Why Taiwan and China are Battling over Tiny Island Countries 

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Select footage courtesy the AP Archive

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Shonen Jump Magneto
Aren't *The Marshall Islands* technically the least independant Country on *Earth?* *Taiwan* ironically isn't far down from then lol. PS: *Tuvulu* is kind of like *Australia* in that they're still apart of *The UK* yet uniquely independant whilst having the 1/4th scale UK Flag within their Countries Flags. As many Territories typically do when establishing national flags (a nation isn't necessarily a country to my knowledge).
Vaishnav Singh Gadia
No one talks about United India ! The biggest Ancient Superpower ⚔Jay Hind !🇮🇳
Eric Leblanc
Eric Leblanc 16 kun oldin
The more i hear about china, the less i like them...
Let's explain the history of mainland China and Taiwan.First of all, Taiwan is an island.Taiwan is a province of China and has been so for thousands of years since ancient times. Before 1949,The government of the Republic of China is the legitimate government of China.,in 1949, the army leading the Chinese Communist Party defeated the army of the Republic of China and established the People's Republic of China. Because of the defeat, the government of the Republic of China moved to Taiwan Province. Without a navy and air force, the armed forces of the Communist Party of China could not enter Taiwan Province and completely destroy the strength of the government of the Republic of China. For the next thirty or forty years, both the government of the People's Republic of China and the government of the Republic of China considered themselves to be the sole legitimate government of China and considered themselves to be Chinese. After entering the 21st century, the comprehensive strength of mainland China has far exceed Taiwan, The overwhelming majority of governments in the world recognize the government of the People's Republic of China as the legitimate government of China and Taiwan as a part of China.But,The independence forces in Taiwan have gradually controlled the media, changed the teaching materials of students, and mastered political rights.. Many young people no longer think they are Chinese, but Taiwanese. Taiwan is a part of China.This idea of independence is not accepted by the mainland Chinese government.The mainland government has long publicly stated that if the government of the Republic of China on Taiwan chooses independence, the mainland will use military force to completely eliminate the government of the Republic of China at all costs.
God is great- America is great
ISO 3166-2 International Organization for Standardization ISO code. Retrieved 2020-08-26. Short name TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA. taiwan is included as a subdivision of China because of its political status within the United Nations, as, even though it is de facto under the jurisdiction of the Republic of China instead of the People's Republic of China, the United Nations does not recognize the Republic of China and considers taiwan as part of China. In ISO 3166-1, taiwan is listed as "Taiwan, Province of China" ..
2:15 *Proceeds to have china's flag and hong kong's flag*
Calvin Guan
Calvin Guan Oy oldin
I see Wendover is sponsored by the ROC to spread propaganda.
DimondBlazer Reviews
hey you're the dude from hai.
smjetaime 2 oy oldin
Before studying abroad: Taiwan is better than China mainland. Good health care and education. I want to be Taiwanese. After studying in western countries for 8 years: I would rather go back to China to earn less money better than be discriminated against by racial discrimination. We all know that Taiwanese belongs to the United States now.
S L 2 oy oldin
It's rathe sad that China is battling for scraps in congested East Asian sea. Meanwhile United States has full control over 8000 islands and the Atlantic and Pacific ocean. Geography is destiny.
Mr.unknow Nymous
Mr.unknow Nymous 2 oy oldin
1st china stole an island called scarborough shoal from our country "philippines"(its ours btw if were talking legally) 2nd bcuz of thier exotic animals eating habbit they"ve unleashed the "chinese virus"and let it spread around the world(they td us they had it control bur they didnt, maybe cuz it would be easier for them to invade america and other countries if it is badly infected with covid) 3rd clamming that "taiwan" is thier territory (like what they did to the philippine island called scarborough shoal) 4th my opinion "OMG CHINA ISNT YOUR COUNTRY ONE OF THE BIGGEST? WHATS UP WITH THE STEALING" 5th "STARTING WORLD WAR THREE" 6th :( "STARTING WORLD WAR THREE" i hope not :( many people will suffer if then not racist but complete honest truth:) and yes i do respect china sorry for my english :) im still learning
Louis Wu
Louis Wu 3 oy oldin
Why China vs Taiwan. Because US...
