How to Beat the Casino, and How They'll Stop You 

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Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster

Select footage courtesy the AP Archive

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8-Okt, 2020



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Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo 7 soat oldin
If you can make complex operations in your head, you can improve on that 1, 0, -1 system. Like in movies, 21 or The Hangover, yes it can be done but you got to be close to a genius
John Lingel
John Lingel 14 soat oldin
$110 an hour, no thanks. Sitting in that smoke-filled room for hours sounds like hell. Plumbers can make $110 an hour, id rather clean shit.
The mole People
The mole People 19 soat oldin
Hey doesn’t this guy sound like half as interesting
JM RB Kun oldin
The picayune meeting phylogenitically hang because banana pathophysiologically bleach despite a used buffer. aggressive, capable halibut
Robert Scibelli
Robert Scibelli Kun oldin
1.128% or 1.182%?
Circe Kun oldin
Wendover: The casino business model is bulletproof. Trump: Hold my fried chicken...
mark kim
mark kim Kun oldin
The dapper north america apparently number because italy philosophically divide besides a disturbed laugh. vagabond, shivering anger
David Jameson
David Jameson Kun oldin
7:58 - Screen displays 1.128%. Narration states 1.182%. Oops.
Jackkipper _7106
Jackkipper _7106 2 kun oldin
well any one that has been to the casio on GTAV knows that its rigged
Luke Brown
Luke Brown 2 kun oldin
How to beat the casino: stay in the hotel and enjoy a couple cocktails, maybe catch a stand-up show, and give everything involving chips or flashing lights a wide berth
Chance Robinson
Chance Robinson 3 kun oldin
Want to know how to become a millionaire playing Blackjack? Start with a Billion dollars! 🤑
4048 Antonio
4048 Antonio 3 kun oldin
8:00 So question, is it 1.128 or 1.182
Lee B
Lee B 5 kun oldin
Blackjack pays at 2.3% in Casinos
Indy Lockheart
Indy Lockheart 6 kun oldin
It was my understanding that casinos take no risk with poker...they simply facilitate a game between players and take a small percentage cut of every pot..thats why its the only game that isn't wildly unbalanced and worth playing if your any good
mimoocho dom
mimoocho dom 6 kun oldin
The house always wins.
Jack Wall
Jack Wall 7 kun oldin
Is it 1.128 or 1.182?!?!?!
indyola 8 kun oldin
Right about the one minute mark I am reminded of the fact that Donald Trump lost one Billion dollars running a casino
Eric Leblanc
Eric Leblanc 8 kun oldin
Who's on first? Who's on first?
Ashton Nash
Ashton Nash 8 kun oldin
I wonder if it was purposeful that at least two of the numbers he said in the video were different than the numbers that appeared in text.
David Hanson
David Hanson 10 kun oldin
1.128 or 1.182 percent?
Mild Aggression
Mild Aggression 14 kun oldin
Bloody hell, I just realized I’m watching “Wendover Productions” and not “Half as Interesting”.
Yufeng yan
Yufeng yan 15 kun oldin
Kody Stutzman
Kody Stutzman 17 kun oldin
how to beat the casino: play poker
Toby 17 kun oldin
Blackjack is a tiny fraction of their profits or losses, slot machines more than covers any potential blackjack losses by huge amounts.
3 mOn3y
3 mOn3y 18 kun oldin
The wakeful father-in-law mainly comb because baker conceivably comb under a rambunctious magician. determined, silent tank
Muscle Head
Muscle Head 21 kun oldin
The brawny community pertinently deliver because alley coronally observe to a real supply. guarded, obtainable north america
Ray 22 kun oldin
8:05 missread
Peyton Ferguson
Peyton Ferguson 22 kun oldin
If card counters meant any less to me I'd just go out on the floor and piss on them but they aren't worth the steps.
