The Insane Logistics of Shutting Down the Cruise Industry 

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Writing by Sam Denby
Research by Sam Denby and Tristan Purdy
Editing by Alexander Williard
Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster

Select footage courtesy the AP Archive

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7-Apr, 2021



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Joseph Keller
Joseph Keller 3 kun oldin
The smoggy breakfast excitingly force because quotation pathophysiologically consist upon a diligent trout. plain, tasteful slope
Edgar Santiago _
Edgar Santiago _ 5 kun oldin
Back in 2015 I traveled on the Carnival Glory. Good times🏖
Gerard Duarte
Gerard Duarte 5 kun oldin
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Caleb Guffey
Caleb Guffey 6 kun oldin
Its crazy to know how lucky I am, I went on the carnival panorama February 15th and cruising shut down in early March. That was close.
MasterZhang 7 kun oldin
The only way cruising comes back is mandatory vaccines for passengers. Of course, you know there's going to be that one guy that refuses, and what wouldn't I give to have a front row seat to that Karen-fest. Not sure if I'd enjoy more the sight of them getting rejected from boarding, or getting confined to their cabin the whole cruise.
Brick Life
Brick Life 7 kun oldin
no nebula :(
Brick Life
Brick Life 7 kun oldin
huge boats
Daz Scott
Daz Scott 7 kun oldin
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Barry Atkinson
Barry Atkinson 9 kun oldin
It's an "industry" we can do without.
Michael DelRossi
Michael DelRossi 13 kun oldin
Thanks to the Communist Chinese Party Virus CoVid_19 Pandemic had a Major Impact on Travel around the World! Thanks to Donald J. Trump getting 5 Vaccine Companies producing VACCINE and people getting Vaccinated then Cruise Travel will begin!
Alec Rivas
Alec Rivas 13 kun oldin
The finicky radiator timely ignore because bill booly pop minus a obnoxious ronald. beneficial, sulky cable
PrimordialMeow 14 kun oldin
Cruise ship industry...yuck.
sunflower 14 kun oldin
Cruise ships are polluting our world. ;( Please don't go on cruise ships !
Bak Komak
Bak Komak 14 kun oldin
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sergel02 14 kun oldin
This was a very interesting video!
Jintaro Kensei
Jintaro Kensei 16 kun oldin
Cruise lines will be fine? Oh thank God I was so worried for all the rich dudes
Jintaro Kensei
Jintaro Kensei 13 kun oldin
@iLLPeTiLL x Thryve Music oh I'm sorry I was under the impression that the people who owned these massive companies were rich. How foolish of me. Since you're not 13 years old, you've opened my eyes with your infinite wisdom.
iLLPeTiLL x Thryve Music
What u mean rich dudes? Those would be the ones with private boats. Imy bad I didn’t realize you were like 13 years old
Leon Ski
Leon Ski 16 kun oldin
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A A 17 kun oldin
Vaccine brain washed
Jajajaja Jejejej
Jajajaja Jejejej 17 kun oldin
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Hearthstoned 17 kun oldin
A cruise ship docked in the middle of a big city looks like a skyscraper fell into the ocean, that fucker is massive
Sam Boon
Sam Boon 19 kun oldin
can... you... stop... talking... like.... this....
asghan86 20 kun oldin
Cruise Ships in general are the most useless invention of mankind :(
Michael G
Michael G 21 kun oldin
Were any leadership positions released? Since these workers are not unionized, one assumes they had no say.
Chandler Dorjahn
Chandler Dorjahn 22 kun oldin
Yeah, cruises started back up, but then passengers "tested positive for COVID-19".. assuming they weren't false positives or they didn't have the flu or they simply lied..
Alepfi5599 23 kun oldin
The whole industry should get fucked and vanish anyways.