乐飒 3 oy oldin
cij681sun ;sup'fuh
The cute technician prominently bore because great-grandfather embryologically bathe plus a massive amount. lazy, curved swimming
zhixuan meng
zhixuan meng 4 oy oldin
Taiwan: I am the Republic of China. China:No, you're not.The Republic of China is history, now you are one of my provinces. Taiwan:Well, if you don't recognize the Republic of China, then I am Taiwan. China:You are the Republic of China.
zhixuan meng
zhixuan meng 4 oy oldin
I support Taiwanese to immigrate to other countries, and Taiwan will not be independent, because it is China's territory.In the constitutions of both the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China, Taiwan is only a provincial-level administrative region.Those who claim that Taiwan is an independent country are just a joke.What makes you independent? UZblock mouth? Haha.🤣
Gwyneth 4 oy oldin
Taiwan is like a trans kid who isn't out to their parents their name is Taiwan unless China's around then it's Taipei
Grumfurt 4 oy oldin
Lol this is funny, because that's exactly what's happening in my country. During the Covid-19 pandemic, both China and Taiwan have been sending us medical supplies. China sent us hoards of masks. covid tests and other stuff. Now they are abandoned somewhere. because there is no need for them. Taiwan sent us some lung support systems or whatever and even though there was not so many of them, they really came in handy :) Unfortunately, our government has decided not to officially thank Taiwan, because they are afraid of China. It's funny like both these countries are sending us loads of stuff hoping we will become their allies, and my country isnt even a tiny pacific island lol
Tetsuro Aoi
Tetsuro Aoi 4 oy oldin
I don't think that after China - Taiwan issue resolved, these small island nations will lose their financial support because their votes can always remain very useful for many others purposes and interests at UN and at many other international organizations. That's why especially China has been trying to keep tight relationship with as many underdeveloped nations as possible in Africa and Central & South America through " harmful" financial aids based on their neocolonialism by which they are also exploiting these nations' natural resources, destroying their nature environment with mass constructions, blocking the local economy's development by using only Chinese companies & workers sent from China : all the local resources and money can be collected by China and sent to China, therefore, these nations become poorer and poorer plus their debt composed of China's financial aids becomes more and more. And finally China is aiming to use some of them also as military strategy points against the rest of the world.
Jack McLane
Jack McLane 4 oy oldin
You have to set boundaries for bullies. If you don't... you get a China! Internationally that's another US, so indeed a reason to worry.
Igor Igor
Igor Igor 4 oy oldin
PR China is China.. another one is just a loser who cant accept lose.. Taiwan
阿修罗 4 oy oldin
000 1
000 1 4 oy oldin
However you still didn't put Taiwan in "The News You Missed in 2020, From Every Country in the World" so sad.
BlueNanoBox 4 oy oldin
I spotted a few translation mistakes in the Traditional Chinese subtitles, and would like to help correct them... Anyone care to point me in the right direct as for how to contact the maker of the video? (For example at 3:52 the sentence is fairly confusing because "frenemies" was translated as "enemies".) Very accurate translation overall though, despite some typos!
Yu Li
Yu Li 5 oy oldin
Did China only aid those projects you talked about?unlikely.Did every project faild?Did every taiwan aid project is a sucess?You didn't mention.You just pick some China aid projects and saying it's a failure with no reliable source.And pick some taiwan aid projects and saying it's good with also no numbers,quote or anything. I wander why there are less and less country acknowledge taiwan if their aid is so "good'.
Golden Brine
Golden Brine 5 oy oldin
When you’re competing for City States in Civ
Kushking420 5 oy oldin
Recognize Taiwan!!!
the1onlynoob 5 oy oldin
I'd say they built a better road in Fiji than a cheap one cause the west has been screaming shit being 'made in China' and they got sick of it.
Imagine Kudryavka
China and Taiwan are like the divorced parents who are trying to win over their little kids by showering them with attention and gifts. One parent has more money to spend but the other clearly knows what they want and need more.
Edward Ness
Edward Ness 6 oy oldin
"ineffective aid"... feel like China doesn't make mistakes, at least like this... if they built an oversized shipping port, or a massive hospital, it's there for a reason...
rich martin
rich martin 6 oy oldin
castlerock58 6 oy oldin
It's a civil war that became a frozen conflict. When the PRC has the military capacity, it will almost certainly assert sovereignty over Taiwan and other Chinese islands that the ROC controls. The UN recognizes Taiwan as part of China as do nearly all countries. Nobody defended Tibet when China invaded and nobody will go to war with China over Taiwan. The West isn't even defending itself against China as China works to subvert and corrupt them.
