The Final Years of Majuro [Documentary] 

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Wendover Productions
Big thanks to all the Nebula subscribers who make projects like this possible! Just know that your subscription is still well worth it as this is one of the last cases of a Nebula original going to UZblock. This is just a legacy of how the contract was when we agreed to do this original, but that's no longer the policy.
Ng Zhi Wei
Ng Zhi Wei Oy oldin
@AEgis PpPPPp
softengine 2 oy oldin
@Guillaume Muller-Greven o
CHONG YEN LEE 2 oy oldin
YouTube Username
YouTube Username 2 oy oldin
I'm cancelling my Hulu for Nebula
Brohify 3 oy oldin
To be honest, Nebula has good content but it has bad software, at least on mobile
Michael Nelson
Michael Nelson 4 kun oldin
I love Wendover, but this video just pops up over and over, even though I’ve already watched it. Yes UZblock, I’m aware of your desire to shove ‘climate change’ down my throat.
Drew Kane
Drew Kane 8 kun oldin
52:26 - The Good Ol' Days
Jesus D
Jesus D 11 kun oldin
Man, these people sure have lived in an island, cuz they are all salty XD The humour
Hayden Adams
Hayden Adams 11 kun oldin
I cant keep watching. If what I think will happen, happens- and American University students protest against the Marshall Island Wall- it will break my heart.
David Nelson
David Nelson 12 kun oldin
It is really sad to see the changes since I lived on Majuro. I moved there in 1968, at the age of 3, with my parents and older brother. Majuro was my home. I cried when we left 6 years later. I had a short visit in 1982 and haven't been able to go back. Watching this documentary my heart ached for the challenges being faced.
troman5000 13 kun oldin
People living in the middle of the ocean, minding their own business...Soon assholes from all over the world come and fuck with them. Eventually the biggest asshole of them all, comes and nukes paradise!!! That's it.
Tony B. online
Tony B. online 13 kun oldin
The Marshallese battle to keep the islands from being flooded is truly a David versus Goliath good luck
SnapCracklePapa 13 kun oldin
Global warming and rising sea level catastrophe projections have never been anything but wrong. Global temperatures and sea level have always fluctuated on earth. Sea level has only risen 7 inches in the past 100 years. This is not anything to panic over.
Bernardo Puppin
Bernardo Puppin 14 kun oldin
It's funny how it's considered cool to berate European Colonianism and deem Caucasians as a a morally evil sort but genocide caused by African people's among each other, the Japanese in the East, the Chinese, Russia and thousands of other examples in History is OK. WTF
Collin Hackenberg
Collin Hackenberg 16 kun oldin
Why does this have so many dislikes?
Ge Pe
Ge Pe 13 kun oldin
Because it's a badly researched video trying to play on your emotions and not discussing some obvious solutions to the problem, like building an artificial island in the same area or asking a nearby country to share a piece of land for these people to move to, etc..
GWS 16 kun oldin
Maybe you should have stuck to likes rather than using children who are clueless about science as political pawns. Unsubbed. Challenge for anyone to publicly debate against me on climate change is issued to anyone who has a problem with this comment. I will send you a Discord link to the Politics server.
Witek Żak
Witek Żak 16 kun oldin
7:22 isn't that the treaty with Micronesia, not with the Marshall Islands?
Aqua 17 kun oldin
I've heard of this island before
Muhammad Abdelrazik
Muhammad Abdelrazik 18 kun oldin
Criminals , enemy of humanity and enemy of nature
Tom Tom
Tom Tom 18 kun oldin
Culture and customs: the downfall of so many societies. Am I supposed to feel bad for some unlucky people who were born unluckily on a shitty island? Just move! Where there's a will, there's a way, and $1500 isn't that much to throw on to your credit card to bring a family member over who will pay you back with $2000. Poor people, who have this insignificant issue consume such a huge part of their lives, instead of leaving and forgetting all about their past misery. Start a new life, learn some new culture and customs!
Ксавие Киллэр (The Suicidal)
Blames germany for ww1 Germans: Okay there
Mr3344555 20 kun oldin
I watched this so many times, thumbs up because the algorithm spams it.
Alex Benton
Alex Benton 20 kun oldin
are you the HAI person?
Tararidh (not spoon)
you got a whole group of cultures and nations at the risk of being wiped out by rising sea level and we still have white rich right-winger in suit arguing that is either not real or the industrialized countries are not responsible for it while giving tax cut to oi companies. capitalism kills
Alex Sinclair
Alex Sinclair 24 kun oldin
This made me sign up to Curiosity Stream / Nebula.
