The Electric Vehicle Charging Problem 

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Writing by Sam Denby
Research by Sam Denby and Tristan Purdy
Editing by Alexander Williard
Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster

Select footage courtesy the AP Archive

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John Smith
John Smith 9 soat oldin
Problem is a gas Toyota Corolla is a better built car than a small tesla and the tesla will cost $5000 or more. You know how far a Corolla will go on $5000 of gas? It would circle the planet 3 times before the Tesla start making your $5000 extra back.
HeroDriver , Music Channel
Changing to an EV was the best thing Ive ever done (motoring wise) I agree it’s not for everyone, but that doesn’t mean it’s not for some and when I say some, I mean most👍👍👍
True Crony
True Crony 16 soat oldin
Screw Tesla ... OpenMotors.co easy solution. Create a standardized hot swap 50% of the battery.
DreamingFlurry 17 soat oldin
Germany also subsidizes wall-boxes for charging EVs at home (!) - they cost 1200,-- Euros and you can get up to 900,-- Euros back from the state if you have solar-power on your roof!
Boss Agarwal
Boss Agarwal 18 soat oldin
What a video!! Absolutely amazing
Phillip Gerba
Phillip Gerba 23 soat oldin
In the 19th century NYC had a taxi company that used exclusively electric cars. They didn't worry about charge time at all, they just had a huge stockpile of charged batteries and switched them out as needed. That could still work today, but as the batteries are the expensive parts there would have to be complex leasing agreements of some kind. I don't see why you couldn't design smaller batteries that were lighter and more efficient for commuters who only go 20k a day. Of course there are other problems, but if we could do it over 100 years ago I'm sure we could do it today.
John Smith
John Smith 9 soat oldin
Your not a car mechanic. Changing the battery out on any E-car is a big long job it not like changing the batteries in your remote. The cab companies are better of getting 30 min fast charger systems.
Roger Tombleson
Roger Tombleson Kun oldin
There should be no charging problem or battery problem just buy a good extension cord .
John Smith
John Smith 8 soat oldin
No problem if not on road trip. At home how cares if the battery takes 12 hours to charge while your in bed sleeping. But who pays more for a car that can not do long road trips if you decide to.
Ye Vaz
Ye Vaz Kun oldin
when he started talking about chargers i thought he was leading on the effects of harmonic distortion! harmonics will be the next major hurdle for EV's, one that car & motor design and wide spread adoption can't overcome. the consequences of not sorting that problem before wide spread adoption will have great effects on national grids, never mind capacity and power station output at peak charging times, even 7kw chargers will cause big problems if even a quarter of households start charging overnight
wolfsden3 Kun oldin
EV runs on the tears of child slave labor mining Cobol 🖕🤦
MrTresto Kun oldin
If the refills would be as dense as a gas station and 10min I'd go for it. Otherwise it's just too much of a pain, to do stuff like go on vacation. I think a good intermediate solution could be to have an electric car that integrates a small icu power generator, maybe under the trunk, where you'd put the spare wheel, or maybe in the front. It would be able to generate electricity and allow you to recharge + power the electric while driving, if ever you're in an area without a charging station, or if you lack the time. It's also a lot simpler and less maintenance than having a full transmission, etc like in a regular hybrid, and since it's just running at constant RPM, it's a lot less wear and tear and more reliable than an ICE that would directly transmit force to the wheels. It would also be small and light, maybe 100lbs total? I can imagine doing 99% of the stuff on full EV, like errands commute etc, but if I go on vacation in an area that doesn't have a charger, or whatever else, I can temporarily use the gas. That way I'd use a couple dozen gallons a year maybe, rather than a few hundred like I do now. It seems like more of a compromise than a plug-in hybrid with a big battery set, but it's also simpler, lighter, lower maintenance? Maybe less efficient though, would need to figure out the efficiency of all this ...
Alex S
Alex S Kun oldin
Very good, thanks sir. Someone please fwd this to the US Gov’t. Also, can you make a video about fuel cell cars… could we re-use existing gas infrastructure (pipes and stations) and convert to hydrogen as an alternative option to battery electric vehicles?
Jan-Patrick Osterloh
Sorry to say this, but you're not getting the real problem. Fact is, that with my Model 3, I rarely use SuperChargers, since I don't do many long trips. I mostly drive within my city. In addition, Fast charging should NOT be your normal way of charging, since it harms the battery. The real problem is home charging! People who don't have a fixed parking place with charging on a daily basis, are required to use public charging, and this has to be convinient. We need laws that forces all houses to add slow charging stations for tentants, supermarkets and other public parking places must be equipped with charging stations, etc... Then people can buy and use EVs!