Carl Soll
Carl Soll 25 kun oldin
1:40 Awesome storytelling
Zhi Han Lee
Zhi Han Lee 26 kun oldin
Think Japan's government was criticised for quarantining the _Diamond Princess_ cruise ship offshore after a few passengers who'd alighted at earlier ports of call e.g. HK tested positive for CoViD, as there were apparently inadequate measures to minimise infection among the ship's crew & passengers (IIRC there were photos on Twitter showing only a queue ribbon & pool noodle separating infected & non-infected people in a ballroom & at a swimming pool respectively). Think some people questioned why the ship's crew & passengers couldn't be quarantined onshore, & a rumour was that the reason was so that infected crew & passengers wouldn't be counted under Japan's tally (it would instead be counted under the "international conveyance" category). Guess it's quite telling that after the ship completed quarantine & it's passengers returned home, some of their home countries' governments apparently had them re-quarantined for another 2 weeks.
Reignand Bongao
Reignand Bongao 27 kun oldin
My uncle was one of the people in the returning boat in Manila. There was a brief point in November-ish that there was an opportunity to work again, they even gotten so far as to being payed to quarantine in a hotel for two weeks before flying out. It didn't work out in the end, never knew why it was the case?
MrKockabilly 28 kun oldin
If the government suddenly announce and mandate a restriction in the number of youtube channels that one could subscribe to, this would be one of the channels I'd give up. The research, insights, and overall effort in producing this video is just...top notch.
Victor Washington
Victor Washington 28 kun oldin
Excellent expose on the business and labor side of the cruise industry Thanks for sharing
oceans taiga
oceans taiga 28 kun oldin
Dropping off all the staff feels like bring home students after a class trip
Marcus D
Marcus D 29 kun oldin
Uhhh Israel is kinda at war right now
Aldon Dekock
Aldon Dekock 29 kun oldin
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thejekky_br 29 kun oldin
stopped at 9:29
Adam Garbage
Adam Garbage Oy oldin
is it even legal to deny someone entry to something based on their vaccination history?
Job Celis
Job Celis Oy oldin
UPDATE: Carnival is now selling some of their cruise ships for scrap
Lauren Doe
Lauren Doe Oy oldin
Bill Maher was fully vaccinated, and after vaccination tested positive for covid. While he probably will not get sick, this demonstrates that being vaccinated does not mean you are incapable of spreading covid to others. And yes, these others may also be vaccinated, but then those healthy people are capable of spreading covid to still more people. Once these passengers get home, they can spread it to those who have not yet been vaccinated. And... heaven forbid... a covid variant is spawned, maybe even a vaccine resistant strain. This is why - even in mid May 2021 - we still have to take the threat of covid seriously - deadly seriously.
Brendon Backus
As a former owner of CL stock during the WuFlu crash, be careful if investing, shares have been diluted and they have taken on a lot of debt, the price of shares likely won't be what they were previously.
Vlad Snape
Vlad Snape Oy oldin
Cruise ships are floating petri dishes, even when there is no pandemic. 2,650 passengers disembarked in Sydney from the (Carnival) Ruby Princess in March 2020. Over 900 were infected with the virus, and 28 people ended up dying. The NSW state premier Gladys Berejiklian is an idiot for allowing the people to disembark.
Marshal_SRB Oy oldin
So satisfying watching this while being on cruise ship.. I hope pandemic ends soon as possible. Greetings from Regal Princess❤️
Stephen Jones
Stephen Jones Oy oldin
Watch some episodes from "Crise Ship Killers" and you will forever lose all interest in taking a cruise. The staff are all really sketchy, there is no legitimate Security on board, they sail through international waters where law jurisdiction is unclear, they sail into foreign countries who have their own laws and little interest in tourists just stopping over for a day... and the Cruise Ships are not interested in stopping to investigate crimes. They are on a money making schedule and have tremendous incentive to cover up crimes (especially perpetuated by Staff) and keep moving to the next port.
bla dee
bla dee Oy oldin
All of these companies deserve to go bust Change my mind
AK Man
AK Man Oy oldin
You were in Ketchikan? So was I in 2020, it would of been cool to meet you!
