The Logistics of Covid-19 Testing 

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Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster

Select footage courtesy the AP Archive

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[5] www.nber.org/papers/w27457.pdf
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28-Iyl, 2020



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minecraft 56
minecraft 56 3 kun oldin
Ulf Hesse (K9Ulf)
No logic in this logistic
iseemtobelost 2 oy oldin
but my tests in the uk get processed in like 20 mins???
Hari Petrov
Hari Petrov 3 oy oldin
"Central planning systems might have some inefficiencies in allocating resources". I am not very sure that slight enefficiencies mean massive famines in all countries with centrally planned economies(essentially there are centrally planning systems for everything) and being very behind in many technologies and at the end collapsing on itself, but yeah sure, slight inefficiencies
Andrei Arama
Andrei Arama 3 oy oldin
1. You stated that there is no treatment for covid-19 which is not true 2. You said nothing about the false positive tests for covid-19 Just another "politically correct" video to make money and not get banned by UZblock. You just lost an subscriber
Whyte Noyse
Whyte Noyse 4 oy oldin
This video just showed up on a random search, and I just realized- I haven't been getting any recommendations for this channel for months! WTH UZblock
personn 5 oy oldin
Hi from 2021
虞海 6 oy oldin
Even in China when they test the *entire city* the pooled test had a sample sause of only five. Here the positive rate is as high as 8% and companies are using pooled sample size four and dreamed about pool size twenty... Incredible.
Dark humour
Dark humour 6 oy oldin
Wendover: logistics of German U boats during WW2 Also wendover: under the sea there are planes
jane can’t dance
As a British citizen, don’t say Morrisons like that. Please, please don’t.
Liv Quin
Liv Quin 7 oy oldin
10:47 r/agedlikemilk
Jeevat TV
Jeevat TV 7 oy oldin
The Jewish Kingdom Of Ablaristan
I hate the rona
Mook 7 oy oldin
I’ve been tested for covid-19 when i was in hospital for seizures the other day, they take a really long qtip looking thing and stick it in your nose and swirl it around and take a whole bunch of snot out, they took 3 tests because they lost the first batch of COVID vials or whatever so they retested my entire hospital wing and my tests came back mixed then negative
John Hanson
John Hanson 7 oy oldin
why arent they talking about the new bird flu..or..common flu which comes every winter that also kills people
Shamrock 7 oy oldin
Because we have vaccines for that
Luke Olson
Luke Olson 7 oy oldin
Google search result statistics for different areas regarding loss of taste and loss of smell (or other COVID-19 symptoms) might be just as accurate as the sewage testing method if not more accurate.
lakshmivallabh 8 oy oldin
Alex Sørlie Glomsaas
Why did you make this video focusing on this one third world country that does this ass backwards compared to everyone else
Leon Kluthausen
Leon Kluthausen 8 oy oldin
He went 3:20 without mentioning airplanes. I think that might be a new record!
Amelia Brittain
Amelia Brittain 8 oy oldin
I just tested positive for Covid by taking a rapid test today, despite having no symptoms. I am currently self quarantining, but I only got the test Bc I was lazy and didn’t want to go to work for a day so called in sick and and my boss said if I would have to get a covid test to come back. I thought it was bs but...well...thank god for my laziness ig.
Henry Allen
Henry Allen 8 oy oldin
3:20 first mention of airplanes
RYG 8 oy oldin
The Nash Equilibrium will be equal eventually, just how smooth and how conscious will it be and thus how efficient and great will it be
Dec 8 oy oldin
@10:01 ohey it's salt lake
Rio Kitaoji
Rio Kitaoji 8 oy oldin
It's a scam yo
gvi341984 9 oy oldin
Seems like the pandemic was fake but the virus is real
Logan Tricks
Logan Tricks 9 oy oldin
This guy sounds like HAI. They should collab
Mz Mayer
Mz Mayer 9 oy oldin
What I’m trying to figure out is my companies should I invest in? I’m guessing whatever supplies the medical equipment as well as the companies that supply the raw materials to make those products. What companies are they tho?
Abdullah Ansari
Abdullah Ansari 9 oy oldin
Pretty sure he just includes planes in every video now as a funny tradition.
Rohit Kumar Sharma
Next up: The logistics of making a wendover video!
Josip Ćurić
Josip Ćurić 9 oy oldin
How long until you move completly to Nebula, as now parts of your videos are only available on Nebula?
