The UK's Failed Experiment in Rail Privatization 

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Writing by Sam Denby
Research by Sam Denby and Tristan Purdy
Editing by Alexander Williard
Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster

Select footage courtesy the AP Archive

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9-Mar, 2021



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James Endicott
James Endicott 8 soat oldin
Wait, austerity and privatization is a complete sham? Who would have guessed (aside from everyone who has been saying it for centuries).
James 20 soat oldin
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Mary Harvey 19 soat oldin
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David Benjamin 19 soat oldin
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John Phillips
John Phillips Kun oldin
She also increased benefits which is what got her in. Now that brexit happened they are talking about public ownership of the whole system.
Christy Black
Christy Black Kun oldin
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Latoya Morrison
Latoya Morrison Kun oldin
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John Goodfellow
John Goodfellow 2 kun oldin
And the stupid buggers still want to build HS2. I wonder who will profit from that, and who will use it?
Jamie Leon
Jamie Leon 2 kun oldin
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Generic Monk
Generic Monk 3 kun oldin
The privatisation was designed to take money out of the hands of those without means, and put it into the hands of the rich. So it succeeded entirely at what it was setting out to do. Running the trains was just incidental - never forget that.
Ingo _
Ingo _ 4 kun oldin
My whole life i didnt like public transport, and used whenever possible my own feet, bike, motorcycle or car. Now that coronafascists force the people to wear masks, it is more obvious then ever, that trains are not the way to go.
RED D 4 kun oldin
"It brought the highest number of passengers onto the rails in the country's history" Sorry but that had sweet FA to do with rail privatization. The reason this happened was due to the breakdown of local communities having places of work literally a 5-15 minute walk away. So-called 'company towns', particularly in the north of england, had industries like mining, steel, ship building/dockyards and textiles in which entire villages were built around. During the thatcher years (and admittedly a short while before), this began to break down and more and more people were starting to commute to places of work in town/city centers.
Madsam 03
Madsam 03 4 kun oldin
Why no mention about the most important consequences of privatisation? The tracks were not properly maintained, leading to several accidents and lost of lives.
aidy6000 4 kun oldin
The fun thing is getting to see all the different branded passenger cars the companies change that often.
Quackatoa 5 kun oldin
weird that everyone is screaming about insane prices when you can take any return journey for £20 ($28) as long as you book in advance
dwblurb 2 kun oldin
Weird that not everybody is able to book in advance, not least because they don't necessarily know in advance they need to travel 🙄
BrettMcS 5 kun oldin
Can't the small, unprofitable services at odd hours be provided by buses? Why the requirement to use trains - they are expensive for such journeys.
nehem 5 kun oldin
Infra should never be privatised. Period. That goes for Trains, Roads and electricity
Omega Pinkerton
Omega Pinkerton 6 kun oldin
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Gugljesmece Obicno
Gugljesmece Obicno 6 kun oldin
James DeRiven
James DeRiven 6 kun oldin
I'l disagree with you on the success of airline privatization: low fares depends entirely on where you are and are trying to go and where you are starting from, with the same problem of volume as rural train lines. (Ask any Nunavut resident about how much money they have to spend to go anywhere at all). Further, airline companies consistently rank as some of the most loathed companies on the planet, whose quality of services declines every year for the vast majority of folk who can't afford exorbitant first-class prices.
Joe Walker
Joe Walker 6 kun oldin
Welcome to Great British Railways!
Martin Herikson
Martin Herikson 7 kun oldin
This reminds me a lot of the public transport in my hometown, Stockholm
Martin Herikson
Martin Herikson 4 kun oldin
@Yl Pea No problem! Well, I’ve heard Arriva is very different in different countries. In fact, even in Stockholm they have one bus garage that works incredibly well. All buses are either new or renovated, are often on time and the drivers seem satisfied. But go half an hour north and things start looking very different. I will definitely check out Arriva in Malta!