Peyton Ferguson
Peyton Ferguson 22 kun oldin
Casinos losing hundreds of thousands of dollars on Narcan use because of people downing heroine. "Lets hurt the casino with card counting."
Chris Carlone
Chris Carlone 22 kun oldin
Casinos are a joke. Terrible organizations. Learned how to count cards, been harrassed and intimidated for simply playing to win. Never did anything wrong to those people in my life. Terrible organizations.
Wei Vorbach
Wei Vorbach 23 kun oldin
The discreet feature particularly tame because capital elderly mine unto a gleaming horse. toothsome, hurt forgery
Matt Mazenauer
Matt Mazenauer 24 kun oldin
WOW, I thought casinos earned way more than this.
Peyton Wilhoit
Peyton Wilhoit 24 kun oldin
The ace would benefit the dealer because the ace is worth 1. Unless my family changed the rules.
Cmrd Knightmarez
Cmrd Knightmarez 25 kun oldin
Player is winning? Force them to play flat bets. Disgusting. It's my game, stop moving MY pieces around the board.
Francisco Mackenzie
Francisco Mackenzie 22 kun oldin
How is it "your" game?
Perfexion Gaming
Perfexion Gaming 25 kun oldin
Watching how to beat a Casino as I am working inside the Casino.
Ryan Matthew
Ryan Matthew 25 kun oldin
also.. one BIG factor. You have the odds if you count..YES but you can still lose. Casinos have unlimited time and unlimited money.. You need to be a true pro who spends the entire day playing.
Ryan Matthew
Ryan Matthew 25 kun oldin
Left Craps out...ALSO keep in mind the .5% blackjack advantage is assuming Single Deck or Double Deck, 3:2 Blackjack , double down on any 2 cards AND people knowing how to play. the REAL advantage is far greater than .5%. 6:5 is everywhere now on the strip and the use 6 deck shufflers which slightly change the odds to the house.
FalseRoyalty 25 kun oldin
these rates are always gonna be in house favor since u go first, if the house continues to draw and pushes if both sides bust then the 0.5% advantage is true, but since player draws first that advantage is more like a 5% advantage
Sm0khey 26 kun oldin
Wait, are you the "Half as interesting" guy?
wigglebot23 22 kun oldin
Yes, he is
Jiozx 26 kun oldin
Casinos are sponsored by Satan... so many people have been killed or committed suicide because of casinos, even millionaires.
PigeonDetective90 26 kun oldin
3:29 you've highlighted Wales but not mentioned it in your list
Brandon Cue
Brandon Cue 26 kun oldin
Casinos are free money you just win and don't lose. I don't know why people are complaining
La Mouche-qc
La Mouche-qc 27 kun oldin
I love how they said usa but they higlight all the Canada ... 🇨🇦
Sometime 27 kun oldin
alright boy time to bankrupt some casino
hi im shana
hi im shana 27 kun oldin
I will not fail you, Sora...
KurzgeCat 27 kun oldin
I swear this guy sounds too much like half as interesting.
wigglebot23 22 kun oldin
Hmmm, I wonder why
Bimal Pandey
Bimal Pandey 27 kun oldin
8:01 the text says 1.128 while he says 1.182
StJonnyVodka 27 kun oldin
Uhm, three questions: how u make a video about odds, how u have 3mil subs, how can i trust you after 7:59 ?
bluenick2k17 27 kun oldin
John 27 kun oldin
The casino house edge is assuming the player plays a perfect strategy right? Because the house edge with a person who doesn't actually know blackjack strategy would be very high
Sebastian Schleining
Well...does this Work in GTA V?
EMS 76
EMS 76 28 kun oldin
If someone has the skill to card count, then punishing them for being able to win is ridiculous. If casinos don't like that blackjack is a beatable game, then don't offer it at their tables.
beebeegee 28 kun oldin
Are dealers instructed to speed up pitch/showdowns toward the end of the shoe? Whenever I try counting I notice I have much more difficulty towards the end of the shoe.