John Smith
John Smith 8 soat oldin
True. Not everyone live in a single dwelling home with a driveway. When you live in a 10 story apartment or condo and from the balcony you watch someone steal your expense extension cord from your parking lot space.
This EV push is part of a agenda all ready put into motion in corporation with Biden and the Democrats and of course the CCP..last I checked CCP produces 95% of batteries are manufactured there. So we say why would the US government push the car manufacturers to ramp up there EV production without charging infrastructure in place. I believe it part of a back door deal with CCP and other Dem cronies to melt the money down that they are giving to lobbyists companies to attempt to build the charging stations.in typical government fashion the money will be wasted on studies on top of studies and of course using the global warming farce why a shovel never got put in the ground. So I don’t believe it will happen anytime soon. End result more in debt and less freedom.. wake up people!
Yves Genest
Yves Genest Kun oldin
You ignore a key piece of the puzzle: the ratio of chargers per EV vehicle. If I have to wait in line for one hour to supercharge my car in 10 min, my "real" charging time is 70 minutes. That's a huge deal breaker.
Chuck Burkett
Chuck Burkett Kun oldin
If everyone on a road trip was driving an EV and needed to stop every 100 miles to charge how many charging stations would be required. I get annoyed by driving into a gas station and having to wait for a fuel pump to open up which usually only takes a few minutes. Can't imagine driving to a charging station and find it does not work or is not available and there is not another within driving range.
DieForMeta1 Kun oldin
Why Volt is EV? Its hybrid. Chevy Bolt ⚡ is EV!!!
Michael Tomas Peaks
Granted this is a complicated issue, but this presentation has a lot of important oversights, not to mention the annoying voice of the presenter. And then of course the ad at the end, but if it were presented first, nothing would be viewed.
George 2 kun oldin
Ah! The big question. Government in the US is big on Infra-structure, so why not do something for charging of EVs. I have the answer. Immobilization! Everything the government is promoting is for the purpose of tethering us to our homes - if we will still own a home in the future. There are neither incentives nor plans to provide charging stations because the plan is not to let us cross the country like we do now. They will provide meager charging stations capable of getting us back home when we dare to venture too far and the time to charge to get back will be long enough to discourage us from using the car for more than picking up some milk and bread.
PappyMan 2 kun oldin
You consistently misunderstand and misstate what an 'inverter' is and how it's used. An inverter builds AC electricity from DC. To get DC from AC, all you need is a rectifier (diode) which is a very simple component and very cheap. AC from the grid can be obtained at many kilovolts on down as substations step it down with simple and cheap transformers. The $57,000 price tag for a simple transformer is ludicrous. Then you conflate the total watts needed to charge a battery to max charge, with the continuous wattage rating of a DC to AC inverter. Let's try 300 KW in 30 min or 10 KW per min maintained for 30 min. So you need a 10 KW step-down transformer and a a bridge rectifier (for efficiency). For a sanity check, you can create your own electricity with a 15 KW portable generator costing less than $1000. Don't you think the grid can do better than that? In reality, a step-down transformer with a rectifier can give you whatever voltage and current you want, for a few hundred dollars in single unit pricing. A typical charger installation would get you a parking lot full of stations off of a single transformer and rectifier costing $20,000 or less. The actual cost is trying to measure and bill each station separately to charge the people for the electricity. That is where the majority of cost would be in a charging station.
Richard Murray
Richard Murray 2 kun oldin
The hydrogen fuel cell has been the energy of the future since 1836. The electric car has been the car of the future since 1901. I suspect they will both retain their status for decades.
Neil Bartlett
Neil Bartlett 2 kun oldin
Is the Tesla Model 3 only available in white? I know it sounds like a weird question but I don't think I have *ever* seen one that wasn't white.
TheYah00netstar 2 kun oldin
*The solution is hydrogen...*
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 2 kun oldin
The Chevrolet Volt is no longer produced. I believe you are referencing the Chevrolet Bolt. Not a good look
Rick Picone
Rick Picone 2 kun oldin
Not will it only drive up the cost of electric, It will also create many power outages across the country.
David Mccall
David Mccall 2 kun oldin
Stupidly bought an EV, ok if your living in a metropolis doing short journey low miles but anything other than that is not practical, now its mostly sitting parked on the drive as I now drive my old car.
Jerry Tuazon
Jerry Tuazon 2 kun oldin
As you say its not far by years or maybe it was answered by the Tesla model S Plaid deliveries and by a car expert enthusiast Jay Leno's evaluation video and still progressing through the years in every aspects.But l Can't sacrifice the pollution emits by gas car againts cleaner EV car I already have 6years old Ebike and still working,its simplicity operation l cannot exchange the hustle and high cost maintainance of gas vehicles,now l already have 4 ebikes looks like a collection and another vintage ebike coming soon,all are working well average 50km per chager of 15pesos againts my friend's car consume 40pesos per liter of gas just gives him 7km range per liter.fast charging station can easily build if cooperation of government as you said"Why not charging infastructure",political issue.