Yl Pea
Yl Pea 5 kun oldin
@Martin Herikson Thank you for your answer and for taking the time for mentioning so many details! Arriva is owned by Deutsche Bahn, Germans are very good at exploiting employees (they prove that to me every day). If you want to have a laugh: check out how Arriva failed in Malta ;-)
Martin Herikson
Martin Herikson 5 kun oldin
@Yl Pea It’s the same thing with companies over-promising and under-delivering. The system is made so that there is a state owned company, SL, that makes all the lines, ticket systems, timetables and so on. The private companies’s objective is then just to own and drive buses and trains in SLs colors, following SLs high standards. Then every time a departure is canceled or late, the company has to pay a penalty fee to SL. The things they can then adjust are to buy cheaper buses and have tighter schemes for the drivers and buses. But if they do it too much, that bites back hard. Arriva showed a perfect example of that when they won a contract in 2013 if I remember correctly. The bus service in that area was then so bad that the province eventually bought a bus on their own to make sure kids would get to school. Eventually, Arriva had to pay 174 million SEK to SL, which corresponds to about 17 million Euros or 20 million dollars. They couldn’t afford that, which SL for some reason I cannot understand decided to accept and dropped the fee significantly. And they’re still driving in Stockholm to this day, but they’re doing a lot better now. Luckily the state has finally started to see the insignificance of this system and are working on a new one where quality should also be a factor, and not only money
Yl Pea
Yl Pea 5 kun oldin
Why is that?
Peter Cartwright
Peter Cartwright 7 kun oldin
A really authoritative and well-researched video that taught me a great deal that I did not know. There seems little doubt that separating the operators from the infrastructure owner was a colossal error that had been predicted by knowledgable politicians from the outset. As another comment maker notes the fundamental flaw came when the government took over the railways in 1914 at the outbreak of the Great War. Governments do not know how to run railways, run airlines, build cars or any other of the private ventures they have taken over. Total nationalisation by the cretinous Labour government in 1948 turned Britain’s railways from among the best to the worst in Europe in just a few years. A proper privatisation back to separate railways companies owning the trains and the infrastructure would have worked so much better.
CornMC 7 kun oldin
Imagine waking up and knowing Tatcher is dead
Abdul Qayyum Abdullah
Andreas S
Andreas S 8 kun oldin
Privatization of the British Railway failed mainly because it was never actually privatized (as you kind of point out). The real failure was the increasing levels of nationalization that started in 1914, combined with the indirect government subsidization of roads and cars.
ShadowDragon8685 9 kun oldin
"No country has fully cracked the nut of fully-privatized rail." No shit. Because it _cannot be done_ to the same levels of service ubiquity as a single entity which is charged with discharging duties, and does not have to care about turning a buck for the shareholders. If at the end of the day, a government-run rail service breaks even - after tallying up all its revenues, after paying all its bills, if it's made a big fat goose-egg, _it has done its job,_ because its job is not to be a money-spinner, its job is to mobilize your got-damned nation. That oftentimes means the fantastically huge trains from BigCity1 to BigCity2, but it _also_ means that the people living in BFE get their two trains a day. Mail service is the same way. You cannot privatize mail service, because people in remote areas that are in no way, shape, or form profitable to, still need to get mail - and (thankfully often) by law the mail is obliged to deliver to them, whether that is as easily accomplished as throwing a letter into a carrier's sack, or if it means you need to have a man throw a couple of bins over the back of a donkey and guide it down a tiny path into the grandest canyon of them all once a day.
Anthony Ferguson
Anthony Ferguson 9 kun oldin
Plot twist.... They were all private to begin with...the marxist government took them all over
Long Hei Linus KWAN
The biggest flaw with bidding: Quality of Service.
Dan Coleman
Dan Coleman 9 kun oldin
The enigma of travel in Britain. Why can I go from London to Spain for £20 by plane, but it'll cost me £95 to go to Edinburgh by train?
Amber Cilan
Amber Cilan 9 kun oldin
I have the tiniest nitpick. But if it's british it's a Railway, not a Rail Road.
Julia Pigworthy
Julia Pigworthy 9 kun oldin
Privatisation only works if there's competition to keep prices low and standards high.. unfortunately on many lines a single train company has a monopoly on all journeys with no alternative train companies for disgruntled customers to switch to.
Ole Bjørsvik
Ole Bjørsvik 10 kun oldin
Total-Privatization is a religion in the UK. Any current pragmatic impasse that works and don't hemorague is just a tempoary crisis in philosophy. Total-Privatization will be back in fifteen years. And the goal will not be to save money or to earn money. The goal will To Privatize.