Devon Dandy
Devon Dandy Oy oldin
There are many ships at anchor off the South Devon Coast, UK. , including the Cunard ships, Tui, P & O and some Norwegian. They are a constant attraction for people coming to see them form the shore.
kocham siostrę Natalię
More like insane pollutions of environment. Just shut down whole industry. We have now only one planet. They can have these thrash ships on Mars i don't mind them there
Alex Zetsu
Alex Zetsu Oy oldin
Look at 3:46. I didn't know that the big cruise ships had doors that were capable of docking with the little ones.
Saki630 Oy oldin
Keep making that bread
Port them and turn them into air bnb
Richrd Lewis
Richrd Lewis Oy oldin
All people must be vaccinated, although it does not stop you catching or spreading it.
kirk Shotton
kirk Shotton Oy oldin
Alfia Ishmetova
They could just sell ship-shaped bobberheads!
john ballish
john ballish Oy oldin
Oh yeah big fun I want to go to sea in a big closed in box so I can catch every virus out there. CAN YOU SAY...HELL NO!!
gsg gsg
gsg gsg Oy oldin
Gladly will book a cruise as is my dream graduation present, but hope for no mandatory vacation as me and my partner medically can't have it...🙏get back to business
黃有忠 Oy oldin
In taiwan the cruise ship did not stop operation. There are trips in 2001.
Toluwanimi Olatunji
Half as interesting
Sérgio Rodrigues
It's not a Wendover production until we lay eyes on a plane.
Johan Durán
Johan Durán Oy oldin
Okay fine.. I finally got my nebula/curiosity stream one year subscription.
dannyU2g Oy oldin
Good, this industry shouldn't exist in the first place, they were in decline anyways.
Samo Muránsky
I'm still surprised no one came up with an idea of some of those ships actually carrying people during the shutdown, without stopping at ports. There is no law preventing ships to just sail at a sea and if I lived in a lockdown country I would sure as hell chose being imprisoned on a cruise ship rather than in my apartment. Even from a perspective of a non-lockdown country, there still are some restrictions that are annoying and could be avoided on a cruise ship. Of course, it's a niche market but since it serves the entire world, surely you could feel couple of medium-sized ships, right?
Master Driver of Toyota Zupr4
Imagine using a $150M Ship to grab mail.
OBI Oy oldin
Doesn’t matter if you’re vaccinated against COVID. You are still stuck on a ship with antisocial drunkards and karens who will probably ruin your holiday and share around a whole host of other diseases
Freena Morris
Freena Morris Oy oldin
Your documentary was only half as interesting as you implied
Octavian Caesar
Are the Wendover and Polymatter guys brothers? They have the exact same vocal cadence.
cgarzs Oy oldin
I just LOVE having exclusive paywalled content shoved in my face 🖕
Petor Galore
Petor Galore Oy oldin
25 million a day ... I don't feel sorry for them they need to figure it out. I do feel bad for all the little tourists companies though
stanthology Oy oldin
The Americans should load those ships with condoms and sail for South America. Maybe that would ease up the border crisis.
American Liberator
It’s coming back.
yoschik Oy oldin
And all that because of a hoax .. 🤦🏼‍♂️
yoschik Oy oldin
@pablo because they don’t have enough power 😉
pablo Oy oldin
Why would everyone shut down if they make up something
Soon we’ll be just allowed to buy the basics to eat, travel in a 3km radius from our dwelling, no cars, no concerts, no flying, no er, nothing!
Martin Mikeš
Martin Mikeš Oy oldin
TBH my first reaction was "wouldn't it better to live on the cruiser?" I mean few weeks in quarantine and then just using the cruiser as a small town, knowing that everybody on board is healthy - zombie apocalypse style?
Karasu Inaiga
Karasu Inaiga Oy oldin
I got two ads for cruises.
Caelidh Goode
Caelidh Goode Oy oldin
this reminds me of post 9/11 and the airlines.. when they ceased all air traffic for something like a week I believe??.. but the planes had to be logistically landed asap... whereever and that one plane ended up landing in some remote area of Nova Scotia ...