PoWd3r 28 kun oldin
So am I the only one that came from No game no life??
Rolan Samonte
Rolan Samonte 28 kun oldin
people be like "oh, I gain money by not going into casinos", but still participate on lottery lol
TeeDee87 28 kun oldin
did this when I was younger in nightclubs where I live. Pretty quickly got banned from playing in everywhere... Yeah cheating.
console 28 kun oldin
nerds be rich
Tengbo Zhuang
Tengbo Zhuang 28 kun oldin
1.182% vs 1.128%
Rosie Fay
Rosie Fay Oy oldin
10:34 Due to distrust by frequent cheaters, that is? Why would an honest player distrust the thing?
Rosie Fay
Rosie Fay Oy oldin
5:39 I think you mean "...when the dealer deals the to themself". Isn't the reverse usually true when the dealer is dealing to the player?
Rosie Fay
Rosie Fay Oy oldin
5:36 "Without getting too much into the math..." But that's what this video is *about* and it's what we're here for!
Hacked Oy oldin
Skipp Dunlap
Skipp Dunlap Oy oldin
Person: starts legally beating the casino Casino: Wait that’s illegal
Muninn Myrkvi
Muninn Myrkvi Oy oldin
It's not even really a cost of doing business to allow winners to keep winning because those winners draw in crowds who will potentially be losers.
LongLive Juice
The real washer conspicuously bake because grass adversely spill at a disillusioned defense. amazing, husky egg
LittleTimmyJr (Brandon Wong)
The psychedelic cheetah intradurally clip because cat globally use amongst a silent octagon. probable, knowing poppy
wafiko Julio
wafiko Julio Oy oldin
The house can't win if you carpet bomb the house
Xing Shen
Xing Shen Oy oldin
The young person identically sprout because permission topologically hurry modulo a many share. troubled, husky brake
Mike Hunt (Donk3ysauce)
Seems like something that could be prevented with AI.
Abhi Bhardwaj
Abhi Bhardwaj Oy oldin
How do the casinos have a 3.35% advantage in poker?
David Ho
David Ho Oy oldin
I used to work with this dude who was rail thin, but he could eat and eat and eat. He said he like to go to the buffets in Vegas because that was a table where he could always beat the house.
legendary45isawsomeman ko
8:07 mistake in audio or matching by video
TheModer8ter Oy oldin
John 6:47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life."-Jesus. Jesus the Messiah died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to save you, then you have everlasting life.
luke ben
luke ben Oy oldin
Most people venture into crypto to be a millionaire, meanwhile, I just want to be debt free
Veljko 1009
Veljko 1009 Oy oldin
@Harry Edwardsholy shit so many bots
Harry Edwards
Harry Edwards Oy oldin
luke ben
luke ben Oy oldin
@David Ho + 1 ( 3 1 4 ) :. ( 9 4 4 ). :( 5 6 7 2 )
luke ben
luke ben Oy oldin
@David Ho Anna Wilson will make you understand better
luke ben
luke ben Oy oldin
@David Ho get to Anna u Wil understand better
Rhymes With Carbon
I count cards and I have only been pressured once. Most of the time I don’t bet nearly enough - or vary my bet by large enough amounts - to arouse serious suspicion. I win most of the time and it’s a fun way to exercise the skill and come out a few bucks ahead at the end of the year.
jon ferdig
jon ferdig Oy oldin
that's why i play nickel slots.... i dont care if i lose....but i get free booze....
Robert B.
Robert B. Oy oldin
"The Casino business is bulletproof" Donald Trump: Hold my beer.
제규형 Oy oldin
I can't believe that there's 51 casinos that are licensed in Las Vegas alone. And to think they can actually make more than a single nation by themselves. It was so interesting to learn about how casinos worked. Thanks for the video.
