How Living at the South Pole Works 

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Writing by Sam Denby
Research by Sam Denby and Tristan Purdy
Editing by Alexander Williard
Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster

Select footage courtesy the AP Archive

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[2] www.nsf.gov/news/news_summ.js...
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[4] www.usap.gov/technology/1972/
[5] www.waste360.com/recycling/sa...
[6] www.washingtonpost.com/world/...
[7] beta.nsf.gov/science-matters/...

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19-Noy, 2020



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Brandon Dunn
Brandon Dunn 16 soat oldin
Sounds like the south pole needs starlinks internet....
Fixit 19 soat oldin
Ah, so my internet is slower than the Antarctic base.
purplerabbit Kun oldin
No one ever thought of placing a full-time hooker there? I mean common....
jo mamma
jo mamma 4 kun oldin
Bullshit on the waste. Some of the waste is flown out, most is packed up on berms by the end of the world. 3/4 or more stays. USAP pockets the taxpayer money. Don't let this guy twist your head up with lies.
Salim Choudhry
Salim Choudhry 4 kun oldin
I find vry interesting,
Mike Rage
Mike Rage 7 kun oldin
Sad thing is when the worlds over populated probably have some land developer trying to build condos there lol
Sam 9 kun oldin
Matt Crosby
Matt Crosby 10 kun oldin
A mask mandate at the South Pole is possibly the most unscientific thing I've ever heard of.
MrBigrobmjca3 13 kun oldin
I know I’m weird, but this narrator’s perfect spoken English sounds so unnatural. (Worked in radio)
Fin Mueller
Fin Mueller 14 kun oldin
Put 4 sats set in equal distance in a pole orbit, done
jahqede potomho
jahqede potomho 17 kun oldin
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Creative 8D
Creative 8D 18 kun oldin
*but everything changed when the fire nation attacked*
Dwithun Narzary
Dwithun Narzary 21 kun oldin
I wouldn't mind working their years around, i love isolated
tochieon6dolil khadija rafeja
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Alistair Xu
Alistair Xu 28 kun oldin
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Jack Ford
Jack Ford Oy oldin
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Giada Francisca
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corenik ch
corenik ch Oy oldin
extreme isolation? not a problem. been in my house for a year now but i definitely cant stand the cold
Torben Møller
275 mbit/s = 0.275 bit/s. Now that is not a lot 🤔😉 I guess should have benn 275Mbit/s.
Nature Oy oldin
How is -12° «absolutely unbearable»
FaffyWaffles Oy oldin
Its all fun and games until a weird husky shows up
Me as a midwesterner with -35 degree wind chills (F) in the winter and hearing it gets to a balmy 10 degrees in south pole and thinking hmmm thats not that bad, "most places would find this UNBEARABLE"... hmm maybe i need to move lol
Would love to see more of the aurora . Reminds me of green plasma
Tenner Oy oldin
after covid, and staying at home for almost a year and a half, 3-6 months of semi isolation is childs play
Mark Hallewell
In the event of a nuclear war these Antarctica inhabitants could be the only survivors left on planet earth.
Voffka Oy oldin
6:44 - Kyiv, Ukraine?
Llewyn Wrynn
Llewyn Wrynn Oy oldin
Thanks to Communist party of China life became harder
Tristezza Lamento Luciano
I want to go so bad
Lington Jalong
It is more like a moon story...something might be hide from us human..
제규형 Oy oldin
I wonder what people thought when they saw the South Pole for the first time. I'm pretty sure it wasn't 'This place looks like a great place to live. Let's settle down here like the Britains did on America'. Thanks for the interesting video.
Engelton182 Oy oldin