NH4x4Jeep Oy oldin
So... If the idea is to only let vaccinated people aboard b/c they can't get COVID... What are they going to do now that several thousand VACCINATED people have tested POSITIVE? Honest question. It's sad and seems like a kick in the teeth to them...
David B
David B Oy oldin
Good, They are an environmental disaster even before Covid.
Bob James
Bob James Oy oldin
"when cruising finally returns", yeah, good luck with that! Tourism, airlines, cruises are now officially DEAD under Agenda 21/30. R.I.P holidays. R.I.P most of humanity.
James Hanley
James Hanley Oy oldin
It’s a good strategy to require the vaccine before boarding, but what vaccines will be recognized? Is there a minimum efficacy that will be required? For example the efficacy for Sinovac seems to be from 50% to 92% depending on the trial. Also, what of niche cruise lines - DCL is family and child focused and most pharmaceuticals are doing their 15 and under trials now and will not have them complete before October. What will be the strategy of all cruise lines with children?
Hot Tea For the Soul
Won’t be heading to Australia...we’re not rolling out any vaccines and can’t travel as per our Governments direction!
Rio Kitaoji
Rio Kitaoji Oy oldin
Its all a scamdemic
Naidu VGA
Naidu VGA Oy oldin
Trains and planes which are the main transport systems of the world have been crippled. so how did u figure the logistics to support the cruise industry to be able to function ? by the will of god !?
Vayu Asura
Vayu Asura Oy oldin
This should be a movie!
Yusuf Kozan
Yusuf Kozan Oy oldin
We need a video about the logistics of Wendover Productions.
Larry Roberton
When I get the shot, I'll be first in line. I spent a total six weeks on four different caribbean ships. Going back will be great!
Zhi Han Lee
Zhi Han Lee 26 kun oldin
12:53 Singapore: *cries in Phase 2 (Heightened) * (Vaccines might not be a "magic bullet", as a fully vaccinated nurse and airport staff both managed to still get infected last month & ultimately spread the virus to 46 & >100 people respectively, prompting the country's government to tighten restrictions again for at least a month e.g. no dine-ins, nightlife still yet to reopen >1 year later, outdoor gatherings only in pairs (except for essential work or within the same household), max. 50 pax per movie theatre unless patrons are tested beforehand. Quite ironic since the country's cruise industry was among the 1st in the world to reopen (albeit "cruises to nowhere"), to the extent that it accounted @ 1 point for 1/3 of the whole world's cruise industry)
Benjamin Gal-Or
EMERGENCY? LOCAL CLIMATES REVOLUTION? 80-Nations Virus War Ability, ViWA? Vaccines/home-locking, while blocking ViWA moves to VIRUS-FREE, Local Climates Ruling all beach areas, islands, forests, deserts, atolls, highway-sides, floating homes, converted cruise ships -- all under RESIDENTIAL DISTANCING. LC-REVOLUTION over Global-Climate-Deals executed only when all are no more? Do all nations face this day-light leadership failures? or join the LC-Revolution? Regimes of the Highly Infected 50 nations, TABLE, should STOP FOOLING all mankind by un-wise blocking the VIRUS-FREE, LC-REVOLUTION.* TABLE ORDER: 1) ViWA World Ranking, 2) LIFE EXPECTANCY Ranking, 3) 4/24/21 WHO-ViWA-FACTS, 4) 80-Days-ViVA-Trending, inside (..), 5) Non-Abating Fatalities # in each, 4/24/21. 