I’m going to forward to a lot of people.
OtakuUnitedStudio 18 kun oldin
I don't know what music you have playing, but it sounds like the theme of Majula from Dark Souls 2.
Octávio Sá
Octávio Sá 18 kun oldin
Jake Valdon
Jake Valdon 18 kun oldin
I've worked in both sports and news broadcasting and I can safely say it's very stressful but very fun
notaidan 20 kun oldin
So guys, do we keep bashing the Monaco GP TV director? _Yeah we do._
Z Z 21 kun oldin
This channel is so good that I pay for a Nebula subscription, even though I almost never use it.
William Fugere
William Fugere 21 kun oldin
Well race directors won't ever show carlos sainz
Adrian Burlacu
Adrian Burlacu 21 kun oldin
HAM VER BOT, not again...
DFWAvgeek521 22 kun oldin
I’d love to see how NFL TV networks handle halftime on Sunday afternoons
Parv Jain
Parv Jain 22 kun oldin
Nice video. But it seems like you're stalling in the midsection of the video. So slooowww to explain. I don't know why it was written like this. This could've been very well explained, with good pauses and enough visuals within just 7-8 minutes. Don't get me wrong here, again, I am a big fan of your work. It is very well researched and produced. It's just very slowly presented.
Andrew Musselman
Andrew Musselman 23 kun oldin
"Sometimes TV is transmitted to consumers by cable, sometimes by satellite and sometimes it comes via the Internet." No terrestrial broadcast, I take it?
satyam dubey
satyam dubey 23 kun oldin
hearing " tata " make me feel proud
Tylor 24 kun oldin
I've never been a huge sports fan but this really makes me appreciate all the work they put into sports.
Creepy Chris
Creepy Chris 24 kun oldin
this one was so interesting nice one man
Benjamine Thomas
Benjamine Thomas 25 kun oldin
This is exactly what I've been looking for. I've always been so interested in the logistics behind how these things work. Thanks for the video. Now explain F1TV Pro please. That's a whole other way to view the races now.
Rithwik Raman
Rithwik Raman 25 kun oldin
Who's here after the awful race directing at the Monaco Gran...LANCE STROLL
Kyle 25 kun oldin
I just found you TikTok lol
Carl Soll
Carl Soll 25 kun oldin
This should easily be on the trending tab
Tom Porter
Tom Porter 26 kun oldin
Presumably not all the cameras are 4K, such as the car cameras?
johwithah 26 kun oldin
anyone else hearing minecraft music from around 9:20 to 12:00 ?
bongos treasures
bongos treasures 26 kun oldin
Awesome video
Shoubhik Roy Choudhury
There is always an Indian leading a company or an Indian Company that comes to the rescue during huge challenges. In this case, its Mr Ratan Tata and his TATA Communications!
Ramboost007 27 kun oldin
*rewatching video to find an explanation to the bad directing from the 2021 Monaco GP*
heyjakeay 26 kun oldin
Monaco uses a different crew for cameras/director because of some agreement with France
arm 28 kun oldin
Tata communications
Misanthropic Musings
My head hurts.
Mike Z
Mike Z 28 kun oldin
You forgot to mention Master Control where the commercials are integrated.
tommy srs
tommy srs 28 kun oldin
The useless gasoline locally squeeze because aftershave relatedly jail a a oceanic woman. ignorant, false familiar famous knight
Paul R
Paul R 29 kun oldin
Prime example why Elon Musks star link service will be a benefit for the entire globe
ELane Rissler
ELane Rissler 29 kun oldin
The certain steven optimally carry because sex supply attach on a shaggy science. brave, victorious experience
Mohammed DT
Mohammed DT Oy oldin
Tata 😍🔥
Sidhartha Oy oldin
TATA is really a global behemoth
imoneoldfart Oy oldin
he didn't even mention that all these sports also have animations that need to play, overlays for points/car order and much more.
tintruder224 Oy oldin
You used old Indy car footage to talk about F1
Sean Durham
Sean Durham Oy oldin
3:55 Check out that dude, on the job, no shirt, driving a scissor lift. 😎👍
M A Oy oldin
Can you make a video on How Reality TV works?
Capsdkk Oy oldin
7 sec?.. Sooo.. in 19 years it has over doubled the time it takes?. when I was Young, I worked at Danish national television (DR) it took 3 sec to anywhere in the world at the time. WTF?!?!?!?.
7:40. Tata Communication.
Zihan Zheng
Zihan Zheng Oy oldin
Everyone in the comments is a F1 fan LOL
Martin Sutherland
Greetings from Lithuania 🇱🇹
Sam: mentions f1 Me: *happiness noise*
swray2112 Oy oldin
1st thing I thought of were the logistics of covering a gr tour stage race like the Tour de France or the Giro, which is happening now. Obviously, far fewer cameras, but they are constantly traveling, often on rural country roads.
Sebastian Lim
Sebastian Lim Oy oldin
11:18 the burn to Mazespin
yollayolla Oy oldin
Man, you have 2 nice youtube channels!