Frederick Amos
Frederick Amos 10 kun oldin
Being British, I thought train privatisation was normal but I guess not
rose 375
rose 375 10 kun oldin
Can;t disagree with the content, but it would help if you could spell privatise properly
Charlie Clapp
Charlie Clapp 11 kun oldin
All rolling stock in this video I can recognise: 2:20 Class 421 and other stuff way before my time 2:42 Intercity APT (never received a TOPS number) 3:31 Class 41 "HST", class 108, class 142 "Pacer", class 158 "Express Sprinter" 3:35 Class 48 3:39 Another class 41 HST 3:58 More class 41 HSTs 4:38 Another class 48 7:10 Class 91 "Electra" 7:17 Class 390 "Pendolino" 7:40 Class 222 "Meridian" 9:40 Class 455 "PEP", class 159 "South West Turbo", class 444 "Desiro", class 450 "Desiro" 9:58 Another class 91 Electra 10:04 Another class 41 HST 10:28 Probably a 195 "Civity" 10:37 Another HST 11:03 Another HST (class 150 "Sprinter" with class 142 "Pacer" in background) 11:43 Another 91 Electra 12:06 Another HST 12:12 Another HST 12:18 Another Electra 12:53 Another Electra 13:12 Class 158 "Express Sprinter" 13:18 Class 387 "Electrostar" 13:23 B2K stock (DLR) 13:30 Class 507 "PEP" 13:45 M5000 (Tram) 13:53 Class 375 "Electrostar" 14:07 NS VIRM 14:09 NS Sprinter 14:20 Class 465 "Networker" 14:34 Class 755 FLIRT 15:39 Another class 387 "Electrostar" 16:34 Class 376 "Electrostar" 17:09 Class 220 (Maybe 221) "Voyager" 17:12 Class 185 "Desiro" 17:23 Class 700 "Desiro City" (Both of them) 18:44 Class 397 "Nova" 18:52 Another Electra
GodAtum 11 kun oldin
well the gov is spending so much money bailing out BA and Virgin they might as well be privatised
SCARLET★STAR 11 kun oldin
But why did the conservative party advocate change instead of conserving the status quo?
Metrofilmer88 5 kun oldin
True. That kinda goes against the dictionary definition of conservatism
paul sutton
paul sutton 11 kun oldin
Wasn't the previous regime (public ownership) also a failure? It was just that the need to balance the books was postponed indefinitely. At least with franchising, you had to put your money where your mouth was.
Merit Coba
Merit Coba 11 kun oldin
"It failed to convince the world the UK public and the world that privatization of railroads was the best path forward for passenger train travel in the 21st century." I wish. Our government (I am Dutch) thought it was a good idea. Then half implemented it. The results are mixed at best.
Matt McCarthy
Matt McCarthy 12 kun oldin
Ok, but a few comments. Before privatisation, the UK rail system was an absolute joke! I was using it daily for my commute to London, and the experence was never good. Safety was an afterthought. When government paid the compensation and their pockets where deep... So apparently no one cared. When a private company (or their insurance company) faces that bill. Everyone cares. The decrepit and dangerous rolling stock British Rail was happy to shove us all in to, disappeared within a couple of years. Reliability, you mention the service levels in regards to cancelations, but they required levels are also applied to delays. Always a far deeper problem on the network. Try explaining to you're boss that you are late, because you had to sit waiting at the next station for 30 minutes because the Conductor, the person responsible for signalling to the driver it is safe to leave... Missed the train. How do you send an all safe signal on a train you're not actually on! PS. By boss was totally understanding, he took a train as well, so it was no surprise. Service, at the time in the UK, one of the largest "lefty" comedians was Ben Elton, it's been a long time since I saw this sketch so the wording may be wrong. But his description of British Rail coffee was perfect. It's a spoon full of mud, with hot water added, followed by someone vaguely waving a coffee bean at it, from the other side of the carriage. (It's not the full set, but search for "Ben Elton, Double Seat" to understand how even the left was fed up with British Rail.) Also you bring up how well the privatisation of Airlines has worked, but fail to mention when talking about the impact of Covid, just how equally badly they have been hit. So, yeah. It didn't work. I don't disagree. But it sure as hell changed things for the better.
Swoon Drones
Swoon Drones 12 kun oldin
So much wasted energy on privatising.
julie “RedAndGoldWeb” Wallis
Yet British trains are still more reliable, more comfortable and more regular than any American train!