1 - [4] SNGPR 0.05(0.05)30.................2 - [114] BHTN 0.10(0.12)1 3 - [126] MNGL 0.23(0.11)74..............4 - [49] TLND 0.24(0.43)117 5 - [33] MLDV 0.26(0.32)71................6 - [145] ERTR 0.28(0.33)10 7 - [41] UAE 0.31(0.28)1,567..............8 - [47] BHRN 0.36(0.36)617 9 - [63) MLAS 0.37(0.36)1,415.........10 - [93] CYMN 0.38(0.51)2 11 - [8] ICL 0.45(0.48)29....................12 - [94] SYCL 0.50(0.42)26 13 - [28] CYPR 0.49(0.64)297............14 - [37] CUBA 0.57(0.83)569 15 - [51] SLNK 0.64(0.49)634............16 - [19] MRTNQ 0.64(0.70)68 16 - [14] NRW 0.67(0.75)736.............18 - [45] SMRT 0.70(0.97)12 17 - [100] USBK 0.73(0.79)639..........20 - [55] BORA 0.75(0.73)141 21 - [43] CURC 0.85(0.44)102............22 - [9] ISR 0.76 (0.74)6,346 23 - [72] ARU 0.92(0.85)97.................24 - [65] SRB 0.91(0.89)6,164 25 - [150] PAP 0.96(1.06)99...............26 - [45] ESTN 0.93(0.92)1,126 27 - [108] CBVR 0.92(0.95)201..........28 - [21] ANDORA 0.95(1.01)123 29 - [15] NZ 1.00(1.04)26...................30 - [29] DNM 1.00(1.06)2,472 31 - [34] TWN 1.01(0.88)11...............32 - [43] OMN 1.05(1.08)1942 33 - [121] VNZL 1.06(0.94)2,009.......34 - [22] FIN 1.03(1.55)902 35 - [34] BRB 1.16(1.10)44................36 - [128] INDIA 1.14(1.37)189,549 37 - [15] NL 1.18(1.43)17,016............38 - [84] JRD 1.22(1.10) 8,574 39 - [72] VTN 1.24(2.26)35.................40 - [2] MNCO 1.21(1.28)28 41 - [35] LBN 1.37(1.01)7,890............42 - [13] MLT 1.37(1.35)412 43 - [11] SWD 1.48(2.04)13,923.........44 - [10] SK 1.56(1.59)1,802 45 - [3] SWS 1.63(1.80)10,550............46 - [160] KNY 1.66(1.74)2,583 47 - [24] AST 1.66(1.76)9,055.............48 - [76] SAR 1.68(1.72)6,84 49 - [118] PHL 1.69(2.11)16,529.........50 - [57] MRCO 1.77(1.74)8,98 51 - [1] HK 1.78(?)209..........................52 - [35] U.S. 1.79(1.69)585,075 ** 53 - [2] JP 1.80(1.93)9,671..................54 - [49] ALB 1.82(1.71)2,36 55 - [12] FR 1.88(2.40)102,496............56 - [20] PRTG 2.04(1.70)16,951 57 - [108] UKR 2.08(1.83)41,700.........58 - [103] RUS 2.27(2.11)107,501 59 - [6] SP 2.25(2.07)77,591................60 - [23] BLG 2.47 (3.03)23,957 61 - [25] GRM 2.51(2.59)81,936...........62 - [48] CLMB 2.58(2.59)68,328 63 - [66] BRZL 2.72(2.44)386,623........64 - [25] UK 2.89(2.83)127,385 65 - [15] GRC 3.00(3.60)9,864......... ....66 - [5] ITL 3.02(3.47)118,699 67 - [7] AU 3.07(3.19)910.....................68 - [98] ELS 3.06(3.08)2,093 69 - [54] HUNG 3.43(3.40)26,208........70 - [58] PRU 3.38(3.42)59,012 71 - [86] GTML 3.38(3.54)7,309...........72 - [59] TUNS 3.43(3.48)10,170 73 - [153] SAF 3.43(3.39)54,066..........74 - [117] BLV 4.32(4.56)12,783 75 - [51] EQD 4.91(5.26)18,062............76 - [54] CN 5.12(5.18)4,636 77 - [109] SYR 6.91(6.68)1,510............78 - [146] SDN 7.07(6.75)2,289 79 - [75] MXC 9.23(8.51)214,504.........80 - [144] YMN 19.40(29.0)1,120 * CLIMATE THERMODYNAMICS, CT, Global v. Local CT, is, inter alia, based on Worldwide Acclaimed book COSMOLOGY, PHYSICS and PHILOSOPHY, [Amazon, etc.], followed by 32 editorials, reviews, comments at U-tube, 'in', ~10 Million References-Citations by Google, ignored by One-Liners replacing science. ** U.S. Deaths # include low-infected by Local Climates in islands between Au-NZ & PHL. CT 1. National Virus Wars? just by vaccines/home-locking, etc.? while blocking LCT, constitute leadership failure? or grandest revolution of mankind? CT 2. Under Residential Distancing, regimes of Highly Infected, should move POPS to virus-free, gov-owned beach areas, islands, forests, deserts, atolls, highway-sides, floating homes, converted cruise ships, etc.? CT 3. No country, alone, can win global, final recovery from this pandemic. CT 4. Less politics, win VIWA under Int'l Law & duty of UN-SC/Big-Powers? CT 5. They harbor responsibility to stop deaths by mandating WHO Pandemic-Czar CT 6. ViWA led by Czar with LC Budgeting Priority over GC, is no escape must. Click name for more by free online books, editorials, Core-Curriculum Free Books. Copyrights, etc.: By 87 yrs/old Prof.-Dr. Benjamin Gal-Or and son David Galor.///