Adrey 24 kun oldin
I graduated in English today (I am Austrian) and I would like to let you know that your videos are perfect material for getting prepared for writing textes like reports or essays. The kind of vocab, the terminologies used and the structure of your content's sentences really helped me A LOT improve my English. And besides, I love the kind of topics you cover, keep going! 😉
Baby Baby
Baby Baby 27 kun oldin
We need to plant 2 millions mangrove trees instead building concrete walls.
Petarded 28 kun oldin
What a beautiful poem with such rich and strong thought behind it. I was brought to tears, Kathy gave a voice to those who do not have the chance to speak. Wonderful
nozaku Oy oldin
I know this is calous. But humans have to realize that nothing ever stays the same. Nature erodes and reclaims everything. River banks get eaten away, shore lines dissipate. If you removed ever car cow and person the Marshall Islands would still be reclaimed by the oceans. Sorry
nozaku Oy oldin
“The enduring legacy of nukes is not peace or energy” I don’t know fan. We haven’t had a world war or any real large wars and energy created by nuke energy has kept prices down in a lot of places.
Sickjuicy's Jam Shack
Soundtrack credits?
Brian R.
Brian R. Oy oldin
Thank you for this.
Tristan Möller
Ended up watching the whole thing. Damn
Tristan Möller
A lot of it is probably the economic situation in Springdale. You don’t need a scapegoat if unemployment is low.
Adolar Oy oldin
As someone who’s Marshallese, seeing this video brings me great happiness that everyone can learn the true untold history of the Marshall Islands. But also brings me great sadness that everyone is now only just learning of the Marshall Islands.
Colin Kelly
Colin Kelly Oy oldin
Me: pays monthly sub to avoid ads. This video: no you don’t
Killdozer667 Oy oldin
Personally, I have no contradictions with the fact that climate is changing and humans are the main cause of it. Ice caps melting = more water in the oceans + more warm water is less dense, so the volume is a bit more. Couldn't find any reliable info about levels of soil subsidence by itself. In other terms: Sea level rise = level of the rise of the ocean + soil subsidence in relation to bedrock or some other reliable point. I assume the last one might be very significant in these measures. Which is not makes the first one less of a cause, of course.
Kazavop Oy oldin
Big Vision 01 As we i see it
If your island is really bad sell it to me for a dollar $1. You all can go to the US to become a doctor, lawyer. flip burgers or process dead chickens. In the meantime, I will build Majoro, I mean Vista Island, into a tourist spot bigger than any of those China's artificial Islands, Any taker?
Walter Oy oldin
The "1.5 C to stay alive" hits me hard. Their desire is just the most basic desire, to not die. Yet that desire still needs to be told to the world, shouting it loudly, otherwise, the world would not know. It's heartwrenching that even basic human needs are so hard to maintain even in today's world.
Big Vision 01 As we i see it
I love Majuro, I have been there years ago as an engineer. It is a beautiful island, friendly people, and great weather. But it is sinking like a rock in the ocean. Ohh, too bad... booohooo. But wait! but China builds islands with a seaport, airport, and tall buildings (from a coral rock!)... and I am sure they use Chinese peasant slave labor and Muslims in rehabs. But I know you have some dumb politician that doesn't think with no brain. But I sure hope most of you are smart, I really believe you can build your own Island not just cry about it, But seriously folks, as soon as you leave the Island, Comunistist China will take over and build 4 times its size and fish your ocean. And you all will be kicking yourself in the ass. ouch!
Marketplace Gold
*Let's have global communism, eco-facism depriving all of us of our basic human rights which will impoverish billions of people to maybe prevent a few percentage points of climate change to save some islands where a few tens of thousands people live.* Good plan guys.
Mihaela B.
Mihaela B. Oy oldin
I think a neat way to remedy the experience of the island is to do a thorough 360 capture throughout the island, so people can visit the island via VR. It can have a picture walk-through, so people can tour it like Google Maps. The picture walk-through can visit stores and school grounds. It can have a video walk-through, so people can be immersed into the culture there. They can witness first Birthdays and Marshallese cultural dances.
dlwatib Oy oldin
Complete bullsh!t. Climate change is not raising ocean levels more than a few inches per century, if that. Majuro is in no danger.
Brucey69 Oy oldin
Get rekt
I live in Fayetteville, AR next to Springdale and can vouch that there are a LOT of Marshallese here
madcereal Oy oldin
KIRIBATI enters the chat...
Rhiannaraine TV
Yes , exactly if no theres no USA assistants , Marshall islands no money in the islands .. then our islands getting smaller and smaller.. specially Laura side . They need seawalls .