Britains original train service was private often family owned and workers were treated like being part of that families company. Nothing has correctly worked since, nationalisation or private even both .. best dont meddle if it works ............ politicians never seem to learn ...
Nicola Bennett
Nicola Bennett 13 kun oldin
Mr Wendover your railways are actually privately owned and run by private companies... The uk government never sold that bit only the bits that ran on them. Opposite of America.. Do you know that? Allo?
morgen shark
morgen shark 14 kun oldin
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julie “RedAndGoldWeb” Wallis
Yummy. Word salad 🥗. Fill your boots @Morgan the bot.
Nicola Manning
Nicola Manning 14 kun oldin
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lawrie based
lawrie based 14 kun oldin
Thanks Thatcher, very cool
Kielan Gaming
Kielan Gaming 15 kun oldin
Some services need to be owned and run by the public because they are essential and going after purely profit will break those essential services, A non profit would do the job for rail just fine, do that.
Lorem Ipsum
Lorem Ipsum 15 kun oldin
The UK railways were created by private companies and investors in the first place, and were only nationalized in *1948* -- maybe this is where it all went wrong. A re-nationalized railway (along with the NHS) would probably break the UK financially, the rail network needs modernizing and that will be expensive. The railway network was reworked in the 1960s with the Beeching cuts, even though the savings were never realized. There's no silver bullet.
bozimmerman 15 kun oldin
So, the video is about a failed experiment in the entire railway, but by his account, the experiment included scores of different railways, of which he focuses on exactly one. Now, I'm only a professional scientist, but wouldn't that be called "cherry picking"? Also, it's called "privatization", but given the rules and limitations and subsidies, etc, it sure doesn't sound very capitalist. Capitalist would have meant selling off the assets, writing 0 rules, and the state washes its hands of the whole matter. That clearly never happened. Therefore, it was never privatized. In the U.S., we call these "public-private parnerships", but it's always clear who the senior partner is: the partner with the army and police and the ability to make all the rules.
Adrian Guggisberg
Adrian Guggisberg 14 kun oldin
The only profitable means of transportation are ships and planes. The reason being they need almost no infrastructure at all and they transport vast amounts of goods or people at a time between giant hubs. Trains are more expensive because they need a rail network and often transport fewer people between smaller hubs. Cars are the most expensive means of transport, because they usually transport one to two people between individual destinations, require the most cost intensive infrastructure and each car is a very complex, expensive, inefficient and short lived machine. Almost all roads everywhere on the planet, including the US, are public owned and maintained, because they serve the public exactly as rail tracks do. The gigantic financial losses involved in operating cars are left to individual owners, who are responsible for the initial purchase, the maintenance, cost of energy, planning of trips, etc. That's not possible for trains, because rail transport as a system inherently requires a regular schedule to function and the vehicles are being shared. The operation of trains is therefore a public service, exactly like providing a road network. The part suitable for private operation in it is therefore providing energy, constructing tracks and catenary, providing rail vehicles, maintenance and other services, etc.
bozimmerman 16 kun oldin
LOL@ "money to british government = money to the people of britain". Money to the british government is money to the british government. Money NOT going to the british government is money retained by the british people.
funkyradbomtrack 16 kun oldin
I disagree with the title. Privatisation is designed to move public assets into the private sector so already rich investors can profit from taxpayer subsidies they always demand. It did exactly this and is no surprise unless you were gullible enough to believe Tory party lies about motives like reducing fares and improving services.
Nicholas Shanks
Nicholas Shanks 16 kun oldin
I lived through this, commuting to London daily on the East Coast Line from Grant Shapps' own constancy, and seeing all of the branding you mentioned.
Gary Walker
Gary Walker 16 kun oldin
And yet Thatcher wreaked havoc privatising council operated bus services. Except - I believe - in London.
Jintaro Kensei
Jintaro Kensei 16 kun oldin
Nothing can be ran effectively publicly. Without profit motive it's just a socialistic crapshoot.
railrunner01 16 kun oldin
Also, we should not forget the rash of accidents in the post privatization era.
Hugo Eriksson
Hugo Eriksson 17 kun oldin
b-b-but big government bad! /s
Default Cube
Default Cube 17 kun oldin
Should make one of these about New Zealands attempt at Rail privatization... cause yea.... that went... well... Is well the word I'm looking for?