Philippe Dujic
Philippe Dujic 9 oy oldin
yay 0:43 was in my country
Dreamer ALDC
Dreamer ALDC 9 oy oldin
I'm waiting for when on half as interesting he says ' This video was made possible by Wendover productions'
Erik Van de Water
Classic fallacy: "If the government were the only customer they would have to accept what the government paid." No. They would stop supplying if the government dropped what it would pay below the market price.
pierre dda
pierre dda 9 oy oldin
In France, the average time to have a diagnosis with PCR is 10h, 3 in an emergency situation. And for free...
Abdulla Bin Talib
I'm waiting for new episodes on Extremities
Think 9 oy oldin
Make Nebula free, then I’ll watch.
A P 9 oy oldin
What everyone really wants to know, is when will we have a cure for this disaster. These guys did a video to try to explain. I thought it was pretty good @
Daniel Kintigh
Daniel Kintigh 9 oy oldin
You forgot to mention the part where China prohibited their science community from sharing the sequencing for over 2 weeks
makatak3 10 oy oldin
Cool Cat films
Cool Cat films 10 oy oldin
I saw this video because I know about HALF as interesting
Zach Billings
Zach Billings 10 oy oldin
Surprisingly good video!
MrPeaceandLiberty 10 oy oldin
According to a July 1st article published by the Bulgarian Pathology Association, covid19 PCR tests are scientifically meaningless.
Tim McMahan
Tim McMahan 10 oy oldin
Hey, 3 minutes 18 seconds without talking about airplanes... good work!
Philip Farra
Philip Farra 10 oy oldin
That was interesting. Thanks!
Fatty Acid
Fatty Acid 10 oy oldin
Oh god. Pool testing, despite its ingenuity is only good for epidemiological data collection and medical statistics purposes. That basically means COVID is so far out of control in the US, the government had essentially given up on accurate and timely tests for individual. Never mind the tracing done in other countries.
mike shivers
mike shivers 10 oy oldin
Sacramento? uzblock.info/post/video/v8ifhKGegIqoZJI.html
foxtailedcritter 10 oy oldin
unknown 1984
unknown 1984 10 oy oldin
Who checks the reaults from these labs? Its financially in there favor to be "bias" in the reporting and DNA contamination is super easy in these labs even if they are 100% on the up-and-up, and bear it in mind, false positives do KILL people from depression, job loss, deaths of despair and others
WɅVeCɅst 10 oy oldin
Yeah this is basically SARS again but we got power munchers capitalizing on the naivety of the masses
Timber Wolf
Timber Wolf 10 oy oldin
*Cure found* uzblock.info/post/video/n5SggGeAnGuxnZw.html By June 21, 8-million will be infected worldwide July 27, 16 million -- 650K dead Oct 1, 32 million Dec 25, 64 million -- 1 million dead Feb 14, 128 million -- 1.5 million dead April 15, 256 million -- 2 million dead July 1, 512 million -- 4 million dead Cure found uzblock.info/post/video/vMeKrYaieXCBf4I.html From Jan 1 - Feb 29 doubled every 3-4 days Mar 1 --- doubled every 2 weeks May 1 -- doubled every 2 months One person doubling every 3 days can become 23 million in 96 days Animation uzblock.info/post/video/m6V9rn-DiIuwpaA.html
Buvana Narayan
Buvana Narayan 10 oy oldin
3:19 AHH I thought about this earlier.
Aaron Oneal
Aaron Oneal 10 oy oldin
Please do a video about ecosia they are a search engine that plants trees
Ashik Jonathan
Ashik Jonathan 10 oy oldin
logistically speaking
Alex has a trombone
I knew it would somehow get back to planes
Saket Kamtikar
Saket Kamtikar 10 oy oldin
I feel so smart after watching wendover videos I am just thinking about how smart this guy might be
Saket Kamtikar
Saket Kamtikar 10 oy oldin
The amount of research this guy does, Is just purely amazing...
More Tea Is Required
Ah yes, aeroplane man is imparting his knowledge once again
Gacheru Mburu
Gacheru Mburu 10 oy oldin
Gux 10 oy oldin
Wow, this is the most interesting video I've watched in a long time. Very well explained, and very eye opening.
Andrei Andreev
Andrei Andreev 10 oy oldin
What about doing pooled testing for families? Or those sharing the same floor in an apartment building? Something like that.
pnuks 10 oy oldin
Just want to say a big thank you for the many years of content. I’m someone who only recently discovered they are able to pursue further education such as university. Content creators like yourself have made learning new things such a gift. Anyways I’m Just a random stranger in Australia reminding you that you are awesome. I’ve also subscribed to curiosity stream just now haha so yeah .keep doing what you do
James Cnossen
James Cnossen 10 oy oldin
You should do a video if you can on the logistics of the "bubble" that NHL and/or NBA are utilizing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within players and other staff.