Curtis 2 kun oldin
It's a Chevy Bolt not Volt.
Matty B
Matty B 2 kun oldin
All this money and effort
Trent Vo
Trent Vo 2 kun oldin
Cars that run on electric batteries are just not feasible all the products that the battery is made with comes from petroleum which will keep our petroleum industry rolling for the next hundred to two hundred years, how do you feel about living without Plastics Tupperware plastic bags trash bags trash cans all these items made from plastic are made from petroleum. The only feasible method to use electricity for a vehicle is to use a hydrogen fuel cell, which has safety issues of its own as you're dealing with hydrogen, and most people do not know what hydrogen is about or how dangerous it is explosive... don't waste your money on a car full of batteries
Gabo H
Gabo H 2 kun oldin
Having proprietary plugs for EV's should be illegal
Boostin Bobby
Boostin Bobby 3 kun oldin
No one talk about the environmental impact the BATTERIES have. The damage done by mining the materials, shipping and manufacturing. Also Where will all these batteries end up after they need replacing in about 2-5 years for every EV? No one talks about any of this.
Biden Sucks
Biden Sucks 2 kun oldin
leftist don't care about any of that silly
Silavite 3 kun oldin
9:48 I'm curious what the median time is, since those stats are probably skewed by outliers living in highly rural areas.
Greg Perkins
Greg Perkins 3 kun oldin
I'm instantly addicted to your videos. Thank you for educating us.
f1y7rap 3 kun oldin
Long before we have enough charging stations to satisfy the 3.2 TRILLION driving miles/yr in the US, we'll run out of power. To satisfy everyone driving electric, we will need to open a Gigawatt power plant every 3 weeks between now and 2035, to meet a requirement to electrify all cars by 2035. And that assumes Zero economic growth between now and then also. We need safe nuclear power Now. Thorium is one option.
Biden Sucks
Biden Sucks 2 kun oldin
lol.....biden is running the US into the ground
Sapan Shah
Sapan Shah 3 kun oldin
The Math at 9:51 is off. A very large portion of EV charging occurs at home. I charge my car at home every day. Unless making a trip, I don't need a supercharger. This is not the case with ICE cars, it is usually not possible to fill up gas at ones home. Therefore, the number of Superchargers required would be substantially less than the number of gas station.
Biden Sucks
Biden Sucks 2 kun oldin
Mike Storme
Mike Storme 3 kun oldin
The automatic statistic nouzilly hammer because cardigan archaeologically guarantee past a bustling scarecrow. hungry, alleged cell
Ramon Cotta
Ramon Cotta 3 kun oldin
Being that ev's use and average of .3 kwh/mile, and in the US 3.2 trillion miles are driven each year, in order to replace every fossil fuel vehicle in the US, we would need to build a 1gigawatt nuclear power plant every 3 weeks from now until 2035. That's the real problem. Without building those plants, there will not be enough electricity to power a complete turnover of technology in automotive industry.
This-World-Is-Mad 3 kun oldin
So it's like Apple and Android instead of using same charger to make it easier one company choose the be greedy.
Grimm Pickens
Grimm Pickens 3 kun oldin
Personally I'll never buy an EV, not because of a price point or charger availability, but because I like my combustion car too much. I love the visceral driving experience, the sounds, the vibrations, slamming gears, all of it. So why would I want something when you've taken away everything I enjoy about it.
Kim Prisbrey
Kim Prisbrey 3 kun oldin
A sun powered charger otta work.
Vanargrand 3 kun oldin
Even after the charging issues, range, and what other litany of problems those things have will remain one outstanding issue; when is the environmental damage from producing lithium-ion batteries going to be reduced?
Biden Sucks
Biden Sucks 2 kun oldin
it won't but the libturd narrative doesn't care
Glenn Beard
Glenn Beard 3 kun oldin
I think the charging problem is somewhat overrated. It is unrealistic to think ab electric car will successfully compete with gas powered cars for long distance travel. However, most people do not typically travel long distances with their cars on the average. Overnight charging is ok for most usage. And many can afford a brand new $37K car will often have a second car, which could be a gas car for long distance travel. One problem overlooked with fast chargers is backlogs in people waiting to use them. Right now because there are so few electric cars on the road it is not a problem, but if electric cars become popular it will be an issue. With charging stations so expensive, they will never be as common as gas stations, and it will be an issue if a customer has to wait for addition 30 minutes for a charging station to open up in too of the 30 min. To charge the car.