Keybraker Oy oldin
Top notch
Why can't they then invest everything in the people then, as human capital, like Finland?
Charles London
Charles London 2 oy oldin
This is brilliant. Thanksbyou. I know this means a lot to you just by comparing the length of the video. It means something to all of us that someone that can do this research and make such a wonderful presentation and cares so much about what's wrong in the world.
Achuthan Karnnan
Achuthan Karnnan 2 oy oldin
Awesome docu
Anupam Goswami
Anupam Goswami 2 oy oldin
Youkkkkkkklkkkkkkkklklikukuiuikuikuuuuukikuiukuukukiuikuk was a good day I was going to pick up up a few hundred and sixty rupees rupees and forty rupees
Dr Coomer
Dr Coomer 2 oy oldin
An hour, just to remember your species is pathetic
Victor “Vick”
you could reduce overcrowding on the inhabited atoll by moving nuclear testing there, how am I the only one who sees this... :))
WythenshawePhil 2 oy oldin
1:15 - 1:40 yeh, that happened 🙄
Mark Magill
Mark Magill 2 oy oldin
They never taught me this in school...
Jesiah Mac
Jesiah Mac 2 oy oldin
They want to move to Arkansas to work low paying, grunt jobs? Seriously? Dumb. Why subject your future generations to racist gun loving muricans when you could literally go anywhere in the world? Dumb af.
Fursan Sharafi
Fursan Sharafi 2 oy oldin
wrong. Tsar Bomba was the largest Nuclear weapon ever detonated.
Rudds 2 oy oldin
You just really want to grab a denialist by the back of their neck and drag them to a nation like the Marshall Islands, just so they can see what their lack of action is doing to the world
TheDENTAGE 2 oy oldin
Global warming is bullshit. If you live on a sinking island that has always been JUST ABOVE SEA LEVEL and its sinking then move.
D EMIL 2 oy oldin
One very good docu once again! What irritates me a bit is that naturally it’d be the /MARSHALL islands/ and the /MAJURO atoll/ and /ISLAND nations/. Sounds weird if stressed on the non-distinctive part of the word...
Connie King
Connie King 2 oy oldin
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Trevor Maschino
Trevor Maschino 2 oy oldin
I’ve watched this probably 10 times in my sleep
k1dicarus 2 oy oldin
I would like to get Nebula but I don't own a credit card. Only PayPal.
G Wins
G Wins 2 oy oldin
Who are people down voting this video?
budakbaong siah
budakbaong siah 2 oy oldin
Climate change deniers? Poor people haters?
Trishita Gautam
Trishita Gautam 2 oy oldin
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House of Sports
House of Sports 2 oy oldin
Human greed will never be defeated, unfortunately
musmus96 2 oy oldin
a bit of a lost cause unfortunately...
JordanScottMills 2 oy oldin
@37:15 thats your fault for believing fake fluffy Hollywood plots
PEXI 2 oy oldin
Dont give up Marshalls! Im from Poland, a country with very paintful history. Our culture survived despite the fact that Poland disappeared from world maps for 123 years and survived two world wars. You must fight!
chris mchale
chris mchale 2 oy oldin
Great documentary.
jay john
jay john 3 oy oldin
One of the Hydrogen bomb tests involved ships that were brought to San Franciscos Hunters Point.
Smith Mitchell
Smith Mitchell 3 oy oldin
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Michplay 3 oy oldin
Marshall Mathers
blind1337nedm 3 oy oldin
ahhh whatever, culture is racist anyways.
Lissy Sexsmith
Lissy Sexsmith 3 oy oldin
The industrious engineering formerly curve because shallot ethically pass atop a endurable softdrink. handsomely, protective robin
Vihainen viiksi mies
so they all agreed 1,5 degrees but now 6 years later even with covid cutting emissions worldwide we're not even close
F C 3 oy oldin
11:28 [cringe] Misleading image. Definitely not of Marshall islanders.
Smith Mitchell
Smith Mitchell 3 oy oldin
The overconfident bandana emotionally accept because disadvantage concurringly coil sans a unbiased hippopotamus. agreeable, pink ping
toasteh 3 oy oldin
13:48 "The enduring legacy of nuclear weapons is not peace or energy, but destruction." "Ackchuyually," this kind technically false. The Nuclear Deterrent theory suggest that since the invention of the nuclear bomb (and the power it demonstrated in Nagasaki and Hiroshima), no new major conflicts or world wars have occurred as a result, nor have any nuclear bombs been dropped on a hostile nation since. So far that theory has proven that theory to be correct. Also, nuclear power remains in place in numerous countries, and is becoming the inevitable energy option should we wish to go 'green' quick.