Katelyn Sutton
I worked on a cruise ship as an American citizen during the shutdown. I was stuck onboard for a month off the coast of Florida, we could port in Florida but no one was allowed off for any reason (unless immediate medical attention was needed and then they couldn’t get back on). We knew we wouldn’t be sailing with guests anytime soon but the CDC wouldn’t allow us off to get personal supplies from the store. I couldn’t even get off to go to my car in the parking lot to drive twenty minutes down the road to my home.
NH4x4Jeep Oy oldin
Man Overboard! ... Again... Seriously, that must have been really frustrating. Still better than getting COVID!
David S
David S Oy oldin
What is beyond me is why we use hotels in the heart of cities, when we maybe could have used cruise ships instead! That way they're miles away from dense populations. Better than supporting the airline or hotel industries in my view ;-)
Michael Bilentschuk
Stop scheduling unless they provide 100% refund , your down payment is provided interests free funding ? Until countries open up what's the point , will continue ct short these stocks carnival is a crappy co Along with the rest.
Grom Oy oldin
My friend worked at the Ketchikan's museum, one day there were seven ships in port and he took in $30,000 in entry fees, the fee to enter the museum was $3.00, so 10,000 people walked through the doors.
Nick Oy oldin
99.4% recovery rate. Thus requires a vaccine. Plus I find it funny there are no sicknesses today other than Covid🤔
Aaron Cole
Aaron Cole Oy oldin
Requiring Vaccinations with experimental, non fda approved medicine that’s all ready killing tens of thousands will lead to law suits
Michael Garry
Michael Garry Oy oldin
An industry with literally billions in the bank, thanks mainly to hiding in low-tax and terrible worker protection countries and they *still* asked for a Covid bailout. A vile industry.
Ziya Oy oldin
I really wanna watch their videos since they cover really interesting topics but I cannot for the life of me stand the narrator's cadence, I hate how he drags on his words and puts emphasis in very weird parts of sentences.
andre playz
andre playz Oy oldin
It is not may yet
andre playz
andre playz Oy oldin
Waiiiit hold on
Buibuiopolis Mayor
They could have not pay their management people millions and give their cheap labor workers compensation. But nope. They pay 1 ceo millions and rather would kick off 26000 workers.
Power gamer46
Power gamer46 Oy oldin
How can you obtain this information is AMAZING!!!
I bet the crew were not even paid for the 2 months they were stuck on the ships to go home.
Your Google Meister
That's a lot of profit. I'm going to have to eat more lobster next time I take a cruise
V Bad
V Bad Oy oldin
this industry provides much needed income, but at the cost of environmental damage.They dump raw sewage in the Carribean and have been fined multiple times, they are a breeding ground for viruses and illness, they damaged Venice to the point where they are now banned from the area and they sell you a crowded fake dream. I was really hoping they would die out with COVID. It's a Terrible industry.
Vincent L
Vincent L Oy oldin
Two weeks to stop the spread (of the virus we created, etc.)
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