Smashmund Oy oldin
So this channel is just a guy talking over stock footage?.....
Dirk “Seizures” Tween
Unbearable temperatires ? -10°f or -23c -40°f or -40c -55°f or -48c All are known, in much of the world. Possimly omly difference: the knowledge that warmer temperatures, are coming !
Tate Simonson
Tate Simonson Oy oldin
I agree but if you make important business decisions based soley off of the email domain like “@gmail.com” your not making wise decisions
Dennis Hui
Dennis Hui Oy oldin
Can starlink helps with their internet?
Nathan Suka
Nathan Suka 2 oy oldin
The thing that will kill me at the south pole: lack of internet connection.
This & That
This & That 2 oy oldin
Absolutely love your videos but your speaking style is so hard to listen to. Why can’t you just talk normally?
frank peluso
frank peluso 2 oy oldin
I hope they have a brothel
iTzSchneider 2 oy oldin
Storage Gaming roblox
19:30 hmm where have I heard that before.. HMMMM
ZeeZia 2 oy oldin
Do people think -12 celcius is unbearable...? Thefuck
J Z 2 oy oldin
These are the people we should send to Mars!
Penn Ryan
Penn Ryan 2 oy oldin
I keep coming bak to this one. can''t getenough
Kai Hong
Kai Hong 2 oy oldin
And then a month after this video was posted Antarctica reported 36 cases. And then 58.
Anime Yahallo Studio
Parents: eat your veggies!! Me: 4:04
Marcus .Danc3
Marcus .Danc3 2 oy oldin
That's humans for you 😂, we not supposed to be there BUT we managed to be there.
Trishita Gautam
Trishita Gautam 2 oy oldin
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IYeet dog
IYeet dog 2 oy oldin
Where are the witty jokes? On wait, wrong channel
Dank Mematodes
Dank Mematodes 2 oy oldin
And they still got faster internet than me
Vo Quang Minh
Vo Quang Minh 2 oy oldin
The complex mass orly attempt because floor firstly steer pro a solid columnist. calculating, noiseless damage
flekky 2 oy oldin
I came from the girl on tiktok
Christina Pinedo
Christina Pinedo 2 oy oldin
Who else is here after watching the viral TilTok video of the girl living in the South Pole for science lol
flekky 2 oy oldin
Me lmaoo
Gerardo Sabillon
Gerardo Sabillon 2 oy oldin
Im subscribing!
Henry Schmale
Henry Schmale 2 oy oldin
How did you get the connectivity details?
John F
John F 2 oy oldin
They are making people in Antarctica wear masks 😆😆 wow liberals will just not stop
Bloodyblase 2 oy oldin
ZEN TANGO Oscar Wright
the content is good but the narration of the video is not good and not appropriate....the voice is not good and there is a sense of SENSATIONALIZATION to increase viewership - you should have employed a British narrator with a sense of maturity, moderation and credibility !!
ResidentFelon 3 oy oldin
Billions of light years away lol nice one
Chris KRonik
Chris KRonik 3 oy oldin
I wonder how the heat that structure. Electric baseboard I’d imagine would make the most sense. Maybe not?
Chris KRonik
Chris KRonik 3 oy oldin
This stuff is so interesting. Love it!
How do they transport fuel for the station?
yunas saxer
yunas saxer 3 oy oldin
yunas saxer
yunas saxer 3 oy oldin
=NolePtr 3 oy oldin
Nowhere on Earth was made for humans.Humans just weren't made for the Antarctic.
Amritpal sidhu
Amritpal sidhu 3 oy oldin
Why ice don't melt bcoz of global warming , if northpole is melting why not southpole
Joe Mackey
Joe Mackey 3 oy oldin
My personal lowest temperature endured is -38 farenheit. It sucked balls, super hard.
Jo Mclean
Jo Mclean 3 oy oldin
Makes you think ..There is phone booths on the moon ..
Jo Mclean
Jo Mclean 3 oy oldin
Fresh Water.😋
Jo Mclean
Jo Mclean 3 oy oldin
Steve Davenport (Lonestar Larry)
I wonder how much of that waste is human waste.
Atapd 3 oy oldin
My teacher recommended this video
Paul Douris
Paul Douris 3 oy oldin
Jesus is king and our savior repent of sin so you can be saved remember Christ Loves you and he’s coming