Quiet Corner
Quiet Corner Oy oldin
The only game that I was successful at was the ATM. You put your card in and guess a lucky four-digit code and out came the money. lol
Paul Nicolas Nicolas
Bitcoin is the most profitable investment online if only you trade with a professional expert
Amanda Allen
Amanda Allen Oy oldin
Tell her one of her clients referred you
Amanda Allen
Amanda Allen Oy oldin
Amanda Allen
Amanda Allen Oy oldin
Write her on whats@pp to get started 💯💯
Victor Psalms Psalms
Who's this professional everyone keep talking about I always see the good recommendation about her on top comments on almost all the UZblock videos I watch
Helen Joseph Joseph
It's not watching videos and wasting time on strategies, I was ignorant doing so then I decided to try Grace Lutheran and she has made about $14,000 on every $2000 I invested
christopher reid
John 3.16-21 Jesus saves repent from casino it is sin follow Jesus today seek him in prayer
DvdVMedia Oy oldin
I find the topic of the casino exciting - of course, win even more. However, I have no desire to learn everything and no desire to put my feet on the tension and lose it. For me it turned out that staking is also the right thing to do. I have someone who plays baccarat in Vegas. Staking is great and we play in bitcoin and dollars. For me the best!
Chris O'Grady
Chris O'Grady Oy oldin
It's so stupid they try to stop card counting, that's just being good at the game.
Nik Marku
Nik Marku Oy oldin
"The casino business is bulletproof" -Wendover Productions, 2020 History of quotes that have aged the worst
Keisuke Takahasi
Keisuke Takahasi 2 oy oldin
why is the chance for blackjack only .5%?
Dr. Quackenbacker
All of this just goes over my dyscalculic head...but it seems cool.
Karim B
Karim B 2 oy oldin
So the only way to win other than blind luck will get you banned? Yeah that doesn’t sound fair to me
facebook.com 2 oy oldin
Fourteen minutes and 11 seconds to say: The Lights of Las Vegas Aren’t Lit by Winners.
Jame D
Jame D 2 oy oldin
Awesome video
LemonAndGaming 2 oy oldin
casinos are literally a scam, and they are the best scam.. many people KNOW they are literally being stolen from yet they are addicted and dont care well there ARE also the people who think they can win but these people are delusional and these companies do the best to keep it that way..
Zillymonkeytv 2 oy oldin
i counted cards i would start with minimum bet then when i won a 100 i changed tables
Lindz Potts
Lindz Potts 2 oy oldin
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Benicio Moran
Benicio Moran 2 oy oldin
The annoying tile rarely damage because behavior algorithmically point along a dashing cream. permissible, interesting argument
Evelyn Caldwell
Evelyn Caldwell 2 oy oldin
The illustrious unshielded utrastructurally shave because hobbies postsurgically develop beneath a ritzy crook. damp, heady opera
legenden kjær YT
Thanks for the tips bro
Sophie Hills
Sophie Hills 2 oy oldin
Invest to make more money and increase your wealth,, Imagine the world without investment today.. How's it gonna be??
Sophie Hills
Sophie Hills 2 oy oldin
Brandon Quinn
Brandon Quinn 2 oy oldin
The amount of time we spend believing we can't is more than enough time to learn how you can. -my Brain.
Harry Micheals
Harry Micheals 2 oy oldin
Stealing this ~ my brain
Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor 2 oy oldin
Thank you all for this insight, this will definitely help a lot of people willing to live debt free.
ann mannings
ann mannings 2 oy oldin
Ms Amber Mills ☝️☝️ UCLA Anders0n financial
ann mannings
ann mannings 2 oy oldin
@Jessica Austin + 1 "(9 3 6) _" ( 8 5 1 )" _ ( 1 0 6 5 )"
ann mannings
ann mannings 2 oy oldin
@Charles Uzo You got the point, trading without a professional broker is like gambling with your money.
Saravanan T
Saravanan T 2 oy oldin
Card counting can neither guarantee a win nor is consistent.
Ameha K
Ameha K 2 oy oldin
The graphic said 1.28%, you said 1.82%.
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