Matthew Cecil
Matthew Cecil 10 oy oldin
Hey, biomedical scientist here. When Wendover Productions stated their opinion about the high throughput thermal cyclers (which is actually called real time PCR) not being cost effective at doctors offices it was not only a value judgement of human life but also entirely inane since as they point out most testing is done in national labs. A rough estimate for a single COVID-19 test without insurance is clocked in at around $350USD and there are roughly 328 million people in the USA. This means for a grand total of $114,800,000,000USD, or roughly $115 billion dollars, the USA could have achieved infinite testing capacity. Congress spent $2.2 trillion dollar on the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES); so in case you're not keeping track at home that means the government spent nearly 20x the tax dollars on treatment that should have been to spent establish meaningful prevention. As doctor's say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure... It would be entirely within the government's power to use the War Powers Act to temporarily assume control of testing companies like Quest and force them to increase output, as well as any manufacturers producing the supplies necessary to perform those tests. Placing blame for the lack of testing on an excuse like lack of resources is not a very genuine argument in a country that has a nearly $20 trillion dollar GDP. Here's the bottom line why you are waiting 2-3 weeks for your test results that Wendover Productions won't tell you. It's personnel shortage. Overall employment of clinical laboratory technologists and technicians is projected to grow 11% from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations, but the number of people graduating with ASCP technician degrees is simply not keeping pace. But it's also because people like me, someone with a 4-year Bachelors of Science degree in Biomedical Sciences, are "unqualified" to perform simple diagnostic testing in many states in the southeast due to the restrictions on who may sit for certifications exams proctored by organizations like the ASCP. The ASCP's Board of certification has stated in response to COVID-19 that, "The BOC is committed to upholding the standards of certification; no changes to eligibility requirements are being made at this time." This statement is absolutely hypocritical in the face of pooled testing. Pooled testing is just another way these organizations are choosing to put your health and safety at risk in order to make more money and continue to be the gatekeepers of the laboratory science industry. So be sure to write the ASCP's Board of Certification a nice letter when you finally receive those test results back 2-3 weeks late for someone in your family that has already died. There are a lot of people to blame for this debacle but simply opening up laboratory certification exams to all graduates with a B.S. from an accredited college would have saved lives, and it still could save lives. Until then I'll keep applying to lab jobs in Texas and other states whose established law permit them to quickly ramp up testing capacity by simply hiring qualified scientists and thus are the labs receiving butt loads of government funding.
David Bob
David Bob 10 oy oldin
Basically, pooled sampling is a gamble. Individual testing just takes more time.
Profiteralidad 10 oy oldin
The diction of "therefore" throughs me off every time :S
John Jr
John Jr 10 oy oldin
I knew airplanes were involved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Mccarthy
Michael Mccarthy 10 oy oldin
Its a nice reliable turboprop single....
DOMiNO (DOMiNO) 10 oy oldin
With all the Karen’s and anti vaxxers out there I don’t think we’ll ever get out of this pandemic situation
Kri 10 oy oldin
highly informative
David Lee
David Lee 10 oy oldin
Its pronounced Val-dah-sta
Uri Ulrich
Uri Ulrich 10 oy oldin
I actually did some testing, before my employer (the German Red Cross) prohibited doing so in my free time.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 10 oy oldin
Me: Wonder how he's going to bring up planes Wendover: PLANES MAKE SHIPPING FASTER Me: there it is
Mike Pressler
Mike Pressler 10 oy oldin
Actually the CDC says asymptomatic carriers aren't contagious
Darksteiner 10 oy oldin
I never knew Wendover was an existentialist. At least we have that in common.
Filip Rank
Filip Rank 10 oy oldin
You should precise in the title that the video is about the USA.
one tome plz
one tome plz 10 oy oldin
Thing exists* Wendover: planes people planes
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 10 oy oldin
Wendover: says Gainesville Me, with lizard brain: G O G A T O R S
one tome plz
one tome plz 10 oy oldin
If we just don’t test there no Corona- trump
[REDACTED] Z 10 oy oldin
Damn, and my government doesn't even do much compared to our neighboring countries. People in positions be makin quarantines, went back to open, then back to quarantine with minimal actions through those months. ^We also got "professionals" trying to figure out social distancing on motorcycles with little to no knowledge of how aerodynamics works
Evrnire84 10 oy oldin
We need logistics of a Wendover video
Wakadude Plays
Wakadude Plays 10 oy oldin
Ahh yes logistics
HaoYang Yue
HaoYang Yue 10 oy oldin
Wendover: planes, just planes
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 10 oy oldin
Let's see how airplanes fit into this one.
britshell 10 oy oldin
0:18 not deadly enough to kill most of it's hosts. Why does that sound familiar? Oh yeah, it's just the flue.
britshell 10 oy oldin
@Shamrock 75% of covid deaths are people over 65 years old. If it was not for the crutch of modern medicine the majority of theses people would have been dead 15 years ago. Covid just needs to run it's course.