天鵝爆彈 6 oy oldin
yue S &
yue S & 6 oy oldin
China is a bloody and tyrannical country under the dictatorship of the Communist Party. The Communist Party has banned Chinese from logging onto the Internet. Chinese people are living in brainwashed lies. The movie "The Matrix" is the inspiration found in China. In China, the officials of the Communist Party Enjoy a luxurious life, while ordinary people live in poverty and fear.
Get Gaijoobed
Get Gaijoobed 6 oy oldin
How to get rich: 1: buy a pacific island 2: collect it’s water 3: sell said water at ridiculous price
Rem Zuy
Rem Zuy 6 oy oldin
Beautiful love u.
Alex 6 oy oldin
You make China sound like cold blooded machines while ignoring the sacrifices happened during WWII. Diplomatic relations itself is important to maintain peace. While Western media like yourself project your perspective as if it is the whole truth and provoke conflicts anywhere you can. Do not forget it is a ultimately connected the the game among the superpowers. China just don't want to fall victim of the Western schemes again.
shlomo shlomowitz
Samoa has a fairly high gdp?
清风 6 oy oldin
Prodigy Qb
Prodigy Qb 6 oy oldin
Niue is pronounced "new-way"
Fiery Lil BOW
Fiery Lil BOW 6 oy oldin
Taiwan is part of China, PRC
winnie the pooh
winnie the pooh 6 oy oldin
In no ways
RepublicanGuard 7 oy oldin
Nobody can defeat Wendover
RYG 7 oy oldin
At the end of the day, China proper(edit, meaning main: this a repost of previous delete), meaning mainland China, is a P5 country and it does matter. No other P5 country, not the US nor any of the group, however they may be frienemies at times, want to see another P5 club member fail and fellow members and pal lose influence or interest on the large scale of things.
SkyTech RTS
SkyTech RTS 7 oy oldin
I doubt Taiwan will ever join the PROC any time soon.
winnie the pooh
winnie the pooh 6 oy oldin
It will never happen.
sriram vasudevan
sriram vasudevan 7 oy oldin
Holy shit!! If China and Taiwan were people, China would be arrested for harassment!
munya munya
munya munya 7 oy oldin
Taiwan: I am China. China: No I am China! Taiwan: Okay I am Taiwan. China: No you are PART OF China!
XINGYUN XUE 7 oy oldin
Hong Kong Taiwan Mongolia Tipei I'm waiting for Peking and Shanghai
wang qi
wang qi 7 oy oldin
China’s civil war has not ended legally, because no armistice or peace agreement has been signed. And this long civil war has not been ended, and China has not completed its reunification. The most important factor is the United States. In the first half, the United States hopes to suppress the red power, and in the second half it hopes to restrict China military and geopolitical. In international law and international relations, Taiwan participates in political and economic activities as a special area of ​​China. It has never been an independent country.
The Jordanian Philosopher
Taiwan is part of China.
winnie the pooh
winnie the pooh 6 oy oldin
Let's be clear: Unlike totalitarian #China, #Taiwan is an independent, and democratic country with no doubt. The bullying strategies of the CCP regime in China against its neighboring countries have only brought about revulsion against its regime.
anne chen
anne chen 7 oy oldin
The source of all problem is this fixation on "one china", where the powers in the free world are in deep denial and cannot confirm the truth that there's been 2 china for 70+ years. because you know, serving the best interest of their own nations. That's fine. totally understandable (well, this is the how a citizen of a civil democracy would think). I won't even call this bullying nor discrimination, like some country likes to use as their reason for a tantrum. #twochinas #getreal #weareresponsibleofbullies
God is great- America is great
let all the International Community know by this presence: Democracy means the practice or principles of social EQUALITY, freedom of speech and freedom of expression. pro-China or not, you are free to voice out. unlike in taiwan province of China, pitiful democracy, SHUTTING DOWN a TV station does nothing but ONLY and ONLY opposes the ideology of the current DPP government of taiwan province of China bragging about being a democratic party. stupid political party, stupid democracy that is. you don't see that in the USA here. the CNN News network foremost opposition of the administration still exist and standing until now, a GENUINE true democracy compared to the tyranny STUPID democracy in taiwan province of China.
i erit
i erit 7 oy oldin
Gifts from Taiwan and China yes, but China is also putting these countries into debt too. That should have been mentioned. Checkout the port in Tonga for example. So I believe China is winning.