Jamie Spedding
Jamie Spedding 18 kun oldin
its grant sh-apps, I can say this as a brit who has watched many news presenters say it like that.
Icklebean03 18 kun oldin
Great video! Extremely informative
WeirdDickPics 18 kun oldin
Claiming "privatisation failed" while no actual privatisation happened. With forcing certain operations without letting the market decide what modes are best for the consumers. For example, ill take the example of the 108 passengers a day. This town could have just used a bus system that is way more flexible and cheap than a train or a taxi to operate instead of forcing a company to hemorage money to operate a failing station. Public transportation wont go away just because the market is private, and the poor wont be left to their own devices, simply because they are still consumers who present a profit opportunity and competition will just lower prices. This has happened with every industry governments privatised and deregulated (almost) completely. The only reason plains we're not political suicide was because we considered them a luxury, compared to train - which was considered a necessity by that point in time. But by that logic the government should nationalise farms and mobile phone sale. But we saw what happened when the USSR tried to do the former.
Simon 19 kun oldin
Privatizing never works
Lee Winters
Lee Winters 19 kun oldin
Makes me laugh when it says failed privatise of railways the entire rail network in 1800s was built by the private companies the where never built by state .
Tardis Productions
Tardis Productions 19 kun oldin
That’s quite a long way of saying, “Covid happened”
dwblurb 2 kun oldin
Err, no.
Paul Nicholson
Paul Nicholson 19 kun oldin
it is just too expensive to take the train in the UK.
Vytautas 1658
Vytautas 1658 20 kun oldin
ahh neoliberal geniuses
sender gmail
sender gmail 20 kun oldin
Subserdising private companys is corruption large corporations are being fed with tax payers while there are job cuts redundences cut hours and absolutly no government responsibility for the trains discusting capitalism.What ever govenment gets in power there will always be a private company running a part of the trains.I call it ducking responsibility. I had the illusion that privitisatation was to save money i welcomed it at first but its not the case its to duck responsibility.Now the public have to take there anger out on private rail staff who enjoy privilidged police protection not the government i dont feel sorry for the staff who take abuse from the public as they are being ripped off with train cancellations and expensive tickets.
seneca983 20 kun oldin
18:15 No country? What about Japan. Japan Railways was privatized in 1987 and it seems to work well.
Chin of Zig
Chin of Zig 21 kun oldin
You know it's bad then outdated and falling apart Class 321's are doing a better job than the brand new Bombardier and the Stadler. They even had to stop some 321's getting scrapped and put them back into service as the new stuff wasn't up for the job 😂
Steve Lam
Steve Lam 21 kun oldin
How can a rail system with such high fares ever fail? Answer: all it takes is to be run by tory cronies.
Joseph Watson
Joseph Watson 22 kun oldin
Very weird to hear an American say "British Leyland". Leyland is my hometown and it has about 30k people in it these days because of deindustrialisation.
jonathan Clayton
jonathan Clayton 21 kun oldin
How do pal im in Preston
James Mawdsley
James Mawdsley 22 kun oldin
Who's Grant Schnapps?
ADHAiiN7 22 kun oldin
Hope the government doesnt try reprivatise LNER again, it’s service is stellar
PORRIDGE GUN 23 kun oldin
What it essentially proves is that the TOCs couldn't run a fucking bath let alone a railway and that there was little fat to trim from the old, largely successful and generally efficient BR model
Vijfsnippervijf Vijf
Only option left for the UK Government: set up a full open-access policy in which no franchises are used at all and thus anyone with a license can operate trains, just like in the Chez Republic.
Mark Boyes
Mark Boyes 23 kun oldin
John Major also decentralised the TV listings magazines, so we got "TV Quick". So there's that at least.
Imrose Mahmood
Imrose Mahmood 23 kun oldin
And now, very recently there has been plans released for "Great British Railways" - an actually-nationalised railways. Not just abolishing franchising as it were months ago, but nationalisation by 2023.