Gary Scott
Gary Scott 4 kun oldin
291 miles per charge is nowhere near sufficient. Need a minimum of 450 miles per charge. This is relatively close to millage from a tank of gas on a gas only v6 or v8 vehicle. A hybrid camry can travel nearly 600 miles on a tank of gas.
dave l. underwood
dave l. underwood 4 kun oldin
very good!
Excl Videos
Excl Videos 4 kun oldin
Maybe the solution to charging would be to create universal-sized removable batteries that can be pulled out with the help of a machine (perhaps automated) and replaced with pre-charged units. Then rather than having to plug into a station, you could just swap out batteries in a few minutes and be on your way.
Biden Sucks
Biden Sucks 2 kun oldin
more fantasy
Thats Myname
Thats Myname 2 kun oldin
A few months ago, I posted here ::: Automated battery switching (swapping) is faster than gassing up (with gasoline). Instead of just choosing a single charging connector (CCS), there should be industry battery standards for sizes and connectivity. The swapped battery stockpile can slow charge in storage (even using local solar rather than electricity from the grid); the condition and range can be better monitored; removal from the transportation stockpile and recycling to less intensive uses (use as backup battery power for home generators, etc.) is automated; etc.. You can still charge w/o swapping, but for long distance driving, a 4-minute swap gets you back on the road quickly. No long waiting lines. Tesla beat down others promoting swapping and we're stuck with the charging station problem. ::: Battery swapping was used by Better Place (see Wikipedia) but they didn't have the clout of Tesla. I'm sure someone could even build an app (like Gas Buddy) to keep track of batteries and their charged up state at swap stations in each area.
Nate Bowser
Nate Bowser 4 kun oldin
You r premise s that the market will drive consumer decisions. Our current administrations policy is FORCED adoption of EV’s.
STOP2NWO 4 kun oldin
And electricity is created out of thin air...
Jared Ball
Jared Ball 4 kun oldin
Agreed this is awesome! Sadly in Australia the government is full of idiots like Gladys the premier of NSW who just built a coal powed tram rather than building the green electricity or the electrical grid to enable charging. Horse cart again! Sadly just like the internet where Australia is miles behind most third world countries we will almost certainly lag again . . .
Eks calybur
Eks calybur 4 kun oldin
Europe and the US are similar in landmass.... Only if you do a silly thing like claiming a quarter of a country that would make up nearly half of the 'European' landmass. In other words, Europe is much smaller than the US.
MonogramQueen 4 kun oldin
While you might need to wait longer for charging on road trips (which is 1-2 times a year) and you can take a food break at a charging station. You can charge at home over night for 345 days of the year saving you time away from the pump. So if you have to fill up gas once a week, you save 1000 minutes a year not having to drive to a gas station (assuming 20 minutes on average to drive to the station/wait/pump).
99codemister 4 kun oldin
Ok. You're not wrong. However, you kind of left out something critical: Commercial applications. Which is weird to say, since rail has been fully hybrid for a very long time now. On the road though, you need a charging network that will work for many different applications. That network just barely exists at all. What does exist, is probably in one small sliver in the US.
Tom O'Shea
Tom O'Shea 4 kun oldin
Seems to me that a bigger battery would reduce charging time while increasing distance. They need to advance battery technology before advancing this idea
Biden Sucks
Biden Sucks 2 kun oldin
the left laughs
Onyx Blue
Onyx Blue 4 kun oldin
My next car maybe a Pruis plug in Hybrid. Or a Nissan Leaf
Dan Soch
Dan Soch 4 kun oldin
It' never taken me 30 minutes to fill a gas tank to 80%. Also if you don't pay attention and run out of juice out in the boonies, you can't go get a can of electricity.
Ehoelzer 4 kun oldin
MPG of a car has increased so much. and are very dependable little runabouts will not work for people who travel boat, and haul have larger families or cold climates. Electric golf carts would be fine for urban dwellers, Plus you haven't addressed the environmental impact of mining for battery material and disposal. why not natural gas? Clean, endless supply and very little cost to convert. Plus these charging units need fossil fuel. That needs to be included in the equation. That power doesn't come ou of thin air
Northside Lexus
Northside Lexus 4 kun oldin
Great video! Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together. Incredibly informative!
JohnRinNoHo 5 kun oldin
How much does it cost to fully charge a car at a charging station? At home?
MannElite 5 kun oldin
So I'm not a huge proponent of EV's, in the same way that I'm not a big proponent of electric landscaping equipment, but A good solution to the charging time problem could be Tesla opening up Tesla Restaurants along the interstate, you could stop for lunch and charge your vehicle, this kinda kills 2 birds with 1 stone and makes pulling over for an hour during a roadtrip not a terrible waste of time.