DAVE C 8 oy oldin
Heard about China providing infrastructure loans to countries like the Philippines, then leveraging that debt for political objectives - Quid Pro Quo and Debt Traps. Seems like a more effective way to lock in a country's commitment to China over several years instead of just paying for a project then losing its leverage. Not that I condone such behavior, but I am sure all foreign aid and infrastructure development projects have some strings attached, regardless of who's providing the money.
redstwok1123 8 oy oldin
And lastly, to say that if China and Taiwan unifies, these pacific island countries would have bleak futures frankly discrediting what the people of these island can potentially create from tourism or other means. China has also invested billions into poor african countries despite its need to win their support against Taiwan.
redstwok1123 8 oy oldin
It's pretty clear that wendover has a particular favoratism in how it covers this topic. For example, to construct a port is a massive project with jobs for many. Even if it doesn't immediately pullin all the cruise ships of the world, it can be of tremendous long term value. Furthermore, a hospital does not necessarily have to treat just malaria, as it can clearly be of use for many other health care purposes for decades to come. Wendover went over each little 300k projects that Taiwan did as if they were all out of the hearts of mother Teresa and is so much superior. Well guess what, $5 mil aid is much higher than $500k, and anybody would take that anyday. If the people want something else or more efficient, I'm sure they could have also asked for it, and would have been granted such. Wendover is literally trying to say these PRC aids serves no purpose. I think that's pretty biased and perpectuates a long stand political agenda it pushes.
Shamrock 7 oy oldin
did you actually listen to the video or are you taking the piss? He clearly stated that the RC's aid was more effective, as in it does more per dollar whilst the PRC's aid is less effective. It was never said that it serves no purpose that's your own bias talking
dessnom 8 oy oldin
I feel like the pope will not stop recognising taiwan
三条四条 8 oy oldin
Taiwan is China. ccp is a worldwide terrorist organization.
Alex Wong
Alex Wong 8 oy oldin
TAIWAN call Republic of China , the passport , ID card all call Republic of China . before 2000s The Republic of China (TAIWAN ) government call Mainland china is a part of the The Republic of China (TAIWAN ) . before 1971 the TAIWAN government Representing the whole of China in United Nations Why not tell everyone ?
嚴涵虛 8 oy oldin
You didn't get 1.4bn people's approval to say this( although they can approve, allow, admit little about politics). However, because I am from Taiwan so I not only allow but AGREE ,APPROVE, APPRECIATE on what you said!!! Thank YOU!
D Kavin
D Kavin 8 oy oldin
真是服了这个视频,也不知道台湾给了你们多少钱(首先这是一个付费宣传的视频),援助这些国家你那援助项目来说中国的华而不实,我也不知中国的援助项目有没有用,但是这些援助项目都是根据当地国家需要什么援助什么,难道当地政府不需要你还能硬塞给他们? Really took this video, also don't know how much the Taiwan gave you (first of all, this is a paid promotion video), the aid to those countries that China's aid projects you eye candy, I also don't know Chinese aid project is useless, but these programs are based on the local countries need assistance, don't local government needs you can also hard on them?
Sairen Sui
Sairen Sui 8 oy oldin
Taiwan is democratic ? We have many citizens here in Taiwan who want to be re-united with China our motherland but are suppressed by the current Tsai government. It has been threatening these citizens with newly passed Social Order Maintenance Law and constant propaganda of bad-China news. The ruling party is actually controlled by a core of very militant and radical wealthy elite group underneath. They just choose a mild looking female professor as a facade to fool the citizens. She got elected in 2016 due to division in her rival party KMT. But after only two years of her unstable rule in the mid-term local election in 2018 her party suffered big loss. When it came to her own re-election in 2020, there were so many irregularities and new changes that left many voters in doubt of the outcome of her re-election and pointed out how pre-stamped ballots could get in the collection boxes. But soon the government clamped down the videos on UZblock. How about the media in Taiwan? They have long been reined in by the NCC department which dictates which media obtain license or not. This agency was set up in the first corrupted government in 2002 in a way that its original commissioners who tend to be strong anti-China will never get replaced by whoever is in power. So you can imagine the unfair treatment of news in Taiwan media. Their exaggerated negative reports of China often get laughed by who are familiar with China and nativrChinese. Now when you physically in Taiwan search on Google by key words of anything about politics and China, the current government's views tend to come up first. The negative sides or critical views tend to get limited exposure or even get truncated and disappear. This is due to the almighty Tang Feng, the so called Digital Minister of Taiwan !Don't believe me? Simply come to Taiwan and proclaim yourself to be pro-China on UZblock or on any Internet websites, and wait to see the result.