Shamrock 10 oy oldin
@britshell I've already said to you the flu is quite deadly e.g the spanish flu which killed millions additionally the reason those plagues and flu don't kill millions of people per year is primarily because we have vaccinations against, of which we don't have for COVID-19. The flu already kills hundreds of thousands per year and this is primarily in the poor regions of Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia where medicine is scarce and most people are not vaccinated Until we can find a safe, proven vaccine for COVID-19 precautions, light or strict depending on the severity, will need to be taken. I'd rather my grandparents stay alive Herd immunity would also work but that would mean we will need a slow spread of the virus so as not to overwhelm the hospitals and medical centres which means we'll still have to take precautions so we can minimise deaths
britshell 10 oy oldin
@Shamrock Those plagues still exist, the mortality rates quoted were with the aid of modern medicine. Covid is high transmission, low mortality just like influenza aka the common flu. As exposed populations develop heard immunity the threat of Covid will disappear.
Shamrock 10 oy oldin
@britshell the key difference here however is that those plagues were not nearly as contagious and the world wasn't as developed as it is now. What could have taken a plague months to travel from continent to continent took days with COVID-19 thanks to air travel. What makes COVID-19 dangerous is it's incredibly high contagoisness where as SARS-COV-1 had a much higher fatality rate but much lower contagoisness and thus it was stopped before killing even 1,000 people. Same with Ebola, a disease with a very high fatality rate, but bot as contagious and thankfully emerged in a rural area that could be quarentined
britshell 10 oy oldin
​@Shamrock The morality rate is actually quite low when compared to other infectious diseases for example; Bubonic plague is fatal in about 15% cases even when treated, Septicaemic plague is 40% fatal with treatment & the Pneumonic plague is 100% fatal, regardless of treatment. So, 6% is not very high.
dasis teros
dasis teros 10 oy oldin
every time i see "wendover" i smile because i automatically read bendover. i don't know why but it doesn't end.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 10 oy oldin
“Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.” ― Mark Twain
Ryan Ng
Ryan Ng 10 oy oldin
The next video better be on he logistics of logistics
hbarudi 10 oy oldin
Quest Diagnostics have a location at Walmart in my area (Probably the pharmacy...)? Do they do any research on improving testing?
Jon Paul
Jon Paul 10 oy oldin
Love that you mention Elmira New York's airport. Worked there for 10 years, and I knew the Quest Diagnostics lady that came on a strict schedule every week. It was a great small airport.
Nile McMillion
Nile McMillion 10 oy oldin
3:19 I don't "like" a Wendover Productions video until I see the first airplane.
creshiell 10 oy oldin
Wendover: *says Gainesville* Me, with lizard brain: G O G A T O R S
Harvey H
Harvey H 10 oy oldin
12:10. With that swab action, I'm wondering what that person being tested for?
Kirt Kirt
Kirt Kirt 10 oy oldin
how are you supposed to get to a testing centre without a car ?
Sandeep N Bhandarkar
3:20 Oh Airplanes! Didn't see that coming.
Claude Maximus
Claude Maximus 10 oy oldin
Let’s all buy this stuff from China ,thanks for this virus that’s Making AmeriKKKa great fools again....
Grasshopper Without Grass
1 day late I wont explain why.
Andrew Shyffer
Andrew Shyffer 10 oy oldin
I feel like pool testing doesn't account for a false negative which could be dangerous when getting into large scale pools in lower-risk areas
Cinnati Ohiocy
Cinnati Ohiocy 10 oy oldin
I aint takin no scam test!
α Tauri
α Tauri 10 oy oldin
3:20 is where Airplanes get mentioned first just fyi ;)
Discovr 10 oy oldin
The More You Know
The More You Know 10 oy oldin
Hey Wendover Productions, I was wondering if you take actions to help small channels? Just curious. I’m a new youtuber and my videos are quality but I can’t seem to get any eyes on my content just because I’m a small channel. Thanks
andypandy _
andypandy _ 10 oy oldin
That segment on pooled testing is incredibly interesting. Great video man!
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