Biden Sucks
Biden Sucks 2 kun oldin
Elon is already on it
Ronson LeVau
Ronson LeVau 5 kun oldin
Something not addressed is the load that an increase in EVs would put on the electrical supply, which is already strained in many locations.
valcaron Kun oldin
Then vote out the politicians and useless bureaucrats in your locality who wrote and passed all the anti-development regulations that are preventing development of new power plants (and of new houses, and of new business centers, and etc...)
darkevilazn 5 kun oldin
Problem is easy to solve. Use the best charging setup that's royalty free. If you have to pay royalties to use the CCS charger, well, that's fucking stupid, especially if its mandated by law.
Shato Nyruami
Shato Nyruami 5 kun oldin
There is a simple solution to this problem. It´s called hydrogen. Germans created a way to store hydrogen in a pumpable inflammable gel. The gel can be stored in tanks just like gasoline, getting the hydrogen out of the gel is simple the hydrogen can then power a fuel cell, powering the car to speeds up to 100 mph, only if you go faster you need additional power from the small battery, while when you go slower the surplus of power the fuel cell is producing is loading the battery. The gel is even re-useable about 10.000 times. With minor adaptions existing infrastructure is useable, no overpriced power stations needed. The only problem this technology is facing is the commitments, financially and otherwise, the car industry already made towards electric vehicles. Nobody wants to hear that he can wave goodbye to billions of dollars already invested.
Biden Sucks
Biden Sucks 2 kun oldin
@Shato Nyruami Shuddap ladyboi
Shato Nyruami
Shato Nyruami 2 kun oldin
@Biden Sucks if you want to see the fantasy driven along the road. It´s German, use subtitles.
Biden Sucks
Biden Sucks 2 kun oldin
more fantasy
Tom de Vries
Tom de Vries 5 kun oldin
Let's start by saying that I'm not against electrical vehicles, but there are two problems with them that are not discussed in this video. First, most of the energy they use is still produced with fossil fuels, which has to be transported and converted, so it is less efficient than directly burning fossil fuels. The other point is that batteries start to degrade after a couple of years. This leads to 2 problems: the range decreases, so the battery has to be replaced after a certain time, and currently there is no good way to recycle those degraded batteries. One day we will probably have solutions to these problems, but for now, electrical vehicles are not the solution for our environmental problems.
trash hauler
trash hauler 5 kun oldin
I got news for you idiots this country's infrastructure on electricity cannot handle millions of electrical charges
Jose' Mandujano
Jose' Mandujano 5 kun oldin
The FIRST electric vehicle was built in 1832 by Robert Anderson, and GM built some in 1996, and it NEVER worked, you can literally fill up a civic with $20 in under 5 minutes and get plenty of range
Biden Sucks
Biden Sucks 2 kun oldin
not with biden pushing gas to $6/gal
Intrafacial86 5 kun oldin
Back in the 90s, when I was a kid, I remember having a "future tech" book that showed electric cars using battery-swapping stations, instead of charging directly. Drivers could just drop off the used battery in exchange for a fully charged one, leaving the used battery behind to charge for someone else. I wonder if this could be implemented in lieu of faster charging.
Jake 4 kun oldin
@Schnabel One solution to that is a subscription service for the option of battery swapping for people that didn't want to wait for charging, by spreading the cost of replacing that battery over say... 50 people participating in the service. (which wouldn't shorten the lifespan of the battery by that much compared to a single person using it.) They would only need to pay US$00.92 per month each to cover the cost of a brand new battery every 10 years. If you increased that subscription cost to US$9.20 per month, that would pay for a new battery every year.
Schnabel 5 kun oldin
A problem not mentioned is that the batteries only last about 10 years, less for lithium batteries in hot climates. Nobody wants to be responsible for that cost which is about US$5500
Josefina Lopez
Josefina Lopez 5 kun oldin
The sedate israel hopefully rot because lotion curiously greet towards a homely board. squealing, true thrill
BrettMcS 5 kun oldin
The unaddressed elephant in the room is "where does the power for all these electric cars come from?".
The Trickster
The Trickster 14 soat oldin
@Maples01 then I think windmills since in some places wind is 24/7 like mountains. Tidal Energy? I think but the major source of energy is coal.
Maples01 14 soat oldin
@The Trickster You can only release so much water, so no, they aren't gonna cut it!
The Trickster
The Trickster Kun oldin
Maples01 3 kun oldin
a grid that barely carries the load before electric cars, ignore that
Barry Rudolph
Barry Rudolph 5 kun oldin
This doesn't even address the biggest issue of all. If we want to get rid of gas cars any time soon and have all electric transportation future that runs on clean energy we will need to start building at least 1 nuclear power plant per month for a very long time because wind and solar will for obvious reasons not be able to provide the massive amounts of energy required. Yes I know many fear Nuclear Power but unless we suddenly discover the holy grail of cheap clean harmless energy production there isn't any other choice unless you want to burn the gas to create electricity.