Elijah A.
Elijah A. 8 oy oldin
Holy See is a country?
Kewell Wong
Kewell Wong 8 oy oldin
Well teaching out fishing is much more helpful then giving out fish. Even it will cost more for lesson and stays hungry for a time. And the fact is, mainland Commies had agreement with KMT when the good times before DPP administration to pause the diplomatic battle. And mainland stop collecting small contries from trunning their back to ROC while any small Gov loves big tips from Mainland's Aid. But the battle started over again after KMT lost their power. btw, If every body knows that 10 bucks for a shirt and your gov loan 100 bucks for one, where's the 90 bucks supposed to be left?
EDHE NATION 8 oy oldin
Farely speaking, Taiwan is a country. Taiwan has its own democratic politic system, which is way better than communist China's. Taiwan has a close diplomatic relationship with many countries and a complete and awesome healthcare system which is the best in whole East Asia. Taiwanese people enjoy good healthcare programs while they are living with high salaries and good social welfare. In many senses, Taiwan is a country, and it is just a country. Why China wants Taiwan, but not many arcs of land occupied by Russians back? Because Taiwan is a small country, so it is easy to bully it. Taiwan is also really advanced in chip-making technology with TSMC as the poineer, Communist China, thus, wants to gobble it all for its own interest. But Taiwan will not allow that to happen, so do we, the people from the free world.
Smurf 8 oy oldin
Taiwan regime is the most awkard regime in the world, just surrender already
someaznkid 8 oy oldin
so basically, Taiwan is a clout chaser
Lam Par
Lam Par 8 oy oldin
China want to isolate Taiwan from every country. While only tiny island countries have enough spine to recognize Taiwan despite China pressure and threat.
flyisdancing 8 oy oldin
I'm sorry but I bursted into laughters when I heard "to build big, flashy, expensive infrastructure", it's just almost comedic when you look closer to the point behind China's diplomatic strategy to these Pacific region countries. Obviously China thinks these countries are poor without modern concrete floor buildings and highways like China did back home so they definitely need something big and flashy! Not schools, or hospitals, or shelters the locals need when hurricane strikes.
john chiu
john chiu 8 oy oldin
There's no such thing as a "Taiwanese passport". It's Republic of China passport.
Joey Jia
Joey Jia 8 oy oldin
Don't you know that China has cancelled hundreds of millions of loans to many developing countries, so if you really cannot pay back, you get the money for free, then Loans become aides and NO strings attached, that's the most important part!! When China gives out loans, unlike western countries or IMF, world bank( which were controlled by the US), there are no strings attached from China. Also what do you mean by they will be sacrificed? it's such a biased negative opinion. those small countries got roads and ports build for them, it's infrastructures that they never had. so China will bomb those roads and ports or what?? explain to me how they are gonna be sacrificed??
Shamrock 7 oy oldin
There's a difference between aid and loans and the PRC practises both
Steve Dong
Steve Dong 8 oy oldin
Taiwan's style of aids: energy-saving bulbs and baseball caps China's style of aids: millions tons of concrete and steel frames The greatest country's aids: bullets and bombs.
HKPCR FUNG 8 oy oldin
CHINA Better liberate the Chinese taiwan province asap so that crooked USA and other european politicians can not play taiwan card to gain profits out of creating more trouble everywhere in the world. If americans, europeans are truly so nice and good to help others for independence, more human rights and more freedom to handle native people's own land, then Europeans, Americans should help Native people of their existing land in USA, Canada, Australia , New Zealand and other european colonies to claim independence as well!! So Stop to be be hypocritical and double std or else God will punish devil decisions made by politicians of your nations. through pandemics, riots , forest fire and other natural disasters from our almighty God. Better believe it!!!