Vedant Chaudhari
Justinas Andrijevskis
Thank you for mentioning Lithuania :)
Dinesh Goundla
Glad to see TATA come up in the video.
vee2easy Oy oldin
they do all this just so I can stream it free on youtube. you got to love it.
Harsh Jani
Harsh Jani Oy oldin
Proud to be an Indian ❤️
John Cheever
John Cheever Oy oldin
I wish this video was more focused on the systems and logistics of live tv news and entertainment like SNL, Concerts, Thanksgiving Parade, Breaking news? - and not so much on sports (specifically on F1 considering they already have a dedicated video out about it)
Yoru Oy oldin
I was expecting the technical details of all live tv, not just Formula 1 :(
Tony Chan
Tony Chan Oy oldin
My understanding is that the contract between Tata and F1 was discontinued in 2019.
Alparslan Korkmaz
Nice video.
Ron Oy oldin
Never thought I'd see my house in a Wendover video 8:58 🇰🇪
Rilch Vladimir
they also use drones a lot in racing events.
पेड़ Tree
i am very sad, he didnt named it the logistics of live broadcast
Jaye O'Farrell
One interesting aspect of F1 is depending on the previous years constructor standings. Each team is guaranteed a certain amount of on on screen time. Meaning that as well as balancing the on camera action and narrative, the producer also has to make sure each time gets their on camera time. It's why you sometimes get odd cuts to follow a car out of the action for a couple of laps.
SLiX Oy oldin
I think you should also cover eSports broadcast. A more digital aspect to getting shots on top of the out of game shots. I think the rest of it is pretty similar tho, just want to note how difficult observing is and how limitless shots and angles may be in a virtual 3d space.
Spookay It's Me
That's a Mid-Western accent that creeps in there that I can hear. Like a Milwaukee accent, maybe?
snore cart
snore cart Oy oldin
Haha - I catched the driver at the back who spins reference. I see you are a man of formuladank as well ;) :p Awesome work as always!
Yasin Hasan
Yasin Hasan Oy oldin
dont know a single person who watch formula 1
Sexy Axolotl
Sexy Axolotl Oy oldin
11:17 mazespin
FABI P Oy oldin
In addition.
General Bomba
General Bomba Oy oldin
where plane?
Matas Kart
Matas Kart Oy oldin
12:45 Except that no TV channels in Lithuania could afford to pay for F1 coverage, so it was dropped a while ago, leaving only the horrific F1TV service that doesn't work 1/2 the time :/
Ijas Muhammed Photography
Decided to Invest in Tata Communication stock which is enlisted in Indian Stock Market. Just investors things 😉
Daniel Oy oldin
What's the skyline at 7:54? I don't recognize that city.
Henrik Kowalski
Please stop with this Brilliant stuff. Honestly it teaches you nothing and still people claim they know machine learning (and all models there are) while the CV of someone who might have done years worth of DNN lacks points in logistic regression or random forrest. No researcher knows all methods but someone who has taken a brilliant course could sell superficial knowledge as deep knowledge. And believe me real researchers would and could not do this.
joep vn
joep vn Oy oldin
Please do a bit about the medical coverage at F1
killerch0 Oy oldin
I love how F1 is the new airplanes
cchaz003 Oy oldin
Dude, I was so hoping you'd dig into F1 and then you did - perfection once again!
Vishesh Kothari
🇮🇳 Proud of Tata Communications Indian Company making Indians Proud in World. Also the Company of Ratan Tata
Dongle Berry
Dongle Berry Oy oldin
Quality? BroadWhat? 720p? A problem? FFFUUUUUUU!
Lance Gambit
Lance Gambit Oy oldin
It would seem that how the F1 races are produced & broadcast is infinitely more fascinating than the races themselves.
Steven Samuel
Steven Samuel Oy oldin
I just thought I'd get a video about live TV broadcasting, but to find out that it's actually just an F1 logistics vid, I'm delightfully bamboozled
Super Pandas
Super Pandas Oy oldin
What’s the difference between sender and BaI?
Super Pandas
Super Pandas Oy oldin
Ali Syed
Ali Syed Oy oldin
UZblock is for information not accessible through Wikipedia.. and this video contains PhD in Formula 1 info.
Kylla Zanabi
Kylla Zanabi Oy oldin
Who’s that williams at the back? @10:37
Lars Jorgensen
Loved the details in this vid, thanks! Though I wish there would have been even a little talk about the sound mix as part of the production, in addition to cameras and data transmission. In a time when most people’s personal experience with capturing live video is from a smartphone which automatically combines video and sound, this is not inherently the case in professional production. Many of the cams are shooting very long shots and the “local” sound at the operators location is either not captured at all, or would not be a good choice for the final mix to match the image framing after zooming in, etc. So there are hundreds of microphones of all types being mixed as part of that broadcast. Since some of the stock footage was of sound mixers would have been cool to address it also!
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