Biden Sucks
Biden Sucks 2 kun oldin
@Barry Rudolph poor Greta
Barry Rudolph
Barry Rudolph 2 kun oldin
@Biden Sucks If people want to see the show they must pay the price of admission. No Ticky no Laundry.
Biden Sucks
Biden Sucks 2 kun oldin
greta just crapped her panties
aXch 5 kun oldin
" Car industry is working hard to lower cost of batteries " aka lobbying for more wars and sanctions against poor nations and tricking others to stealing more resources for the good of the 'developed' world. Afghanistan helped for the current price drop. those private military contractors aren't gonna pay themselves now that the US army is leaving!
NX3 5 kun oldin
Why all the rage around EV'S anyway? People say a big point for EV's is that that most travel is done within cities... SO WHY CARS? More subways, more bikes, electric assist bikes and velomobiles, which are all FAR more energy efficient and clean than EV's are the way to go, so push for those instead if you really care about the environment that much! And what i mean by pushing, is the fact that to get more subways, bikes, E bikes and velomobiles, you'd need infrastructure progress and reform, more separate lanes, and that's not happening with gov. monopoly on it.
NX3 5 kun oldin
@Lyonel K That's the thing, you CAN, even in cities (multi layer roads and bike roads). In suburbs, its simply a matter of expanding highways a bit which is usually easy to do (just build sideways a bit), and again, due to velomobiles being far more efficient and less energy consuming they can and ARE often made in a way they don't lose to a car in range, they also can easily be made to not lose in speed (currently plenty that go highway speeds at 70-120 kmph), and they can even be made for more than one person and with storage compartments.
Lyonel K
Lyonel K 5 kun oldin
@NX3 you cannot make more bike ways without cutting into car lanes. I agree fully but america is car centric thus its likely not going to happen unlike Europe we have just too many surburbs and rural area and not enough dense cities. For example if someone build a cities designed around public transport busses bike trains etc i think it would be far far more effective. But no one is going to do that when america culture is so focused on owning a car. In some regions you cannot live without one till that changes it will be the status quo
NX3 5 kun oldin
@Lyonel K Its not about making cars bad or restricting anything, its about makin OTHER OPTIONS GOOD. Again, if there where proper bike lanes in the US and the rest of the world, we could have switched like half the traffic to e bikes, velomobiles and electric assist/ fully electric velomobiles, they're far cheaper to manufacture, and are far more power efficient than EV's. Same goes for trains, making more subways in cities, and trains for suburbs. But government is always as inefficient as possible and stands in the way of all innovation and progress.
Lyonel K
Lyonel K 5 kun oldin
The reason is america is very car cultured society especially given how heavily focused on the surburbs america is. It's simply not as densely packed as other countries. So state and local governments don't feel like improving things like public infrastructure. I'm certain some cities could get more subways or busses if they made owning cars bad by say restricting parking and not building lanes but whoever made that decision would probably be voted out
Mitchell Baker
Mitchell Baker 5 kun oldin
We are there. Covid suppressed oil prices, but now it's going up again. Electric is taking over the first half of this decade.
Mitchell Baker
Mitchell Baker 21 soat oldin
@Biden Sucks it was higher in 2018 than it is now. President's don't determine oil prices.
Biden Sucks
Biden Sucks 2 kun oldin
oil is going up because of bidens failed policies
nh aw
nh aw 6 kun oldin
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Scott Nolan
Scott Nolan 6 kun oldin
The solution isn’t more fast chargers. I don’t care if there is a station 1 minute away. If I have to wait 30 minutes to get going, I’m just not going to buy into that system. Forget it! What is needed is a way to quickly swap out a drained battery for a fully charged battery. Why not convert gas stations to battery-swap stations?
Thats Myname
Thats Myname 2 kun oldin
A few months ago, I posted here ::: Automated battery switching (swapping) is faster than gassing up (with gasoline). Instead of just choosing a single charging connector (CCS), there should be industry battery standards for sizes and connectivity. The swapped battery stockpile can slow charge in storage (even using local solar rather than electricity from the grid); the condition and range can be better monitored; removal from the transportation stockpile and recycling to less intensive uses (use as backup battery power for home generators, etc.) is automated; etc.. You can still charge w/o swapping, but for long distance driving, a 4-minute swap gets you back on the road quickly. No long waiting lines. Tesla beat down others promoting swapping and we're stuck with the charging station problem. ::: Battery swapping was used by Better Place (see Wikipedia) but they didn't have the clout of Tesla. I'm sure someone could even build an app (like Gas Buddy) to keep track of batteries and their charged up state at swap stations in each area.