Shamrock 7 oy oldin
Ironic, seeing as you're being a hypocrite too
Thomas Brown
Thomas Brown 8 oy oldin
Checkbook diplomacy! In Central America China wants to buy up local consciences. They offered to build a rail from Panama on up. Then they also offered to make a canal in Nicaragua . In costa rica they funded their soccer stadium in San Jose.
besok uas
besok uas 9 oy oldin
0:58 wrong country
Sandi_K 9 oy oldin
Taiwan wants to help to gain some support and China wants to grab land.
陈陳 9 oy oldin
The earliest history can be traced back to the end of the Qing Empire. The Lanfang Republic of Southeast Asia, Sulu, Annan, and the Philippines are all Chinese vassal states. After the Qing Empire continued to lose battles and cedes land, the vassal states gradually withdrew from China. Until World War II, Southeast Asia was initially controlled by Europe, and Japan occupied these islands, including the Indochina Peninsula. Japan was defeated in World War II. According to the Potsdam announcement, Cairo Declaration, Japan gave up control of Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and the South China Sea and handed over to China. However, because of the Chinese Civil War, The Chinese Navy did not focus on the S.C.S, the only thing is Vietnam also had a S.C.S battle with ROC in 1947. The ROC was defeated in the Civil War. After that, the United States began to replace Japan's dominance in Asia, and these countries continued to become independent. The United States gave up its continued support for mainland China's control over Southeast Asia and the S.C.S. The most important thing is that the S.C.S oil and gas resources can be called the second Persian Gulf. South Vietnam and North Vietnam have successively engaged in naval battles with China because of the S.C.S islands. Resources have been explored, and countries that originally had no appeal to the islands in the S.C.S have also begun to speak internationally because of their interests. However, Japan actually transferred control to China after the war, and the United States and other countries in the Pacific, including Southeast Asia agreed. So legally, there is no reason for them to suddenly oppose China. The map of the United States after World War II recognizes that China owns the S.C.S. Of course, in terms of historical rights, China is based on the announcement after World War II. More than 30 years have passed since the establishment of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (1982). The problem now is that China’s policy is to abandon disputes and develop together. China clashed with Vietnam in 1988, but did not continue to assert its claims by force. After that, joint development was the main method, and Southeast Asian countries also agreed. This was after Obama began the return to the Pacific policy and began to actively intervene in the S.C.S. Conflicts in the S.C.S began to gradually erupt and peace no longer exists. The current situation is that Trump's S.C.S policy was not as tough as Obama did, because in 2016 the largest maritime military confrontation after World War II broke out between China and the United States. Since then, the Philippines has gradually abandoned its stimulating policies and turned to the center. Trump does not want to provoke a war, but Southeast Asia has no reliable allies, and Japan is too far away. He does not want the situation in the S.C.S to cool down. He will use aircraft carriers, warships, and planes to pass through the S.C.S from time to time to stimulate mainland China and re-intervene himself. The S.C.S leaves a sense of existence.
Mike Pei
Mike Pei 9 oy oldin
Serious¿ the support evidence to support China's aid is less effective than Taiwan. My three year old niece doubt it
Peace 🇭🇰
Peace 🇭🇰 9 oy oldin
I’m Chinese living in Hong Kong, and find this video really interesting. However, this won’t be going on for too long since PR China will reunite with RO China in a few years
oliver zhang
oliver zhang 9 oy oldin
Historically, Taiwan is a fugitive government, not a country. Although it has its own army
Daniel Cuevas
Daniel Cuevas 9 oy oldin
That ending though
姜墨竹 9 oy oldin
In fact, China is not fighting Taiwan for diplomatic relations with Pacific countries. But when the relationship between China and Taiwan was good before, China deliberately left some diplomatic relations with Taiwan. Recently, the relationship between China and Taiwan has deteriorated, so China has to withdraw these diplomatic relations.
Go Taiwan!!
nick mcgookin
nick mcgookin 9 oy oldin
Didn't Trump accidentally say Taiwan is a country. Last week. I think just to pour some salt in the whole "China" thing.