Jerzy Feliks
Jerzy Feliks 24 kun oldin
It's bemusing. First Tories destroy the national British rail in order to justify privatizing it claiming "free market does everything better". After they privatize it they subsidize it more than when it was in public hands with subsidies growing year on year. Then when Labour party pledges to privatize it in the last election they're labeled as raging socialists and completely unrealistic. The public doesn't vote for Corbyn because he's a "raging, delusional socialist". Then the Tories renationalize it themselves - where's the "free market does everything better" now???. Just puzzling... The only reason I can think of is that rail companies are so broke after the year of pandemic that Tories want to bail them out under a cloud of "nationalizing the railway".
uzijn 24 kun oldin
PLEASE make an updated video on Great British Railways, the recent announcement.
Tony Almeida
Tony Almeida 24 kun oldin
8:00 What I want to know is how in the fuck did they get any company to bid on that garbage
Joel Hardy
Joel Hardy 24 kun oldin
At 13:31 I spy a Merseyrail train! At Birkdale station near Southport. I’ve watched this video but never noticed you used. Merseyrail I. It!
tSp289 25 kun oldin
One important note forgotten here: many of the 'private' operators were actually state-owned companies in various parts of Europe and China. We were still subsidising them, but the profit was funding other countries' budgets, not ours.
Ciarán Curley (DogPawHat)
Pressing F for the UK voting in Thatcher
joe zanella
joe zanella 26 kun oldin
The greatest con, Thatcher sold to the public what they already owned.
Simon Mason
Simon Mason 27 kun oldin
In UK English, we spell it as "privatisation".
tomgauntlestrange 27 kun oldin
Runs and huge's BR as an old friend.
tectrainguy 27 kun oldin
And now we’ve got GBR!
Jader Oliveira
Jader Oliveira 27 kun oldin
I wonder if the demands by contract for the rail services when nationalized are as restrict as they are when franchised. In other words, do the government-run trains have to meet the same quality standards the private ones have?
A21_Harshit Baweja
A21_Harshit Baweja 27 kun oldin
The video says privatisation hasn't been very successful anywhere while here in India, government is beginning privatising the railways.
Cammy Smith
Cammy Smith 28 kun oldin
2 months after this video the British government has partially renationalised the railways under Great British Railways. Wendover productions shamed the UK into fixing its railways.
Nancey Rowen
Nancey Rowen 28 kun oldin
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Igy Pop
Igy Pop 28 kun oldin
sell all the rolling stock to scrapyard yards, built the roads in place of tracks and provide modern buses.., problem solved..
Alasdair Clift
Alasdair Clift 19 kun oldin
So have dedicated routes for buses, which they exclusively use? Ok, but they’ll need to be quite high capacity buses, maybe made up of multiple sections coupled together? Otherwise you wouldn’t have enough capacity for the number of passengers needing to use them. But then you’d also need to store batteries somewhere, after all with the current climate emergency it’s irresponsible to use Diesel engines. Or alternatively, you could provide a continuous electricity supply that connects to it. Then obviously you can’t use traditional rubber tyres and tarmac, they wouldn’t be able to get anywhere near fast enough without tearing themselves to shreds. Maybe use metal on metal? That should have low enough friction and be smooth to allow for high speed running. Wait - is it just me or is this all sounding rather familiar?
Brian Fretwell
Brian Fretwell 28 kun oldin
UK privitasiation mean no British state railway could run a train here, but other state railways (German Dutch, French) could run them. How bizarre was that???
Jammie Dodger
Jammie Dodger 28 kun oldin
Rolls-Royce,BP,BT,mini,Jaguar,Land Rover,Bentley and others should be put back into public ownership at least back to British ownership but all core infrastructure should be publicly owned
Jammie Dodger
Jammie Dodger 28 kun oldin
So Margaret sold off all the British industries
TalesOfWar 28 kun oldin
Thanks Tory party. Another example of their long standing tradition of fucking everything up but somehow still being voted in.
Rafael Sabbat
Rafael Sabbat 28 kun oldin
Grant Schnaps or rather Grant Shapps? ;)
Robert Fletcher
Robert Fletcher 29 kun oldin
Grant Shapps has just announced the next model, Great British Railways (GBR). As far as I can see it will be nationalised rail with private operators. Sounds very confusing to me.
Jason Lee
Jason Lee 29 kun oldin
They shud have a ten and 20 pounds rail card covering all UK, make journeys cheap, get people out of cars, simple.....
Kurt Haven
Kurt Haven 29 kun oldin
She was absolutely right, some things are run for the secondary economic benefits rather than direct profits and they can’t be privatised
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