tigerseye 6 kun oldin
This nailed it. I am interested in buying a new Chevy Bolt, but have no illusions of using it for cross state drives. With a level 2 charger on the garage wall, It will serve me very well for routine trips to stores, restaurants, the movies, family visits in the local area, even work should I desire to un-retire. Cost per mile is about 2.8 times less than a 30 MPG ICE car. For long distance travel, the ICE car will come out of the garage. I think many people are expecting too much from this new disruptive technology. For the next 30 years or so, It's simply not going to be the convenience equivalent of the older oil standard model, which took over a century of investment in infrastructure to build. Great video!
Diana Castillo
Diana Castillo 6 kun oldin
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Anastigmatix 6 kun oldin
Why base this on an obsolete car (Chevy Volt, a Hybrid not a BEV!)? Total bollocks. BS piled on top of BS. Do you sleep ~8 hours per night? Time enough to charge your car. Clayton NM opened 4/2/21 btw. Paid for by ICE dealers & petrol industry, nice try:(
Kurtis Engle
Kurtis Engle 6 kun oldin
Appears to be an information free video.
John Nicholson
John Nicholson 6 kun oldin
@12:06 You are showing European CCS2 adapter, and there is now is a Tesla to CCS1 adapter.
Peter Aq
Peter Aq 6 kun oldin
Why can’t someone invent an AC battery?
Arizona Jo
Arizona Jo 6 kun oldin
You’ll never have enough energy to power everyone to have an electric car unless you have nuclear plants everywhere.
Biden Sucks
Biden Sucks 2 kun oldin
@Alexei382 shuddap
Alexei382 6 kun oldin
so just luke France for example as they have nuclear plants everywhere
Brian Holder
Brian Holder 6 kun oldin
If half of the gasoline powered vehicles were replaced by EV's, there would not be enough electricity generation capability in North America to charge them all. The cost of electricity generation using natural gas is 1c per KWH. That price increases to 86c / KWH if the electricity is generated by wind, and 87c / KWH if it is generated by solar. The bottom line is that we need a whole lot more power generation plants if we all want to drive E.V.'s. Perhaps nuclear is the most viable option for that. Then, there's the issue of how to handle the old batteries come the end of their lives, not to mention the human and ethical problems that are a part of the mining of recourses required to initially build the batteries. The idea of an EV that is cheap to run is very attractive, but there are questions that need viable answers to.
Mike Adams
Mike Adams 6 kun oldin
Don’t forget the Huge tax many states are putting on evs
Mike Adams
Mike Adams 6 kun oldin
Don’t fall for it ! Power companies will bend you over!
Mike Adams
Mike Adams 6 kun oldin
No,Tesla invented AC...!!!!!!
Mike Adams
Mike Adams 6 kun oldin
What about the summer rolling blackouts ?
harley62t 6 kun oldin
What a joke - I can get almost 500 miles of range in a 5 minute refueling. I'd be damned to accept a less than half the range for a 30 minute charge. I think you've got it all wrong. The best way to solving the electric vehicle battery issue isn't to try and change the battery on the vehicle. It's design a standard battery that can be swapped out with another battery. That's how industrial electric vehicles have been operating for decades.
Harry Jude
Harry Jude 6 kun oldin
The next model of the Ford F-150 (which out-sells all other vehicles) is electric.
Harry Jude
Harry Jude 2 kun oldin
@Biden Sucks stop judging things you do not understand
Biden Sucks
Biden Sucks 2 kun oldin
@Harry Jude shuddap
Harry Jude
Harry Jude 2 kun oldin
@Biden Sucks And you saw the presentation? the rigorous testing they put it through? ... is there a comparison of 'the electric truck vs. the gasoline truck' somewhere?
Biden Sucks
Biden Sucks 2 kun oldin
@Harry Jude lol...... the truck is still crap though
Harry Jude
Harry Jude 2 kun oldin
@Biden Sucks psh ... like 'these mini-computers kids today are carryin` around in their pockets.' Back in MY day, we had computers ON DESKS AT HOME!
LanceMan 6 kun oldin
I'll pass. Battery manufacturing and component mining is more harmful to the environment than gasoline will ever be. There is not enough charging capacity for all of these future cars. The EV "craze" is all about money.
Andy Thompson
Andy Thompson 6 kun oldin
2% latest sales figures!