Hotnpsycho xxx
Hotnpsycho xxx 9 oy oldin
So basically Taiwan is the middle-class kind friend, but everyone choose the rich devil
zynzy4u 9 oy oldin
This video misses so many key points. For Taiwan of 24 million people this small island exports food to feed over 20 million people mostly going to China. Any attack on Taiwan would disrupt this huge amount of food export. Second is at least one of these island countries, maybe it is Tonga, has one of the largest or the largest gold deposits in the world. This make that island country extremely valuable. Third is Taiwan was the last battle in the Maoist invasion with the Taiwan aboriginal and the smartest and most fit Chinese retreating to that island defeating the Maoist. This exactly means those entrepreneurs of Taiwan are truly more intelligent, ambitious, and creative than their Communist neighbors leading Taiwan to become the second largest high tech center in Asia only behind Japan. This makes Taiwan one of the "Asian Dragons" of manufacturing and a technology leader and not a follower like China. These guys at Wendover pretend to know and understand a whole lot more than reality shows . What arrogance and ignorance pretending to be an authority of knowledge.
Brassicaolaracea olaracea
791 dislikes from CCP imbeciles who don't like the truth😂😂😂😂😂
Subrata Ghosh
Subrata Ghosh 9 oy oldin
Love from INDIA
Club Sam·s
Club Sam·s 9 oy oldin
What Lincoln did in America civil war?
Paul Delaware
Paul Delaware 9 oy oldin
You know it's the battle between TWO China.
Nikita Evdokimov (NEVDO)
9:48 yo, wtf is wrong with that man`s face?
Michael Mao
Michael Mao 9 oy oldin
The information in this video is not fully correct. The actual interest matrix is far more complex. For Taiwan: The impact was fully explained in the video. Due to the political interest, the Taiwan government or the party can't afford losing the diplomatic relationship with these countries. This was abused by these countries as they kept threatening Taiwan that if the funding is not increased, they would switch to Beijing. For these Pacific island countries: They are playing games on both sides. On the China side, they actually have been contacting Beijing actively since a long time ago (during the presidential period of previous Taiwan president). At that time, Beijing obviously cared more about the relationship with Taiwan so turned them down. But due to the relationship deteriorated during the current presidential period of Taiwan, obviously Beijing doesn't need to consider the impact to Taiwan any more and hence started to accept these pacific countries. The primary reason for them to favor Beijing is not just financial benefit which is actually secondary. The primary reason is they want to introduce China into the region to balance the power of Australia so they can gain some bargaining power when negotiating various disputing issues with Australia (eg, natural resources, global warming / sea level). Same reason as why Vietnam, Philippine etc wants to introduce USA into South China Sea to balance China. Taiwan obviously can't help them anything on this issue. The second reason is they probably think they can get more funding and aid from Bejing than Taiwan. On the side with Taiwan, these pacific countries know they can't threaten China but they can definitely threaten Taiwan and this is exactly what they have been doing. For China: these pacific countries have no strategic interest to China and it's completely not worth the attention or effort to fight for it. But if the cost is only spending some money, then comparing with the gaining political benefit, it's not a bad deal. The gaining political benefit: (1) it benefits China's relationship with Taiwan as the video explained; (2) it somewhat can still contribute to China's global battle vs USA. For Australia: certainly it's not happy if China sets foot in its realm and China's move will be seen as threat to Australia even though China probably have no intention to do so but due to China's influence, its presence in this region won't make Australia relaxing. For USA: It doesn't have real interest in this region itself but it needs to back Australia up and it's certainly willing to do anything which can help stop China's expansion of influence. This is why the USA vice president visited these countries last year.
Уо Ц
Уо Ц 9 oy oldin
蛙 中国好邪恶啊 lol
Shanzi Ouyang
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Think 9 oy oldin
#scraptheOneChinaPrinciple. Please share this so that we can bring an end to the worlds most evil country, that is, China. Let’s make our voices heard.
Z Shieh
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Finally someone. Thank You!
Z Shieh
Z Shieh 10 oy oldin
go Taiwan
Y Jiang
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IFYOU那年盛夏 10 oy oldin
Taiwan has been a part of China since ancient times!!
IFYOU那年盛夏 10 oy oldin
Taiwan has been a part of China since ancient times!!
J Cal 87
J Cal 87 10 oy oldin
The pawn is the first to fall SMH facts
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