Jayaradha Anilkumar
khalid farah (trolling kings)
Socks a lot of socks .
Stan Refermat
Stan Refermat 3 oy oldin
0:18 The Middle East: Am I a joke to you??
foxtailedcritter 3 oy oldin
I'm too broke to vist Antarctica let alone live there. Same with mount Everest I'm too broke to vist. Yet I'm morbidly obsessed and will not stop searching up the weird and isolated locations.
Clalala Tayag
Clalala Tayag 3 oy oldin
The naive sheet neatly trick because cemetery understandably dare but a vulgar pull. likeable, sick population
DeeJay 3 oy oldin
Skeleton crew, meaning? 🦴
Smaakjeks K
Smaakjeks K 4 oy oldin
Fun fact: It's tradition in British Antarctic research stations for the crew to watch John Carpenter's 'The Thing' as part of their Midwinter feast and celebration held every June 21st.
Piplup Legends
Piplup Legends 4 oy oldin
Hi sam
Cpl Hicks
Cpl Hicks 4 oy oldin
People are probably like their own special operations team. Everyone cross trained to some degree in each others specialty and they would benefit from all being trained paramedics( and extensive combat training in order to deal with The Thing)
Matthew Mara
Matthew Mara 4 oy oldin
Well, there is no South Pole.
expo1403 4 oy oldin
There’s just a 99.997% chance, according to the CDC, that they would survive COVID. But sure, let’s continue to spread fear and panic
Official comity of time travelers Member 0-13
It’s all fun and game till 2100
FlatEarth Mic
FlatEarth Mic 4 oy oldin
Why would any astronomer view the night sky from the earth? If satellites are real then all viewing should be from space and not from the spinning, vibrating, wobbling, orbiting planet with an atmosphere. All things space related consistently has questions that can not be logically answered. Take this video with a grain of common sense.
Illuminist 3 oy oldin
You can't take telescope that large to the space. Larger means higher resolution.
Showdown 4 oy oldin
Not even for one day...........................
Ashley Cook
Ashley Cook 4 oy oldin
The modern picture reassuringly coach because patient specially press concerning a thirsty risk. thirsty, erect composition
Reid Rosebrock
Reid Rosebrock 4 oy oldin
This is the second time I've heard this guy say "it's tough to understate" when he meant "it's tough to overstate." Is this a thing like "I could care less" where it doesn't make sense but is in common usage? Not trying to hate, genuinely curious.
Ioniţă Caloian
Ioniţă Caloian 4 oy oldin
Why is the chick at 13:55 barefoot?
Nicholas Williams
Do you think it would be possible to re-supply via rockets? Or would the weather prevent that as well?
Luke Evans
Luke Evans 4 oy oldin
Okay who came from r/unexpectedsabaton?
Michael Brady
Michael Brady 4 oy oldin
I was one of the 42 people who were there for WinterOver 2020. Hell yah'! :) (BTW the videos and pictures of the Pole are very out of date)
RandomReevuze 4 oy oldin
when he said 'american made' i cringed
SmrTiTo 4 oy oldin
i beg to differ. we keep going back because it's really fun. advancing science is just a side perk.
Tom Keiffer
Tom Keiffer 4 oy oldin
It was 24F yoday
Michael Mulderig
Michael Mulderig 4 oy oldin
Earth: You can't live here Humans: Bet.
momorain 4 oy oldin
Us is still using landfills? Are you kidding me? What a fucking joke
Captn Jack
Captn Jack 4 oy oldin
I did 4 winters and 2 summers at the South Pole Station. Had no problems whatsoever doing it. Actually miss going there for winters.
Master Caution
Master Caution 4 oy oldin
Carries trash thousands of kilometers only to be dumped in a landfill in a third world country lol .... No disrespect to America but my experience is that you guys don’t give a fuck about waste ...
Sambo Rambo
Sambo Rambo 4 oy oldin
*1:32** sweet ford econoline*
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