Nerd 1986
Nerd 1986 6 kun oldin
Plugin hybrids and hybrids are the road to evs, using lvl 2 works across most DC needs to drop down to 2 standards
Brian Ward
Brian Ward 6 kun oldin
Batteries are less efficient in cold weather, thereby reducing range. I don't believe they will be able to completely do away with internal combustion engines, it's not very smart to think that it's feasible in the foreseeable future. Also, green energy will not be able to meet the demand. If they want to phase out coal then nuclear is the only viable option to be able keep up.
Lyonel K
Lyonel K 5 kun oldin
I disagree i do think solar and wind are super helpful. But you're right nuclear is definitely needed especially if we get fusion tech
undraxis 6 kun oldin
Much as I would like an EV, waiting any amount of time greater than filling a gas tank is too long for me. And since i live in apartments, and this wont change as i get closer to retirement, being able to charge an EV vehicle at home is impractical atm since most complexes do not have personal garages or charging stations in their parking spots. As for cost, unless an EV's car goes below 20k, its a waste of money for a single customer imho.
undraxis 11 daqiqa oldin
@DugThatOutMyself I live in an apt, no garages, no outlets near parking spot. Apt complexes will take a while to adapt to EV cars, maybe even to the point i'm no longer on this earth. Also have to worry about the costs of such upgrades of being passed on to tenants.
DugThatOutMyself 7 soat oldin
Charge at home while you are sleeping and you don`t even need to visit a fast charging station for most of the time.
Brian Ward
Brian Ward 6 kun oldin
I've got a question nobody seems to be thinking about. These governments want to do away with gasoline powered vehicles in 15-20 years. How are you going to power a military the size of the U.S.? You are not going to power the military with EV's and it be effective without petroleum. Also, there is not the electric power generating infrastructure to meet the demand converting to EV's is going to require. We will not be able to build power plants fast enough to power all vehicles with electric alone in 15-20 years. Somebody is kidding themself if they think that is going to happen, it will take a lot longer than 20 years.
Biden Sucks
Biden Sucks 2 kun oldin
rules for thee....not for me as usual, you think any rich politicians will give up the gas engine?
bo Macca
bo Macca 6 kun oldin
Why not just replace the battery on the car? Drive in. Robot removes your battery. Robot replaces battery with fully charged one. Robot sends battery to get charged.
Thats Myname
Thats Myname 2 kun oldin
A few months ago, I posted here ::: Automated battery switching (swapping) is faster than gassing up (with gasoline). Instead of just choosing a single charging connector (CCS), there should be industry battery standards for sizes and connectivity. The swapped battery stockpile can slow charge in storage (even using local solar rather than electricity from the grid); the condition and range can be better monitored; removal from the transportation stockpile and recycling to less intensive uses (use as backup battery power for home generators, etc.) is automated; etc.. You can still charge w/o swapping, but for long distance driving, a 4-minute swap gets you back on the road quickly. No long waiting lines. Tesla beat down others promoting swapping and we're stuck with the charging station problem. ::: Battery swapping was used by Better Place (see Wikipedia) but they didn't have the clout of Tesla. I'm sure someone could even build an app (like Gas Buddy) to keep track of batteries and their charged up state at swap stations in each area.
Texas Boy
Texas Boy 6 kun oldin
I can only imagine the fights which will break out when you pull in to charge and all are in use. You then find out there will be an hour wait, and if you don't recharge now you will miss your plane in three hours. You are behind Karen who will charge to 100%, and is 5 miles from home.
nick “live in reality” c
I have a real question! Since the united states wont build power plants anymore and we have a minimum of 300 million vehicles on the road. How under our 100 yr old outdated system can we even get to this place? Texas just over the winter went down because temperatures got into the 20s foe 3 days. Windmills and solar didn't work. Nobody wants nuclear especially since fukishima and crazy greenies want us all dead. Those who live in the fantasy world of electric cars sure don't have an answer to power grid supply which will need either coal or natural gas! Total scam!
nick “live in reality” c
@comment It seems they want to destroy us!
comment 7 kun oldin
YES YES, EXACTLY! It's complete and blatant lunacy made to look like possible normalcy. This is not how realistic change occurs. They're experimenting with the 'straight face' tactic. The more absurd we can be with a straight face, the more likely the absurdity will be overlooked.
429np nile
429np nile 7 kun oldin
No, I want to be able to charge in 5 minutes
comment 7 kun oldin
Good for Russia! They're not bothering with this fake climate bologna. Instead they understand what the real threats to humanity are and where the real assaults on future survival are coming from, so they went ahead and defiantly added 'marriage=man+woman' to their constitution and fully ratified it with a referendum. LOL. Theirs is the future. Love it.
comment 7 kun oldin
Not everybody likes 'coordinated government plans', AKA globalism. THE UK LEFT. What you propagandize as the future is really the past.
ugli 7 kun oldin
Yes. That's the point.
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