Lando1876 3 oy oldin
Why not move to Hawaii?, Australia?, New Zealand?, or Singapore? When looking to save your culture take a page out of the Jews book
Alistair 3 oy oldin
Fuck.... 13 ads
Horace Lim
Horace Lim 3 oy oldin
This is one of the most powerful documentaries... YOU are very talented. How can I persuade you to make another?
Mike Agate
Mike Agate 3 oy oldin
Question: How many people have lost their homes (land) alongside rivers, cliffs, volcanoes, sinkholes, earthquakes, forest fires etc over the years? Before we all get teary eyed I urge all to have a sense of perspective, honesty and reality. Losing one's home is sad but to claim victimhood is even worse. Let this sink in. Stop jumping on the 'Global Warming' (name changed to Climate Change!) bandwagon and start thinking for yourself.
mpmem 3 oy oldin
Yokwe Yok🤙🏼
Angela Bonanza
Angela Bonanza 3 oy oldin
This was a beautiful documentary. Thank you so much for making and sharing this story.
Pete Mulhearn
Pete Mulhearn 3 oy oldin
Wendover seems to have a serious case of US nipple phobia
joelfromportland 3 oy oldin
It's really inappropriate/disrespectful to sensor nudity in this context. Other than that, great video.
Incredible documentary
Gold Star
Gold Star 3 oy oldin
If now is to late for them, then when will it be to late for us
carlo vincetti
carlo vincetti 3 oy oldin
Marshallese will just have to move on from their homeland such as many in this world has been forced to due through other circumstances, moving on becoming resourceful creative people, This hour spent was very rewarding for knowledge. TY Dont forget to like this video. We all have a stake in their demise.
carlo vincetti
carlo vincetti 3 oy oldin
You mean to tell me any Marshallese who want to come to Springdale to work can't get a loan from these companies to bring them in? Making them work grueling overtime to pay it back. jk
Marcelino Sumaya
Marcelino Sumaya 3 oy oldin
Big ups to everyone in Springdale
Alexander Heinz
Alexander Heinz 3 oy oldin
Here is my message to the people who refuse to believe the severity of global warming Ok, you can sit there in your tiny little bubble and ignore the world around you but what will happen will happen. Your not gonna wake up one day and find that the entire world ended ethir. But that doesn't mean nothing's gonna happen or that should that should be ignore what is gonna happen. Coastline will shrink and homes will flood and will go on and won't stop on unless do something. Climate change isn't a sudden thing its a gradual process that won't stop happening unless we make changes and the sooner we do that the less people get hurt.
rohis akib
rohis akib 3 oy oldin
The future futuristic authority ironically transport because feather molecularly succeed over a imaginary inventory. mushy, holistic chicory
Charles Ng'eno
Charles Ng'eno 3 oy oldin
aksfalcon 3 oy oldin
This hurts my soul.
tiadaid 3 oy oldin
Say what you want about the Soviet Union, but at least they test their nuclear weapons on their own territories. America & France chose to pollute other nations testing their own weapons.
siemen hoogerwaard
capulcinka 3 oy oldin
this really saddens me how we have given up or saving our beautiful planet, instead looking how to terraform others at much higher cost. no matter how hopeful we are, no planet will ever be as life supporting and gorgeous as this one. if this argument doesn't stand for the humanity then all hope is lost. big thanks for this document! amazing research work!
Albin Stenström
Albin Stenström 4 oy oldin
Nkh 4 oy oldin
how can u be so poor and have such an big gouverment? just cut the gouverment a lets go tourism
DroopMoose 4 oy oldin
Eh... We could bring em all to the first world with no cost to us, yet give them much better lives. This is the consequence of progression, some can't keep up. You don't deserve to "thrive" unless you stand out. The world is more complex than saying lets hold hands and protect some hunter/gathering society in the middle of nowhere
zRiddick 2 oy oldin
Have you no empathy?
Alexander Heinz
Alexander Heinz 3 oy oldin
I don't think you understand these people aren't some random hunter gatherer society in the middle of know where these are people are a littoral nation. They have cars, and planes, electricity and the internet just like we do just they happen to live somewhere els and be different than you. Yes they can move some where els but think about it. In a hypothetical scenario lets just say something was going to come and destroy your home, the place were you lived all your life. Would you do everything in your power to stop it? Yes you could always move but if you know it could be stopped wouldn't you try to stop it? Now this this isn't just happening to you its your entire country that's facing this problem. Now really just move somewhere else? Maybe you would but you diffenity wouldn't be happy about it and would do everything you could to stop that from happening.
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